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WOW Jubilee 2020 X

WOW Jubilee X 1-31 October 2020

WOW Jubilee Corona VII – is the 7th Corona edition

WOW Jubilee X is an intervention in virtual space featuring videoart, netart, soundart & associated interviews complemented by

– in physical space complemented by the manifestation in Lucca (1-October 2020) and Kolkata (15 October – 1 December 2020)

October 2020

In the cultural area, the month October is usually the highlight during a season, while in 2004 the Biennale of Electronic Art in Perth is still running, in October 2001 Wilfried was recovering from traumatic effects of the 9/11 terror attacks. It is statiscally proved, that Wilfried was particularly creative and initiative in times of such a break down, as if the break down would prepare the fertile soil on which new creativity can grow. When Wilfrie returned in 2004 from his residency on occasion of the Biennale in Perth/Australia, it was clear to Wilfried, a whole era had come to an end, the post-coma era. he had come to perception, that simultaneously also another era was over, the era of netart. When Wilfried was talking about at that time, nobody believed – he was called to be a nutcase, so Wilfried was thinking, maybe he would be wrong, but he wasn’t, particularly not retrospectively.
Perth had been the 1st long distance travel after the coma, and 2005 was a year of many further long distance travels. October/November 2005, the next hight light came, when Wilfried was invited to attend several events in SouthAamerica – packed in the event project “Impact SA”, when he was attending Sao Paulo (File Electronic Language Festival), also by participating in FILE Symposium, he was visiting Rio de Janeiro, and afterwards Argentina, where he was invited to present his project “Women: Memory of Repression in Argentina”, realised in collaboration with Raquel Partnoy and Anahi Caceres/ArteUna – to be presented in Buenos Aires, Junin, Rosario and Santa Fe, later visiting Uruguay, where he had in Montevideo a presentation of the National Academy of Art and the Goethe Institute. In 2006, Wilfried was again to travel to Argentina for attending Gabriel Otero’s Digital Art Festival in Rosario. . The 365 Diary will feature these events, the presented art contexts and the involved curators and artists in detail. In 2012 and 2013, Wilfried realised in collaboration with Warsaw Jewish Film Festival two events in the framework of A Virtual Memorial Commemorative Interventions (AVMCI), A Virtual Memorial Warsaw 2013, realised at POLIN – Museum for the History of Polish Jews, standing under the Patronage of the European Parliament.
The NMF2020 October edition is honouring especially Antonio Alvarado, an electronic artist and curator from Madrid/Spain. Already soon after 2000, the 1st contacts were established, Antonio participated in several projects Wilfried was realising online – on JavaMuseum, Violence Online Festival of The RRF Project, for instance, and since 2003 Wilfried was participating in numerous events, Antonio was organising in and around Madrid, mostly dedicated to electronic or digital art. Madrid was also the venue of another event – Proyector Video Art Festival. Madrid became one of the cities Wilfried was visiting most.
Another country had become relevant- India. Also in 2000/2001 contacts had been established with Shankar Barua, who started in 2006 his Carnival of e-Creativity which became a forum for presenting Wilfried’s festival programs, and when he discontinued after more than 10 years of successfully organising his annual event, in 2016 a new contact was established in Kolkata with Sudipta Dawn, active for the organisation “CultureMonks” in 2016 he organised the “Momentum” Festival for experimental art, and when after his heavy accident in 2017 Wlfried was about to stop his activities, it was Sudipta’s invitation for a collaboration, which motivated Wilfried to continue, at all, and continue curating, in particular. The most recent collaboration with CultureMonks is scheduled for 15 October at Birla Academy for Art & Culture Kolkata. On occasion of the 151st birthday of Mahatma Gandhi (02 October 1869), Wilfried was invited to prepare a screening program dedicated to the maxims of Gandhi’s acting – Peaceful Protest – Non-violent Resistance – Civil Disobedience – resulting, after releasing an open call call earlier in 2020, a inspiring new film collection on The Wake Up! Memorial. The inspring aspect in this collaboration was the fact, that Wilfried had to prepare always new screening programs based on new topics representing the occasion to start a new initiative. So, this collaboration was very particular and in the sense of curating, challenging so far.

Silvia de Gennaro – Videoartist of the Month October 2020

Concerning videoart, CologneOFF VII – Art & The City was path breaking in 2011, never before had more artists been submitting. Among them Silvia de Gennaro, of Italian origin- following an original artistic approach via animation. For Wilfried as both, an artist and curator, the divers forms of artistic animations had been always of particular interest, because artists like Silvia de Gennaro design their creative environment themselves they are acting in. In many cases, and Silvia de Gennaro belongs to them, they found their own very original multi-leveled language. Wilfried had the chance, that Silvia was regularly submitting new videos, which were inviting Wilfried to plan for Octover 2020 featuring Silvia de Gennaro as a creatrice, by presenting 10 videos from the years 2008 – 2016.
Another feature is pointiing to the collaboration with the Italian curator Maurizio Marco Tozzi, who contributed a selection of Italian videoart in 2017 to The W:OW Project. He is also curator of Over The Real Videoart Festival taking place in 2020 between 30 September and 04 October 2020 in Lucca/Italy – and today, 1 October 2020 the festival is screening the NewMediaFest2020 contribution as a guest program – so there are good reasons to feature this event as WOW Jubilee 2020 X – Italy.
Additionally, the October edition of NMF2020 is featuring CologneOFF VIII – Continental Drift (8th Cologne International Videoart Festival, a selection of still existing neartists and their works and the 7th edition of Soundlab including more than 100 international artists.
One of the new achievements of The New Museum of Networked Art – is representing the new darkroom/cinema space, name ALPHABET – due to the 26 incorporated cinemas each one with an individual programming. Serving until 31 December 2020 as a screening platform for NewMediaFest2020, ALPHABET will promote from 1 January 2021 on the existing artfilm collections of The New Museum of Networked Art by establishing a dynamic screening context for all the divers film collections, completed by artists solos and features of guest curators. ALPHABET started in July 2020 by hosting the online screening of Torrance Art Museum (18 July – 20 september 2020). In October 2020, ALPHABET will be presenting an attractive, unexpected videoart program.


WOW Jubilee 2020 X Italy

Over The Real Videoart Festival Lucca 30 September – 04 October 2020

Over The Real Videoart Festival Lucca

The Fifth Edition of Over The Real – International Videoart Festival will be held in Lucca from 30 September to 4 October 2020. Also this year the event, in partnership with the Lucca Film Festival Europa Cinema, will present the most significant lines of research that have emerged in the last years in the international panorama of the audiovisual arts and intermediary performances. 77 works by artists from Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, South Korea, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Japan, Greece, Iran, Iraq, Ireland, Israel, Italy, the Netherlands, Palestine, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom, Russia, Serbia, Spain, Togo, Hungary, Usa. The Festival directed by Maurizio Marco Tozzi, Lino Strangis, Veronica D’Auria (CARMA, Rome) sees the collaboration of an important curatorial network for this edition composed by: Alessandra Arnò (Visual Container, Milan), Gabriel V. Soucheyre (Videoformes, Clermont Ferrand, France), Wilfred Agricola de Cologne (artvideoKoeln, Cologne, Germany), Marc Mercier (Istants Video, Marseille, France), Marina Fomenko (Now & After, Moscow, Russia), Eirini Olympiou (ADAF, Athens, Greece). It will also pay tribute to Maestro Fabrizio Plessi, didactic meetings, talks, book presentations and many other surprises that we will reveal shortly. Over The Real will be hosted by the Vincenzo da Massa Carrara Auditorium – Fondazione Ragghianti and by the Palazzo delle Auditorium Exhibitions. The Festival avails itself of the support of Fondazione Banca del Monte di Lucca and Emanuel Bertuccelli (Family Banker – Banca Mediolanum).

Over The Real Videoart Festival Lucca

> see the “Special” on 2October @ The 365 Diary
> see the screening feature @ ALPHABET Cinema O

Moving the Change by NewMediaFest2020

WOW Jubilee 2020 X Italy
@ Over The Real – Videoart Festival
Lucca – 30 September – 04 October 2020

Screening program
Moving The Change
Curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne

James Murphy (Ireland) – Moving Water, 2019, 1:59
Marcha Schagen (Netherlands) – Melt Less CO2, 2019, 3:48
Abe Abraham (USA) – Salt Water, 2017, 5:52
Susanne Wiegner (Germany) – Sunrise, 2019, 5: 46
Xia Han (China) – The Gift, 2019, 14: 23
Claudia Borgna (Italy) – L’ultimo Accordo I, 2016, 06:05
Carolin Koss (Finland) – Plastic Child, 2016, 12:11
Fran Orallo (Spain) – Death Dance, 2017, 1:00
Isabel Perez del Pulgar (Spain) – Horizon, 2019, 5:08
Shon Kim (South Korea) – Latent Sorrow – 2006, 3:30

WOW Italy - curated by Maurizio Marco Tozzi
WOW Italy – curated by Mauricio Marco Tozzi

Angelica Bergamini (Italy) – Will you fight or will you dance, 2012, 6:48
Marcantonio Lunardi (Italy) – The Cage, 2016, 5:46
Valeria Lo Meo & Michele Manzini (Italy) – Moving Africa, 2016, 5:02
Lino Strangis (Italy) – A strange earthquake of the mind, 2016, 6:45
Paolo Bandinu (Italy) – No Country, 2015, 2:21

Maurizio Marco Tozzi
@ AND – Artists Network Database

is a curator of contemporary art. He has focused his research on the audiovisual language and the relationship between creativity and new technologies. He has a degree in Cinema and Image Electronics from the University of Pisa (Italy), and a Master in Net Art and Digital Cultures from the Fine Art Academy of Carrara (Italy). He is the founder and director of Over The Real – International Videoart Festival (GAMC Lorenzo Viani – Viareggio and Villa Bertelli Foundation – Forte dei Marmi), and he has curated many exhibitions in important galleries and museums. He regulary takes part in lectures and talks about contemporary art (La Sapienza University Roma, 900 Museum Florence). His last essays are: Gianni Melotti art/tapes/22 (Giunti, 2017) The Italian Video Art (Danilo Montanari, 2016), and Seamless Interaction with Works of Art published in Media Art Towards a New Definition of Arts in the Age of Technology (Gli Ori, 2015). Since 1993 he is a member of the Order of Journalists and worked for various publications.

