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05