Curatorial statement:
As a large ship drifted, planet Earth is going towards a destiny everyday more catastrophic. Even Italians artists participating in the project W:OW have come together to launch a strong warning, wishing to awaken through their works the awareness of an essential change. We need an unfailing work that starts from our consciences which Angelica Bergamini (Will you fight or will you dance) encourages us to do, because as Marcantonio Lunardi (The Cage) underscores, we live everyday between existing and non-existing, between living and non-living, between being seen and being invisible. So Michele Manzini (Moving Afrika) ask himself “what is reality?” and he finds it in the South African Townships with an act that might confirm the existence of impossibility. Lino Strangis (A strange earthquake of the mind) invites us to a dreamlike journey to face the intellectual challenges of this age while trying to re-establish its balance, accepting the necessity to reinvent the world. As Paolo Bandinu (No Country) illustrates, we must review the concept of the country, questioning the idea of the border with a new thought, pointing to the freedom of each individual human being. We hope that by watching these videos, people will reconsider their concepts while opening their consciences.

Curated contribution – WOW Italy

Angelica Bergamini (Italy) – Will you fight or will you dance, 2012, 6:48
Marcantonio Lunardi (Italy) – The Cage, 2016, 5:46
Valeria Lo Meo & Michele Manzini (Italy) – Moving Africa, 2016, 5:02
Lino Strangis (Italy) – A strange earthquake of the mind, 2016, 6:45
Paolo Bandinu (Italy) – No Country, 2015, 2:21

Angelica Bergamini (Italy) – Will you fight or will you dance, 2012, 6:48
Video by Angelica Bergamini, Animation: Stefania Szprengiel, Sound: Gillian Arthur;
…despite all the noises produced by the outside world – it’s still possible
to hear a voice whispering an alternative choice: will you fight or will you dance?
A choice which we face every day, both in our daily life as along the path of self discovery.
While walking aware of our breath, is the connection to our inhale and exhale that reminds us of our being here and now. With the possibility to choose.

Marcantonio Lunardi (Italy) – The Cage, 2016, 5:46
Direction Marcantio Lunardi, photography Ilaria Sabbatini, Sound Tania Giannouli;
Food, water, book, language, beauty, earth, sea, love, warmth, man, woman, desire. What is our cage dividing us from? Is it blocking us? Or is it protecting us? The barbed wire is a simple structure, a cylinder-shaped object deformed by a light twisting, which stretches, in the room, from one point to another.
Every 10 centimetres there is a small lock: its delicate shape breaks the linearity of the barbed wire like a lock gracefully curled. But, far from being delicate, those thorns twirl around life preventing its movements, inducing wounds, suffering and pain.
The barbed wire, thus, marks the border between existing a non-existing, between living and non-living, between being seen and being invisible.
Lunardi has patiently built his cage: it is an iconic, cold and surreal object. He has welded the wire fence to the main structure, he has assembled the frames and the hooks. Wire after wire, pipe after pipe, bolt after bolt he has shaped the catharsis of his nightmares and he transformed his inner obsession in a tangible object. The cage he is alluding to is that in which we live in and which has become more and more tight-fitting. It is a sort of coffin in which life continuously moves from one corner to another, completely alone, perpetually searching for an horizon which is continuously blocked.
One can look outside the cage whenever one wants to, but the perception is always distorted, altered and blocked. Thus, a book becomes a visual vibration confused by the iron locks, the works of art are cut in pieces by the metallic wire. One cannot find a single corner allowing a complete vision. Brushing against the leaves of a tree moved by the breeze or enjoying the touch of a beloved one become impossible enterprises.

Valeria Lo Meo & Michele Manzini (Italy) – Moving Africa, 2016, 5:02

Written and Directed by Valeria Lo Meo and Michele Manzini,
Director of Photography Luciano Perbellini, Editing Valeria Lo Meo, Produced by Bottega di Fotografia pty (LTD) Cape Town;
The word reality is always used in an intimidating way.
We must constantly be worried about “reality”, we must obey “reality” as a kind of constant enslavement without exceptions. We live crushed by the dominating opinion that there exist elements of reality that are binding and conditioning, and that they are so to the point that we cannot imagine even just a small form of action group action that is untouched by this coercion. And so then, does an eventual answer to the question “what is reality?” always have to verify that we cannot speak of “reality” unless we take into account some form of imposition? Is then the image that “reality” gives us never found, discovered, or met, but is simply the reflection of an injunction? Is it then necessary to accept, as though it were one of reason’s laws, that reality demands, in all cases, submission rather than invention?
To work with the expressive form of a documentary means rethinking the idea of describing reality and redefining its structure and the limits, and it also means doing so in a place where the imagery and weight of that reality seems most strong and binding, as in the South African townships. This is an act that might confirm the existence of impossibility, because this is the basic gesture for

Lino Strangis (Italy) – A strange earthquake of the mind, 2016, 6:45
A strange earthquake of the mind is a journey into a dream on the eve of a change: when the earth
trembles, and with it the foundations of thought; the habits of individuals and peoples are
changing, the same people’s presumed ability to define falters things and it is necessary to accept
the responsibility to re-invent the world. A flight of the gaze into the depths of a mind open-theater
on a display of dream-like dimension of an imagined collective intelligence, in a time when a
generation processes the ability to face the challenges intellectuals of his age, and re-establish the

Paolo Bandinu (Italy) – No Country, 2015, 2:21
Video (Stop motion), mixed media on postcards and flyers by Paolo Bandinu;
The work is composed of a video and a series of postcards cheanged pictorially (25) framed.
Through the recovery of various post-card and flayers. I created a video-collage. The video tries to rebuild through visions from the world, a story, a trip, a path that leads us to a reflection upon the concept of the country. A country seen as planet earth, cities, universes – that calls into question the idea of borders. A thought pointing to the freedom of each individual human.
In a time when the defnition of citizenship is in crisis, we increasingly feel the need to redefne the boundary between public and private spaces, within a dialogue between institutions and citizens.
“From up here the Earth is beautiful , without borders or boundaries”
Yuri Gagarin

WOW Jubilee 2020 X Kolkata


Culture Monks India - About
Culture Monks is an interdisciplinary, cross cultural platform of artists, academicians & professionals, with diverse interest, practices, converging the intersection of art, culture & sustainability.

WOW Jubilee 2020 X - India - venue

Birla Academy of Art & Culture Kolkata

Who we are

The Birla Academy of Art & Culture was established in 1967 with the principal objective of fostering the growth of art and culture with emphasis on visual and performing arts. In this time, the Academy has established itself as a centre of cultural, artistic and educational activities.


It all started when Sri & Smt B.K. Birla; foremost industrialists of India, had started collecting rare and valuable treasures of art out of their profound love for art & beauty. With a sizeable collection in place, it was decided that such veritable treasure troves of history should be accessible to all. A public Charitable Trust was created in 1962 with a view to collecting, preserving and exhibiting art objects for the public.

For accommodating the proposed institute, the present eleven storied building was completed in 1966 and it was formally inaugurated under the name “Birla Academy of Art & Culture” by Karan Singh in 1967. It is now one of the premier museums and art galleries of the country. It consists of spacious display-halls, necessary for full-fledged cultural centre of modern importance.

Facilities & Activities

The main activities of the Academy consist of :

Collecting, preserving and displaying museum objects
Hosting exhibitions of Indian and International Art objects
Organizing cultural performances
Educational programmes of varied nature

The museum of the Academy has a distinct character of its own and depicts the growth and development of Indian art from 1st century, B.C. till now. The museum houses works by many celebrated contemporary Indian artists as well as few fine specimens of modern western art. The Garden adjacent to the Academy is often used for open air expositions, art-fairs and cultural performances.

In order to unearth hidden and young talent, the Academy organizes All India Annual Exhibitions, one man shows, Group shows and Kala melas at regular intervals. In the field of performing arts, a cultural performance is organized once in a month.

The Academy is not only concerned about India’s glorious artistic past. It also promotes artistic activities and to help artists, the Academy lets out its 2nd and 4th floor Galleries including Auditorium to artists, art societies and cultural groups at a very nominal rent.

The Academy also holds Educational programmes, lectures, seminars, film shows, workshops and art appreciation classes. The Academy maintains an impressive library with a fine and eclectic collection of art books, journals and periodicals for public use.

Achievements & Successes

A distinctive achievement of the Academy has been the presentation of quite a few international exhibitions; of which the most memorable is the show of the outstanding French sculptor Rodin; a landmark exhibition for Calcutta. Other notable exhibits included the works of Henry Moore and the Graphics of Picasso. It has also hosted Russian festival shows, German Expressionist’s graphics, French designs and also American, Chinese and British porcelains.

With the active co-operation of Indian Council for Cultural Relations and the U.S.I.S. legendary American plays such as “Once upon a Mattress” and “Driving Miss Daisy” had been organized for the enjoyment of the people.

On an ending note, the Academy has also been enriched during the last 50 years by the continuous inflow of countless treasures.

to be featured on 15 October 2020

Gandhi - PPNRCD

Gandhi! – PPNRCD
PPNRCD – stands for “Peaceful Protest – Nonviolent Resistance – Civil Disobedience”

In short, these three methods are representing the essence of Mahatma Gandhi’s fight for the independence of India from the British Empire (15 August 1947).
During the global conflicts, at his time this was most unusual to propagate nonviolence instead of violence and war which was more popular in the uprising nationalism worldwide.
But Gandhi was successful, however, he was paying a very high price – he was assassinated like his likeminded follower Martin Luther King, while propagating nonviolence and, Nelson Mandela whose nonviolence finally succeeded only after he was sitting for decades in prison.

More than 150 years ago – on 2 October 1869, Mahatma Gandhi was born, he was assassinated on 10 January 1948.

What can Gandhi’s methods tell us today?
They haven’t lost anything of their explosive force, think of the current movements of climate change, social equality etc, when “war” and enforcing conflicts are again an option. There is no politician on Earth who does not speak of war currently!

While Gandhi’s achievements are representing the historical roots for later nonviolent political and social movements, the project would like to spotlight incidents taking place after Gandhi’s death driven by the spirit of non-violence and humanity, think of Martin Luther King’s equal rights movement, the peaceful revolution of the German Re-unification or the liberation from the Apartheit in South Africa, for instance, or current movements of climate change, or all the daily situations when people overcome conflicts via nonviolence.

The Birla Academy of Art & Culture Kolkata is planning between 16 October – 22 November 2020– an exhibition on occasion of the 151st anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi.

Invited to prepare a screening program of videos for the anniversary exhibition dealing with Gandhi’s maxims in a narrow or wider sense, Wilfried Agricola de Cologne initiated at The Wake Up! Memorial a new commemorative context, based on the new film collection, entitled; Gandhi – PPNRCD – Peaceful Protest – Nonviolent Resistance – Civic Disobedience, consisting of 30 artvideos, and selected 15 videos as a part of the exhibition context.

This screening program is realized in collaboration between The Birla Academy of Art and Culture Kolkata, Culture Monks India, The Best of Kolkata Campus and The Wake Up! Memorial, A Virtual Memorial Foundation, The New Museum of Networked Art and NewMediaFest2020 complemented and accompanied by the screening of the complete film collection @ ALPHABET at The New Museum of Networked Art online between 15 October and 31 December 2020 (end of NewMediaFest2020).

Brancha Gautier (France) – Soldiers of Peace, 2020, 3:58
Marek Wasilewski (Poland) – Clarifications, 2020, 6:15
Wilfried Agricola de Cologne (Germany) – oaktown, 2020, 17:00
Vito Alfarano (Italy) – I Have A Dream, 2019, 11:30D
Dimitris Argyriou (Greece) – 5 Minutes Silence, 2018, 10:52
Yiotis Vrantzas (Greece) – Phone Call from Cairo, 2012, 5:00
Omar Robert Hamilton (Egypt) – The People Demand the Fall of the Regime, 2011, 4:00
Kenji Kojima (Japan) – Gandhi Walks, 2020, 5:00
Claudia Strohm (Germany) – The Woman, 2015, 9:08
Oliver Ressler (Austria) – We Are The Limits, 2019, 10:36
Ausin Sainz (Spain) – Peaceful Protest, 2020, 5:12
Sira & Laura Cabrera Díaz (Spain) – Revolutio, 2014, 6:20
Delphinus inspirations (USA) – Insurrectionists at Heart, 2020, 3:00
Fran Orallo (Spain) – Nuclear Pigeon, 2020, 1:00
Wilfried Agricola de Cologne (Germany) – Souldpower, 2020, 15:00
Kuesti Fraun (Austria) – Tolerance, 2014, 1:00
Shahar Marcus (Israel – Seeds, 2012, 5:08
William Peña Vega (Colombia) – Control, 2013, 3:45
Guilherme Bergamini (Brazil) – Plenitude, 2020, 5:00
Kaiser Nahas (Syria) – A Protest against internet Censorship in Turkey, 2014, 4:26
Daniela Lucato (Italy) – My Name Is Sami, 2020, 3:49
Eda Emirdag (Turkey) – Last Dance, 2016, 1:56
Hande Zerkin (Turkey) – Democracy, 2014, 2:34
Wilfried Agricola de Cologne (Germany) – Never Wake Up, 2016/2001, 3:35

Birla Academy of Art and Culture

SPEAKING GANDHIANA : Visual journeys of Gandhi@150 & beyond

an assemblage of cross-generational art and archival articulations
Dedicated to the Centenaries of Gandhi’s call for Non Co-operation movement and the Rowlatt Satygraha and Jallianwala Bagh massacre
16 October – 22 November 2020

previous arrow
next arrow

Curated by Parnap Mukherjee

The curator`'s note

from FRIDAY- OCTOBER 16, 2020 (6:30 p.m onwards) to November 22, 2020

Exhibition will be open till November 22 (SUNDAY), 2020
3:00 p.m. – 8:00p.m. (closed on Mondays and from October 22 to 25, 30, 2020 and Diwali)


“I’m no prophet. My job is making windows where there were once walls.”― Michel Foucault

How do we imagine Gandhi@150 in terms of visual art?

Is it the materiality of the medium? Is it the subject? Is it the spirit of Gandhiji’s words? Is it photo-montage of Gandhi or Gandhian moments in our history of the world? Is it studying him through the works of contemporaries? Is it a visual tribute? Is it folk art and it’s evolution? Is it artistic understanding of satyagraha? Is it an archival spread of documents and manuscripts?

All these and more.

What is Swaraj?

Let’s examine an extract from Gandhiji’s Hind Swaraj:

Swaraj is when we learn to rule ourselves. It is therefore, in the palm of our hands. Do not consider this Swaraj to be just a dream. There is no idea of sitting still. The Swaraj which I wish to picture is that, after we have once realized it, we will endeavour to the end of our life-time to persuade others to act likewise. This Swaraj needs to be experienced, by each one of himself. One drowning man will never save another. Slave ourselves, it might be mere pretension to think, of saving others….

An exhibition concerning Gandhian articulations on visual art cannot be an exhibition either on Gandhi or on artists who lived during his time and were deeply influenced by hid political philosophy. Or for that matter merely exhibiting folk art.

Such an exhibition must operate as a complex act of viewing and experiencing. Beyond the dialectics of Nandalal Bose, Mukul Dey, Asit Haldar, E Venkatappa, Vinayak Masoji, Upendra Maharishi; Jo Davison, Clara Sherido, Felix Topolsky, Philip Jackson, Eduardo Kobra; S.H Raza, M. F Husain, Atul Dodiya, Jitesh Kallat, G.R Iranna and contemporaries; the pioneering works and layouts of Lucknow, Faizpur and Haripura Congress; timeless Gandhi photographs by Jagan Mehta, Kanu Gandhi, Margaret Bourke White, Walter Bosshard, Henri Cartier Bresson and Kulwant Roy; all of which and more are important artistic articulations and interventions ….a fresh juxtaposition is required with all that are mentioned above and more. Hence a look at Gandhi ‘s dialectics, praxis and dilemma, standing today will be a constant shifting gaze and a hard long stare at the same time.

The exhibition includes five distinct treatments. The archival documents of Shri G.D. Birla which illuminates different aspects of his relationship with Gandhi, a draft of Tagore’s landmark letter in his refusal to continue with the decoration of knighthood in the wake of Jallianwala Bagh massacre and some important literature on Gandhi.

Secondly, the BAAC collection which is a mix of diverse voices including A.H. Muller, Nandalal Bose, George Keyt, Abdul Rehman Chughtai, Walter Langhammer, Raja Ravi Verma, Elizabeth Brunner, Sass Brunner, Kshitindranth Majumder, Ramkinker Baij, S. Chavda, M.V Dhurandhar, Amina Kar, Isha Mahammad, Somnath Hore, Bikash Bhattacharjee, Antonio and Angela Trinidade, Asit Halder, G, R Santosh, B. Prabha, R. K. Chandrajit Singh, V. A Mali, Prabhash Sen, Piraji Sagara, A. Ramachandran, Sudhir
Patwardhan, K. Babu Namboodiri, Jiwan Singh, Julien Segard, Vivan Sundaram and Shailesh Bandopadhyay. These are carefully chosen voices from the collection and each of their work reflects the idea of bodies and people in socio-political dilemma, depiction of oral history through the medium, mythologies and rituals interwoven in our lives and the ideas of utopia and dystopia that often overlaps to warn us that there is always an invisible violence in our daily lives.

Thirdly, there are contemporary fresh aticulations for the exhibition: In the frames of Hiran Mitra’s march of the shadows in the sets of the play: The Plea; Ranjan Kaul’s paintings of figures and spaces or Baishampayan Saha’s fragmented photo-collage reiterates the dictum of Gandhi-Martin Luther King Jr-Mandela’s idea of reconciliation. There are exciting Gandhian interpretations by works executed by including Sunil Mody and Ranjit Kumar, Sanjeev Khandekar’s framing of the images talk about the debate between the internal schism versus liberation of self and Masood Hussain’s six canvases is a nuanced look at Bapu set in a contemporary time frame with an universal visual subtext.

Fourth aspect is a set of folk artists and their take on the art from. Putli Ganju from Sohrai art, Ranjan Paswan and his black and white treatments in Madhubani and Durgabai Vyom and her distinctive style within the ambit Gond Art. The fifth and the last aspect is a set of WOW selection of curated international video spread helmed by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne.

It is the violence and the non-violent oscillation of the reference points of the images that becomes both a duality/paradox/metaphor and an oxymoron at the same time. The images challenge the status quo. Looks at newness of hope. Looks at re-generation of spirit. Manufacturing an idea of protest which cannot kill love.

Our visual journey talks about the people’s idea of oneness..that inherent spirit of our times. It talks about digging deep into our roots/routes. The values that Bapu held so dear.
Mukherjee. P

WOW.26. - India & WOW.27 2019 - Tunisia

WOW.27 / Tunisia
7-10 October 2019

WOW.26 / India 7.0
7 September 2019 in Kolkata/India

Contaminated Progress
curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne

list of videos

Part I

Robert Dohrmann (USA) – All Systems Go – Neil Armstrong, 2009, 3:16
Marcantonio Lunardi (Italy) – 370 New World, 2014, 5:07
Anna Garner (USA) – Sequential Interaction (USA), 2013, 1:54
Brit Bunkley (New Zealand) – Fleeced,2009, 4:22
Paul Turano (USA) – Toxic Red Sludge, 2010, 5:00
Ben Fox (UK) – Recent Tactile Nonsense, 2012, 2:17
Manuel Ferrer and Alena Mesarosova (Spain/Slovakia) – Irreal Time, 2012, 3:30
Diego de Los Campos (Uruguay) – Still Life, 2012, 2:28

Part II

Luis Patino (Spain) – Echoes of the Forest, 2012, 6:52
Francois Knoetze (South Africa) – Paper, 2012, 5:00
Kristina Frank (Sweden) – Earth One Minute, 2013, 1:42
Javier Velasquez Cabrero (Spain) – My City a Bit Cleaner From Advertising, 2012, 6:00
Cinzia Sarto (Italy) – A Dirty Holiday, 2005, 7:00

Part III

Claudia Borgna (Italy) – Sweep and Weep, Weep and Sweep, Under, Over, In, Out, Away, 2010, 11:09
Carolin Koss (Finland) – Plastic Child, 2016, 12:11
Francois Knoetze (South Africa) – Plastic, 2012, 5:00
Liu Wei (China) – Hopeless Land, 2009, 7:28

running time 90 minutes

WOW.21 - India 2018
artvideoKOELN in collaboration with CultureMonks India

WOW.21 /India.60
WOW children @ Kolkata –
@ Alliance française du Bengale Kolkata/India – 10 November 2018

WOW time to run
curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne
list of videos

Soumendra Padhi (India) – Time to Run, 2010, 2:52
David Clark (UK) – Odd Jobs, 2010, 4:16
Ezra Wube (Ethiopia) – Hisab, 2011, 7:56
Francois Knoetze (South Africa) – Cape Mongo – Plastic, 2015, 5:00
Machia & Lolina (Italy)) – Chamelion Seeking Colour, 2015, 7:40
Shaun O’ Connor (Ireland) – Exit: Pursued By A Bear: “Amédée”, 2010, 4:17
Yufeng Li (China) – Cellular Romance, 2013, 2:21
Kianoush & Farnoush Abedi (Iran) – Irreversible, 2012, 6:50
Gabriel Shalom (USA) – Small Room Tango, 2004, 2:30

WOW.12 - India 2018
21 January 2018
TransArt 2 – Kolkata/India

WOW.12 / India 5.0

WOW – Universal Com
Curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne

Wrik Mead (Canada) – Outcognito, 2017, 5:00
Yao Kong (China) -B ²EAU²T²Y, 2014, 15’30”
Lisa Birke (Canada) – Endgame, 2016, 7:05
Francesca Leoni (Italy) – Ego- Crazia ( Chapter 1), 2016, 8’20”
Ronnie Sluik (Netherlands) – ronnie s likes to know, 2017, 1’13

WOW Finland
Curated by Simo Saarikoski for Videokanava Tampere

Linda Jasmin Mayer (Finland) – ”Dove Fermarsi? (Where to Stop?)”, 2017, 6:45
Liisa Ahola & Veera Salmio (Finland) – ”Dictator”, 2017, 3:10
Anna Knappe(Finland) – ”Camp Europe”, 2017, 6:45
Taina Valkonen (Finland)- ”Forest Poem”, 2017, 1:13
Veera Nelimarkka (Finland) – ”Medical Record”, 2017, 3:55
Sabotanic Garden (Finland) – ”Uuno Turhabuto/King of Dance vol.2”, 2007, 8:16


WOW.07 - India 2017
artvideoKOELN & The New Museum of Networked Art
are happy to present
in collaboration with “culture monks”
transArt rupture. theme : congestion

on 23 September 2017 in Kolkata

WOW India 3.0


“WOW Mexico”
video selection curated by Erick Tapia
Sergio Hibrain Bañuelos (Mexico) – San Pedro: el Libre / 2015 / 8:51 / México
Adán Salvatierra (Mexico) – Narké / 2015 / 3:15 / México
Juan Pablo Romo Álvarez (Mexico) – Postdata / 2016 / 7:00 / México.
Erick Tapia (Mexico) – TERRITORIUM / 2016 / 3:00 / México
Julio Valdez (Mexico) – Sickness / 2016 / 7:00 /México


“WOW Austria”
video selection curated by Roland Wegerer
WIDRICH Virgil (Austria) – make/real, 2010 / 5min
HAFNER Daniel and Matthias (Austria) – MODERN MAN, 2014 / 5:44min
KRAMER Elisabeth (Austria) – “the magi”, 2017 / 1:30 min
SWOBODA Katharina (Austria) – Pelzvogelkasten, 2015 / 4:05min
KREINECKER Evelyn (Austria) – Flucht (Flight), 2015 / 2:38min
KANTER Eginhartz (Austria) – Aufstieg (Rise), 2016 / 3:11min


The W:OW Project – http://wow.engad.org

WOW.03 - India 2017
CologneOFF 2017 India II
@ # videoGination aRt xiBition
28 April 2017 – Alliance Francaise du Bengale / Kolkata/India
5-7 May 2017 – Dharamsala/India

Thanks to CultureMonks India & Sudipta Dawn

WOW.03 / India

W:OW Art Film & Video Festival
(We Are One World // Art Film & Video Festival)

We Will Fail
curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne

Olga Ozieranska (Poland) – We will fail, 2015, 4’22”
Ninfa Sánchez & Karen Vilchis (Mexico) – Absence – Breve Ausencia, 2014, 5′ 35”
Francois Knoetze (South Africa) – CAPE MONGO – PAPER, 2015, 5:00
Ausin Sainz (Spain) – 3 2, 1 Liberty, 2015, 4:44
Gabriele Stellbaum (Deutschland) – “ill-timed moments”, 2013, 3:20
Francesca Lolli (Italy) – The last day of humanity , 2014, 01:49

Art Is Indivisible
curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne

Anca Bucur (Romania) – The confession of an aphasic writer, 2014, 3’31”
Gregg Biermann (USA) – Iterations, 2014, 5:37
Machia & Lolina (UK) – Chamelion Seeking Colour, 2015, 7’ 40″
Emil Zenko & Evgenij Romashov (Belarus) – Maslenitsa, 2015, 2:28
Valerio DE BONIS (Italy) – “I would claw my eyes out”, 2015, 9:00
Francesca Fini (Italy) – Virus, 2012, 5:00

WOW Israel
curated by Ynin Shillo

Shahar Marcus (Israel ) – Seeds, 2012, 5:03
Moshe Vollach – 31 Cubes, 2013/2016, 4:00
Ynin Shillo – War, 2014, 4:20
Regev Amrani -Fathers, 2015, 1:50
Aya Nitzan – Gun Barrel Track Gaze, 2016, 2:54
Natali Issahary – Dune, 2016, 4:24
Netzaket Ekici & Shahar Marcus – Fossiles, 2014, 12:49


MOMENTUM - festival for experimental art 2016

Momentum – experimental arts festival
@ Range Art Gallery – Kolkata/India
1-3 April 2016

CologneOFF 2016 India II
“Unlimited Time – Limited Space
curated by Agricola de Cologne

List of videos
Sai Hua Kuan (Singapore) – Space Dawing No.5, 2009, 1:02
Alexander Callsen (Germany) – Gap Camp, 2013, 6:04
Gabriel Hosovsky (Slovakia) – Miscellany VIII, 2013, 5:14´´
Signe Chiper-Lillemark (Denmark) – Spaces, 2010, 6:31
Sinem Serap Duran (Turkey) – Adequate, 2012, 9:11
Todd Fuller (Australia) – One and only, 2012, 3: 54
Renata Gaspar & Marcin Dudek (Poland) – Axis, 2010, 3:07
Daniel Lo Iacono (Germany) – Digital Snapshots, 2003, 2:30
Yuval Yairi & Zohar Kawaharada (Israel) – Land, 2013, 4:36
Beate Hecher/Markus Keim (Austria) – ln Absentia, 2012, 10:00
Michael Murnau (UK) – Hanging On Me, 2012, 7:26
Yuriy Kruchak, Yulia Kostereva (Ukraine) – The 7th of November, 2009, 3:36
Nouran Sherif & Muhammad Taymour (Egypt) – Home, 2013, 8:13
My Name is Scot (Canada) – Independance, 2011, 7:56


Kolkata, India

Antonio Alvarado

> see his complete feature on 4 October 2020

Antonio Alvarado - artist & curator
Antonio Alvarado

bio http://and.nmartproject.net/?p=301

Digital, cybernetic and multimedia artist. He has been working for 40 years, having performed multiple solo and group exhibitions. More than 20 years ago he began to work with computers, since then he mixes in his works the electronic, the digital and the plastic.
My ideas, close to Theory of Strings and other contemporary theories, I do not use them as absolute truth but as an excuse to uncover worlds that hide under the layers of what is called reality, expanding it.
Having knowledge of software and hardware, I am in favor of working in collaboration with other people. I am currently developing works, which combine plastic and electronics, with the Weber-Lutgen
Gallery in Seville, the Museo La Neomudejar in Madrid and some members of Makespace Madrid.
Some recent activity:
– Past & Future. Gallery Weber-Lutgen · Seville.2017.
– Nave Escopica. La Neomudejar Museum. Madrid. 2016
– Movilforum IoT Hackathon. School of Industrial Organization. Madrid. 2015.
– Encuentro en Zona de Moraña 2015. Ávila. Spain. 2015.
– 5th International Videopoesia Festival. VideoBardo.Buenos Aires. 2014.
– Art and Technology.UOC (Open University of Catalonia). Madrid. 2014.
– Liberated Words III, COUNTDOWN. The Arnolfini Art Gallery. Bristol board. United Kingdom. 2014.
– Cibernetica. Gallery Weber-Lutgen. Seville. 2013.
– Liberated Words Poetry Film Festival. Festival of videopoesía. I participate with the collective Videobardo. The Arnolfini Art Gallery. Bristol board. United Kingdom. October 2013.
– IV International Festival of Videopoesía. Videobardo & Flux Club. Antic Teatre. Barcelona. 2013.
– AR¯TE¯CNICA. Gallery Weber-Lutgen. Seville. 2012.
– IV International Festival of Videopoesía. Centro Español de Buenos Aires, MALBA, Biblioteca Nacional. Buenos Aires. 2012.

Curatorial statement
All information is inevitably partial. Nothing is linear. We really do not know how many dimensions or how many nuances the most common fact can have. These manifestations can represent how I
understand the world around me and why I move in my work as a commissioner. To all knowledge I must approach, then every technique must be tested, accepted or abandoned.
My ideas, close to Theory of Strings and other contemporary theories, I do not use them as absolute truth but as an excuse to uncover worlds that are hidden under the layers of what is called reality, expanding it. I make this selection based on the quality and category of the artists. I have chosen to choose consecrated artists along with others who start their career in video art.

WOW. Spain 2017 - curated by Antonio Alvarado
WOW Spain
curated by Antonio Alvarado

Artists/Videos – list

Marta Azparren (Spain) – Peso minuto, 2008, 1′.
Isabel Pérez del Pulgar (Spain) – Opus Nigrum, 2014, 7′ 32”.
Jesús de Frutos (Spain) – Volemos juntos, 2017, 2′.
Francisco Brives (Spain) – Tebras, 2015, 3′ 15”.
claRa apaRicio yoldi (Spain) – Fragmented Memory, 2013, 3′ 04”.
Magali Berenguer (Spain) – Ludmila., 2017. 3′.
Julia Juaniz (Spain) – Besos., 2016., 3′ 21”.


Marta Azparren

She holds a degree in Fine Arts from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and distributes her
artistic activity between drawing, video art and performing arts.
Receives the 2009 Plastic Arts Grant from the Community of Madrid, for the Alephs Project,
videoactions on mediation of the work of art and blindness.
His work in video has been curated by outstanding curators such as Susana Blas, Javier Duero, Sema
D’Acosta, Juan Francisco Rueda, Kisito Assangni, Wilfred Agricola of Cologne, Matteo Bittanti, among
It has been shown in exhibitions, festivals and international fairs such as New Media Film Festival,
DFA’s Dance on Camera Festival, Art Beijing, Videoform Festival, XI Triennale International (Milan),
Kassel Dokfest, ESTAMPA Fair, LOOP, Contemporary Scene Festival, Night at Blanco, Instituto
Cervantes, among many others and has received the Prize Shut Up And Listen! Festival (Vienna,
2014), Jury Prize at the MADATAC 04 Festival (Madrid), Machinima Expo Award (USA), among
Very closely associated with the performing arts, she regularly collaborates with contemporary theater
and dance companies as a performer or performing installations and videos integrated in the works:
Rocío Molina, Sara Calero, Fernando Renjifo, … and has also directed several plays. He collaborates
regularly with musicians: Maneuvers, audio-visual interventions in industrial spaces, video and live
painting with the musician Pablo Martín Jones and audiovisual projects shared with the composer
Sergio Blardony (the video Tracto has been exhibited and awarded in numerous festivals).
His drawings have been published accompanying the work of live poets and books as in Nostalgia of
the action with Ana Gorría, Federico García Lorca in Where time is not freeze, Writings on music, José
Luis Gómez Toré in Claroscuro del bosque who is coauthor) and are heard birds and Eva Chinchilla in
Verbo Rea.

Title of work: Peso minuto, 2008, Duration: 1′.
Credits: Sound: Roberto Pérez-Gayo. Production: Raquel Samaniego.
Short synopsis
“Wow the time!” Jaime Gil de Biedma
Audiovisual reflection on the weight and density of the time of one minute observed exclusively.

Isabel Pérez del Pulgar

Isabel Perez del Pulgar born in Granada (Spain) resided in France since 2015. Graduated in Geography and History specialty art by the University of Granada. He performs monographic courses
on Color Theory, Painting, Drawing and Techniques of engraving in the School of Arts of Granada and courses on design and digital art. In the decade of the 2000 adopts like mode of creation the video. The video as a plastic vehicle that auna movement, sound and pictorial vision. The work is conceived as a continuous fresco, divided into series and autonomous projects.
His work has been exhibited and selected at numerous international festivals. Has developed projects with composers and international video artists. Highlights: Daily Actions with W. Matthies, Pool Pearls & Streampearls with W. Matthies, P. Chagas and J. M. Sebastian, TOPOLOGIE DES NEUF CERCLES and Stabat Mater with R. Quelven and King Eissen, © Estanca 17 “with R. Quelven, Exquisite What Project.
Artwork included in Catalog the Gallery OB-ART. Program VIDEOsPAIN, Dependent AECID and Curator Iury Lech. Videotape videosdeautor.tv CIDV – Video-art Investigation and Documentation.
Center Videotheque Art Stream.
Collections: Arte ALTER – Colección Curate By Jaime Rodriguez, CTFC – Colectivo Trauma Film
Collection OFFICIAL X Wilfried Agricola de Cologne, Cologne OFF X – Arte Total – Alienated
Territories, Bop Decameron curator Marco Bazzini. Certaldo, Florence, MAGMART CAM Permanent
Collection Casoria Arte Contemporaneo Museum. Awards: º2 Premo / 2nd International Biennial of
video art and animation (VEA) Puebla. Mexico. 2016. – Prefinalist DISCOVERY Award – LOOP
Barcelona 2016. Finalist in LUMINICO INTERNACIONAL 2016. Mexico. Special Award of the Jury
MADATAC 06 (2014). Mention of Honor 1st Biennial of Videoart and Animation, VEA. Puebla (Mexico)
2014 Bop Decameron Award: curatore di Bop Decameron Marco Bazzini, Direttore Artistico del Centro
per l’arte contemporary Luigi Pecci di Prato. Certaldo, Florence 2013.

Title of work: Opus Nigrum .
Year: 2014.
Duration: 7′ 32”.
Credits: Video-performance Isabel Pérez del Pulgar. Music Rey Eisen.

Short synopsis
Alchemy aims to achieve, or at least try to think through a complicated labyrinth or encoding, the process leading to purify the impure. And through this purification to obtain the knowledge of all. Opus Nigrum alchemical formula that indicates the phase separation and dissolution of matter The alquimico definicion metafora process as the creative process. By way of battlefield donde the act of deconstruccion and construccion of i subjective and unconscious is pushed permanently by the insatisfaccion, frustracion and doubt. In the same way as this requires a permanent busqueda of
responses did not coded.
“To all appearances, the artist acts like a mediumistic being who, from the labyrinth beyond time and space, seeks his way out to a clearing. If we give the attributes of a medium to the artist, we must then deny him the state of consciousness on the esthetic plane about what he is doing or why he is doing it.
All his decisions in the artistic execution of the work rest with pure intuition and cannot be translated into a self-analysis, spoken or written, or even thought out.”
“In the creative act, the artist goes from intention to realization through a chain of totally subjective reactions. His struggle toward the realization is a series of efforts, pains, satisfaction, refusals, decisions, which also cannot and must not be fully self-conscious, at least on the esthetic plane” T.S. Eliot, in his essay on “Tradition and Individual Talent”, writes: “The more perfect the artist, the more completely separate in him will be the man who suffers and the mind which creates; the more perfectly will the mind digest and transmute the passions which are its material.”

Jesús de Frutos

Jesús de Frutos Madrid 1961, began the journey in the world of photography at the age of 15, a the 18 work in advertising, feature film and documentary, at 32 I start my experience
by televisions, national, autonomous and international, I realize independent productions from 26 years in video art, documentary and photographic art. At present alternate experience
as an Audiovisual Expert and Audiovisual Coach with NLP

Title of work: Volemos juntos., 2017, 2′.
Credits: Jesus de Frutos.
Short synopsis
United by nature and its sounds … a moment for reflection.

Francisco Brives

Founder of O Grelo Producciones and Art House Madrid. He has worked on video-performance since 1994 combining theater and poetry. Perform facilities-performance, experimental film and
His piece “Primitive” has been shown in the Filmoteca Española. Other works, “La Ira”, “Acidia”, “Huérfanos de Cernuda”, etc. in an independent and experimental line. His feature film “Nunc et in
hora”, 2010, had 14 nominations Goya and 8 Mestre Mateo. Finished his feature film “DRAKO” is currently “Narciso violado”.
As a theater and film actor he has worked in Spain and Internationally with Eddy Bereycken, Benno Boudgoust, Nada kokotovich, Komei Sugano, Marcel Van Brakel, Ricardo Franco, Liberto Rabal.
He founded the production company “O GRELO PRODUCCIONES”, 2005, focusing as independent director and producer. “NUNC ET IN HORA” was selected by MADATAC 2010 (Instituto Cervantes),
International Optica Festival 2010 (La Casa de América); “Acidia” by La Fabrica (Barcelona); nominated for Best Independent Artist 2009 by International Optica Festival.
He creates La Maleta Amarilla with Nestor Prieto, as an international distribution seal for independent VideoArte and CineArte.
As a writer stand out: “Loba Maria”, editorial La avispa; “O meu libro das sombras”, “Cuarto de geranios… “, O Grelo ediciós. Founded Vidarte with Iñaki Echarte, together publish “Huerfanos de Cernuda” 2009. As editor he is responsible for the Cuadernos Inutiles collection. As speaker he lectures and masterclass on cultural management in the Foro Iberoamericano de
Cultura, the Master in Management of the Cinematographic Industry of the Universidad Carlos III, Madrid, in the subject “Comisariado”. He is part of the curatorial team of the IVAHM festival since its creation. Codirige the Center of Arts of Avant-garde and Artistic Residence La Neomudejar together with Néstor Prieto, being invited to realize a project for the Museu da Republica de Rio de Janeiro.

Title of work: Tebras, 2015, 3′ 15”.
Credits: Videodanza. – Performer – Natalia Moreno. -Dancer – Francisco Brives. – Camera – Barbara Dominguez. – Installation “retorno al útero”. Manín Carrera – Costume: Rafael Díaz (La Madrina)
Concept and Editing: Francisco Brives. – Madrid. 2015
Short synopsis
Review of the scientific colonization of the body. The sick body as territoriality of abuse and political manipulation. Medicine as a castrating agent of the decision of free healing, study on the process of denialism against HIV. genre- Videodance

claRa apaRicio yoldi

claRa is a Video Artist from Madrid based in London. She mixes video and animation with painting, found footage, digital collages and programming, to create visual poems. Her videos reflect on the importance of images in the construction of the collective imagination, the power of mass media and telecommunications, the marketing strategies and the brands and adverts ubiquity, interactivity and hyperlinks as an illusion of the selection, the changes in the contemporary culture with the electronic distribution, the fragmentation of the narrative discourse, the information
overload, the surveillance control and the loss of privacy.
She has recently received the Most Promising Video Artist Award in Madatac 07 – Contemporary Audio-Visual & New Media Arts Festival, Madrid, Spain. Her pieces have been awarded in other
international Video Art festivals such as FIVAC – Camagüey International Video Art Festival (Cuba), and BANG – Barcelona International Video Art Festival (Spain) and screened in galleries, museums
and cultural spaces around the world.

Title of work: : Fragmented Memory, 2013, 3′ 04”.
Credits: Concept, Video, Animation, Effects, Editing:claRa apaRicio yoldi. Music by Ciara Clifford.
Short synopsis
In post-industrial society we are witnessing information overload. This occurs when the amount of input in a system exceeds its processing capacity. We have fairly limited cognitive processing
capacity, so when information overload occurs, it is likely that a reduction in decision quality will occur.
Traditionally, text encoded human knowledge and memory, the printed word was linked to the art of rhetoric. The popularity of hyperlink illustrates the continuing decline in the field of rhetoric and the mistrust of contemporary culture in hierarchies. The two sources connected through a hyperlink have equal weight, without any having priority over the other.
In the different mediums of expression (literature, cinema, visual arts…), we are assisting to the fragmentation of the narrative discourse. We are questioning the traditional narrative resources with the juxtaposition of images, texts, copy-paste collages and a schizophrenic nature. In cyberspace, documents combine musical fragments with other sounds, texts, images…etc. It is this combination of concrete elements that produces the abstract meaning.

Magali Berenguer

Spanish born in Paris, lives in Madrid. Graphic journalist in various national and international newspapers. Videoartist and documentalist. First prize at the Italian festival of archeology in Perugia with the video “Vivant Denon”. In 2017 you have participated in the IVAHM festival in Madrid and in the Miami new media festival.

Title of work: Ludmila., 2017. 3′.
Credits: Concepto, imagen y realización: Magali Berenguer. Edition: Francisco Higuera.
Short synopsis
Two Italian brothers named Achille and Giovanni Judica Cordiglio, radio amateurs, captured a
dramatic woman’s voice from the space on the night of May 23, 1961, is the Russian Ludmila Tokov
sent by his government to space and never returned, but who would be the first woman cosmonaut?
The Russians have always denied it.

Julia Juaniz

Medicine Studies at the University of Zaragoza.
Since 1990, he has been a professional filmmaker. He took courses in photography at the “Spectrum” gallery in Zaragoza.
He has assembled more than 60 feature films and documentaries by Carlos Saura, Victor Erice, Ramón Barea, etc.
2017 “EMAKUMEARENEREMUA, el espacio de la mujer”-MUSEO de Artes de Vanguardia LA
2016″ SUEÑOS” La Alhondiga de Segovia
2014: “VER CON LOS OJOS Y EL ALMA” – MUSEO de Artes de Vanguardia La NEOMUDEJAR
2017 “LA MUJER”6min.
2016 “BESOS” 4 min.
2016 “Emigración” 8 mmn
2014 “Tan lejos – Tan cerca” 6 mmn 2014 “Tauromaquia onírica” 4 mmn 2014 “Discurso Chaplin” 4
mmn 2013 “El Grito de Guernica” 15 mmn
2013 “Jose” — “Colores 1”- “Colores 2”- “Puntos”.4 mm-
2012 “Bombas No Bombs ” 3min. 20 seg. 2012 “Laberinto de Oteiza”. 3 mmn
2011 “Burka”. 4min.
2011″ Guerreros de Xavier Mascaro ” 6nnin.
2009 “Silencio”. 6min.

Title of work: Besos., 2016., 3′ 21”.
Credits: Concept and realization: Julia Juaniz. Music: Nacho de Paz.
Short synopsis
In life there are different ways to reach a kiss. Many things can be counted or silenced with a kiss. Some are cheerful and others sad, one person gives and another receives but the most difficult kiss is not the first of life but the last.

WOW.10 / India @ 4th TENT Little Cinema International Festival – 8-10 December 2017 Kolkata/India

WOW.18 / USA – @ Torrance Art Museum Los angeles/CA – 21 July – 14 December 2018

Videoart from Spain 2004 - curated by Antonio Alvarado
introduction by Antonio Alvarado
The contribution from Spain was included in May 2004 on occasion of PEAM – Pescara Electronic Art Meeting Pescara/Italy 19 May – 23 May 2004. Curated by Antonio Alvarado (Madrid/Spain) following artists were selected Fernando Baena, Beatriz Caravaggio, Joaquin Ivars, Antonia Valero, Laura Amigo, Juan Alcón
Videos from Spain
curatorial selection by

Antonio Alvarado
curator’s biography
Selected artists:

  • 1. Fernando Baena
    artist biography
    Title: In Memoriam, video, 2004, 3:20
  • .

  • 2. Beatriz Caravaggio
    artist biography
    Title: Teeth Towers, video, 2004, 2:40
  • .

  • 3. Joaquin Ivars
    artist biography
    Title: Te estamos robando (We are stealing from you)
    video, 2003, 2:20
  • .

  • 4. Antonia Valero
    artist biography
    a) without title
    b) 10 March (in collaboration with Laura Amigo)
  • .

  • 5. Juan Alcón
    artist biography
    Title. Ego, video, 2003, 1:00
  • Zona de Morana Avila (Spain) / 11-13 September 2015
    Fundacion FIART @ Electrocuciones Madrid/Spain – 1#minuteCologne – 5 July 2012
    Electrocuciones Festival Madrid – 1-16 February 2012 – “Silent Cry”
    Encuentro en Zona de Moraña (Spain) – 9-10 Sept 20011
    Electrocuciones – El Foro de Pozuelo Madrid – 18 May – 5 June 2010
    Camargo Cibernetico – Electronic Art Festival Camargo/Spain 29 May – 02 June 2006
    MAEM 2006 – Mostra de Arte Electronico Mostoles Centro Cultural Mostoles (Madrid) – 17-18 November – House of Tomorrow
    *MAEM – Electronic Art Festival Madrid/Mostoles 17-19 November 2005
    *FAIM Madrid – El Viernes Curvado curated by Antonio Alvarado- 1-3 October 2004
    *Centro de Arte Moderno Madrid (Spain) – Viernes Curvado curated by Antonio Alvarado – 20 February 2004
    *MAEM 2003 – Electronic Art Mostoles -Madrid (Spain)
    *Centro de Arte Moderno Madrid (Spain) –> MAEM – en [code] ed – 19 December 2003


    A Virtual Memorial Warsaw 2012
    A Virtual Memorial Warsaw 2013
    standing under the Patronage of the European Parliament
    To be featured on 25 October 2020

    A Virtual Memorial Warsaw 2012

    2012-10-27 21.20.13_fx20

    [Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”1″ gal_title=”AVM Warsaw 2012″]

    A Virtual Memorial Warsaw 2012
    dedicated to the victims of Warsaw Ghetto 1940-1943
    SFC – Shoah Film Collection
    @ Warsaw Jewish Film Festival (WJFF)
    25-30 October 2012

    After the successful pilot project in Riga in June 2012 and a most challenging manifestation in Phnom Penh (Cambodia) in July 2012, a third presentation of Shoah Film Collection took place in Warsaw in October 2012. Shoah Film Collection was very honoured being invited to manifest itself via a selection from the pool of 70 art film and videos. It was an experiment to confront the audience who visisted the festival with the expectations to consume feature and documentary films like usual, with experimental artistic films confusing the festival vistors profoundly.

    WJFF was featuring a selection from SFC – Shoah Film Collection, a worldwide unique international initiative founded in 2010 by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne – aimed to encourage young artists and filmmaker generations to deal with the topic of collective trauma ( like Holocaust) by using new technologies and contemporary approaches in art,includes currently 50 films and videos – experimental film, videoart and documentations.

    As a complementary component to the screening selection the entire SFC -Shoah Film Collection is simultaneously available online streaming on http://dts.engad.org – the project site of SFC – Shoah Film Collection, on the project blog – all concepts, news and information can be found – http://dts.engad.org/blog/

    2012-10-26 12.08.29_fx01 After the successful start of the event series in Lativia in June – \\ A Virtual Memorial Riga 2012 – Commemorative Interventions //
    standing under the Patronage of the European Parliament – a collaboration with Riga Ghetto and Latvian Holocaust Museum – and Culture and Art Project NOASS Riga – 1-30 June 2012

    and afterwards in Cambodia – \\ A Virtual Memorial Phnom Penh 2012 //
    dedicated to the victims of the genocide 1975-1979 @ META House Phnom Penh – 12-15 July 2012

    Warsaw Jewish Film Festival is featuring — \\A Virtual Memorial Warsaw 2012// – as the third event in form of the series
    during the festival, and as a special intervention – Wilfried Agricola de Cologne is appointed member of the festival jury.

    In 2013, the series of events will be continued, among others, as
    A Virtual Memorial Vilnius 2013 – http://vilnius2014-a-virtual-memorial.org



    A Virtual Memorial Warsaw 2012
    is a collaboration between
    Warsaw Jewish Film Festival & ArtvideoKOELN international
    directed by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne
    © 2012 by Agricola de Cologne. All rights reserved
    All videos & texts © by the artists, authors and owners.

    A Virtual Memorial Warsaw 2013
    A Virtual Memorial Warsaw 2013 is a media art project by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne, media artist aund curator from Cologne/Germany starting in 2012. It is the physical and virtual manifestation of his project “Draft Title: Shoah featuring Shoah Film Collection”, including the preparations for the physical event during Agricola de Cologne’s visit in Warsaw in October 2012, the realisation of the physical events – 25-30 Oct 2012 and 25-30 Oct 2013 including creating the virtual presence, and the post-event era forming the project online to become the virtual memorial including Warsaw as a place for Jewish life, the Warsaw Ghetto and the manifestation of “A Virtual Memorial”. The project is dedicated to the victims of Warsaw Ghetto and Nazism.
    wjff-logoe_300Invited by 11th Warsaw Jewish Film Festival 2013 and 10th Warsaw Jewish Film Festival 2012, there were two occasions to present Shoah Film Collection primarily to Jewish people at different venues and in different ways of representing, mhpj-1imagesso that both manifestation could not be more differently from each other and were, therefore, completely differently perceived by the audience.


    Shoah Film Collection @ 11th Warsaw Jewish Film Festival
    It was an great honour for Shoah Film Collection being invited after 2012 also in 2013 by Warsaw Jewish Film Festival to take place at POLIN – the Museum of the History of Polish Jews. According to thze new venue and the museum space, a different form of presenting and representing Shoag Film Collection was choosen, in order to try another concept to present the art videos of Shoah Film Collection confronted with a different form of “moving pictures”. The film festival and the museum were great experimenting partners, making out of the manifestation a kind of pilot project, as well.





    Video Artist of the Month October 2020 – Silvia de Gennaro

    About the Artist

    Silvia De Gennaro
    lives and works in Rome, Italy.
    Since 1999 she is a founding member of “Assaus” together with the architect Alessio Scarale.
    For twenty years she has been dealing with digital art, video art and animation.
    Her works have participated in several video art exhibitions and film festivals around the world, such as:
    Bnl Media Art Festival, IT; Video Formes , FR; Current New Media, U.S.A.; F.I.L.E. , BRA; Visionaria, IT; Madatac, ES; Invideo, IT; Magmart, IT; Athens Video Art Festival, GR; Brooklyn Film Festival, U.S.A.; ECU, FR; Interfilm Berlino, D; Nastri d’Argento, IT.
    Currently her work is divided between the realization of social and political themed video and a project about the city and the perception of the traveler, entitled “Travel Notebooks”.

    Participant in
    CologneOFF VII – International Videoart Festival
    CologneOFF VIII – International Videoart Festival
    CologneOFF IX – International Videoart Festival
    CologneOFF 2015 – International Videoart Festival
    The Refugee Film Collection

    > Silvia de Gennaro’s videos are featured in a “Special” on 3 October @ The 365 Diary
    > see the Silvia de Gennaro’s videos featured as ascreening program @ Alphabet Cinema H

    1. Look Up, 2008, 6.02
    2. This Sumnmer Mosquitos Will be Worse Than Ever, 2010, 6:20
    3. The days of rage, 2011, 03:00
    4. Interrupted Thought, 2012,1:00
    5. Rubbish world, 2012, 4:05
    6. My name is Franco and I like dark chocolate, 2014, 07:00
    7. This is not a horror movie, 2014, 06:24 +
    8. Travel Notebooks: Perugia, Italy, 2014, 2:29
    9. Space of Memory, 2014, 623
    10. Home, 2016, 5:54 +

    CologneOFF VIII

    To be featured between 5-12 October
    CologneOFF VIII - Continental Drift

    CologneOFF VIII – Continental Drift
    – human rights – memory – identity –


    A Virtual Memorial Phnom Penh (Cambodia)
    Kansk International Video Festival (Russia)
    BuSho – Budapest International Shortfilm Festival (Hungary)
    Fine Arts Film Festival Szolnok (Hungary)
    ExTeresa Arte Actual Mexio City (Mexico)
    FIVA – Videoart Festival Buenos Aires (Argentina)
    Digital Marrakech (Morocco)
    Proyector Videoart Festival Madrid (Spain)
    700.is – Reindeer – Experimental Film Festival Reykjavik (Is)
    Gallery Aferro Newark (USA)
    CeC – Carnival of e-Creativity Sattal/India

    The festival programs are streaming online on

    list of videos

    Karlos Alastruey (Spain) – Ada, 2011, 10′ 04″
    Ewelina Aleksandrowicz & Andrzej Wojtas (PL)- HTRK – Synthetik, 2011, 4:28
    Diego Mauricio Alvarez (Colombia) – Die As If It Was The First Day of Your Life,2012, 3:40
    Antonina Baever (Russia) – The Ropes, 2012
, 6`54“
    Orsolya Bajusz (Hungary) – Bela’s Struggle, 2011, 9:00
    Sharlene Bamboat & Alexis Mitchell (CA) – Queen of Canada, 2011, 00:47
    Bankleer (Germany) – minority in majority , 2011, 4.30 min
    Emilio Bassail (Mexico) – Aspirine for Peace, 2012, 2:57
    Nicola Bergström Hansen (Sweden) -Over the Rainbow, 2012, 6:57
    Alexandre Braga (Portugal) – An Excuse for a Man, 2011, 3:00
    Giovanni Bucci (Italy) – Addictions, 2011, 2:00
    Dorothea Carl I Claudia Reiche (Germany) – demo_lition, 2011, 12:26
    Daniel Djamo (Romania) – Untitled: Syria, 2011, 5:58
    Samba Fall (Senegal) – Yesterday, I had a Dream, 2011, 6:42
    Imohammed Fettaka (Morocco) – Creatruction, 2011, 10:00
    Francesca Fini (Italy) – Parnasus, 2011, 10:33
    Gergely Fogarasi (Hungary) – Postscript, 2006, 7:01
    Kristina Frank (Sweden) – Take to the woods, 2011, 6:01
    Varvara Frolova (Russia) – From Communism To Shamanism, 2011, 2:47
    Silvia De Gennaro (Italy) – The days of rage, 2011, 03:00
    Ryota Hamasaki (Japan) – Desertion, 2011, 10:00
    Max Hattler (Germany) – Spin, 2010, 3:55
    Beate Hecher/Markus Keim (Austria) – ln Absentia, 2012, 10:00
    Angelika Herta (Austria) – Man of Iron, 2011, 1:53
    Youki Hirakawa (Japan) – Floating into the Night, 2010, 03:14
    Wei-Ming Ho (Taiwan) – Selfdestruction for Eternity, 2011, 6:26
    Osamu Hsieh (Taiwan) – Start, 2011, 3’56”
    Alexander Isaenko (Ukraine)- The negative selection, 2012, 3:30
    Mark Kadota (Japan) – Un-Caged, 2012, 5:30
    Jasmine Kainy (Israel) – Comes from Outside, 2011, 3:35
    Kristina Kanders (Germany) – Human Rights, 2011, 4:20
    David King (Australia) – Dystopic Overload, 2011, 3:10
    Tagit Klimor (Israel)- Fcity, 2011, 4:50
    Maria Korporal (Italy) – The Waltz, 2010, 3:11
    Stefan Larsson (Sweden) – a Forest within a Forest, 2010, 5:10
    Francesca Leoni (Italy) – In-Sanity, 2012, 3:55
    Marie Magescas (France) – WAR desease, 2010, 8:26
    Shahar Marcus (Israel) – 1,2,3 Herring, 2011, 2:27
    Salome MC (Turkey) – Aquaphobia, 2012, 01:25
    Conor McFeely (UK) – “The Testing Rooms- smashing forms”, 2008, 10:00
    Albert Merino (Spain) – Les Bagneurs, 2010, 3:50
    Jonas Nilsson (Sweden) – Seclusion II, 2011, 3:54 min

    Eva Olsson (Sweden) – The Factory, 2009, 2:13 min
    Lois Patiño (Spain) – Forest Echoes, 2011, 7:20 min.
    Yoav Peled (Israel) – My own private Israel, 2012, 4:15 min
    Rithea Phichith (Cambodia) – Chaos, 2011, 2:00
    Heidi Phillips (Canada)- Forsaken, 2012, 4:30
    Paula Marcela Restrepo Cardona (Colombia) – Bird Girl, 2012, 06:18
    Jean-Michel Rolland (France) – Smilesd & Slaps, 2012, 3:55
    Elisbeth Ross (Mexico) – MEMORY IN THE CITY, 2008, 4’34
    Cinzia Sarto (Italy)- TRIP, 2006, 3:20
    Guli Silberstein (Israel) – Disturbdance, 2012, 3:25
    Nicole Sloan (USA) – Shuffle Ball Chain, 2011, 3:19
    Karolien Soete (Belgium) – Prolegomena, 2011, 7’32”
    Karla Spiluttini (Austria) – Tiananmen, 2010, 3:18
    Tasos Stamou (Greece) – Elements, 2012, 15:00
    Noriyuki Suzuki (Japan) – fragment, 2012, 5:20
    Myriam Thyes (Switzerland) – Global Vulva, 2009, 6:20
    Andrej Tisma (Serbia) – Taking Away Privacy, 2012, 3’13”
    Paul Turano (USA) – Toxic Red Sludge, 2010, 4:30
    Eitan Vitkon (Israel) – Convergeance, 2011, 1:17
    Przemek Węgrzyn (Poland) – The Spring, 2011, 3:20
    Liu Wei (China) – Unforgettable Memory, 2009, 10:17
    Tushar Waghela (India) – Phantom of a Fertile Land, 2009, 8:00
    Owen Eric Wood (Canada) – Return, 2011, 5:00
    Ezra Wube (Ethiopia) – When we all met
, 2008
, 3:54
    Danijel Zezelj (Croatia) – A Different Bunny
, 2010
, 2 min 30

    CologneOFF VIII
    Let’s Save the World

    Alterazioni Video and Luca Babini (Italy) – Black Rain, 2011, 10:00
    Brit Bunkley (New Zealand) – Futurology, 2011, 6:06
    Joanot Cortes (Spain) – Animalism, 2010, 8:35
    John Cohrs (USA) – The Urban Prospector, 2009, 3:45
    Jay Critchley (USA) – GLOBAL YAWNING for a small planet, 2011, 2:57
    Uygar Demoglu (Turkey) – Arbeit Macht Frei, 2011, 5:23
    Nenko Genov (Bulgaria) – Tomatoes Eat You!, 2010, 1:00
    Dan Hudson (Canada) – River, 2011, 3:00
    Kristine Kanders, (Germany) – Say Something, 2010, 4:21
    Lea Lahoud (Lebanon) – Salt, 2011, 12:45
    Marcantonio Lunardi (Italy) – Italy Lab, 2011, 5:00
    Katherine Oggier Chanda (CH) – 2010, 1:00
    Evan Paschke (USA) – Thorium Days, 2011, 7:35
    Shabnam Piryaei (USA) – Dollhouse, 2011, 5:53
    Aleksey Rumyantsev (Kazakhstan) – Parallels, 2010, 2:38
    Dénes Ruzsa (Hungary) – +1°C, 2009, 1:57
    Cinzia Sarto (Italy) – Dirty Vacation, 2005, 7:00
    Vasili Tsybulka (Belarus) – The Deal, 2011, 4:00
    Ivar Veermae (Estonia) – Warm Up, 2010, 2:24
    Anders Weberg (Sweden) – Peaceful Atom – Prypiat, 2011, 2:18
    Susanne Wiegner (Germany) – constant dripping or no escape, 2009, 3:17
    Andrew Norman Wilson (USA) – Workers Leaving the Googleplex, 2011, 11:00
    Katrin Wölger (Austria) – ana fagri saves the world, 2009, 4:55
    Cha Chung Yang (Taiwan) – Un-peaceful Ocean, 2011, 5:00

    Women: Memory of Repression in Argentina

    a collaboration with Raquel Partnoy and Anahi Caceres /ArteUna

    Netartists in October 2020

    to be featured during the week – 14-20 October 2020

    Netart from Canada
    Latino Netarte.net
    Netart from Italy
    Netart from France

    NewMediaFest2020 ’10 will featured between 21 – 28 October 2020 – the 7th edition of Soundlab


    that’s the title of the SoundLAB VII – the final edition of SoundLAB
    celebrating 10 years [NewMediaArtProjectNetwork]:||cologne.

    More than 100 soundartists from all continents prepared partially on occasion of this unique anniversary a soundart composition celebrating soundart at it’s best – pointing to a wonderful non-visual form of digital art.

    Thanks a lot to all the participants making SoundLAB VII a true celebration!

    Enter SoundLAB VII

    Here is the list of participating artists

    Adern X (Italy)
    Alessandro De Caro (Italy)
    Anvil and Stirrup (aka Antti Sakari Saario and Iain Armstrong)
    Mario Asef (Argentina)
    Stephen Ausherman (USA)
    Dean Bagar (Croatia)
    Tautvydas Bajarkevicius (Lithuania)
    Gaia Bartolini (Italy)
    Adam Basanta (Canada)
    Gennaro Becchimanzi (Italy)
    Vincent Bergeron (Canada)
    Marcus Beuter (Germany)
    Manuella Blackburn (UK)
    Jason Bolte (USA)
    Brigid Burke (Australia)
    Guiseppe Cantelmo (Italy)
    Eduardo Paz Carlson (Uruguay)
    Ivan Carreno (Spain)
    Hunter Cole (USA)
    José Collazo Méndez (Spain)
    Jay Critchley (USA)
    Bartira de Sena e Souza (UK)
    Paul Devens (NL)
    Craig Dongoski (USA)
    Marcin Dopieralski (Poland)
    Matthew Dotson (USA)
    Dario Elia (Italy)
    Jeanne Fremaux (Croatia)
    Satoshi Fukushima (Japan)
    Matt Griffin (USA)
    Peter Gyselinck (Belgium)
    Scott Hall (USA)
    Le Tuan Hung (Vietnam)
    Brenda Hutchinson (UK)
    Yuichi Ito (Japan)
    Edorta Izarzugaza Barrena (Spain)
    Paul Jamrozy (UK)
    Stefan Jürke (Germany)
    Timo Kahlen (Germany)
    Sybill Kalff (Germany)
    Lionel Kaplan (Argentina)
    Koji Kawai (Japan)
    Lewis Kaye (Canada)
    Jerry King Musser (USA)
    Andras Kiss (Hungary)
    Piphos Kollias (Greece)
    Pavel Kopecki (CZ)
    Tilman Künzel (Germany)
    Marco Lampis (Italy)
    Dario Lazaretto (Italy)
    Philipp Andrew Lewis (USA)
    Signe Liden (Norway)
    Owen Lloyd (USA)
    Edwin Lo (Hongkong)
    Jesus Lopez (Venezuela)
    Malcom Litson (UK)
    Wittwulf Y Malik (Germany)
    Philip Mantione (USA)
    Jabier Martínez (Spain)
    Luigi Mastandrea (Italy)
    Miguel Maters (NL)
    Natalie McQuade (Australia)
    Wolfgang Menzel (Sweden)
    Johnny Milner (Australia)
    Mondual (Turkey)
    David Mooney (USA)
    Alexander Mouton (USA)
    Luke Munn (New Zealand)
    Meri Nikula (Finland)
    Michael James Olson (USA)
    Ufuk Onen (Turkey)
    Ed Osborn (USA)
    Cesary Ostrowski (Poland)
    Carl Palme (Germany)
    Rebekkah Palov (USA)
    Stephano Pasquini (Italy)
    Alberto Picciau (Italy)
    Per Platou (Norway)
    Rudi Punzo (Italy)
    Sol Rezza (Mexico)
    Ann Rosen (Sweden)
    Benjamin Rossignol (USA)
    Antonio Sassu (Italy)
    Günther Schlienz (Germany)
    Alexander Schubert (Germany)
    Ashley Scott (Australia)
    Johannes Sistermans (Germany)
    Matthew Sochocki (USA)
    Sarah Soriano (USA)
    Yolando Spinola (Spain)
    Bijing Zhang (China)
    Morgan Stary (USA)
    Katrin Stumreich (Austria)
    Debra Swack (USA)
    Justin Thompson (USA)
    Zoltan Tonka (Hungary)
    John Transue (USA)
    Antonia Valero (Spain)
    Hsiao-Lan Wang (Taiwan)
    Wonderfeel (Australia)
    Adrian Zalewski (Poland)

    Enter SoundLAB VII

    Please follow the daily features of The 365 days Diary for October 2020

    WOW Jubilee X is an intervention in virtual space featuring videoart, netart, soundart & associated interviews complemented by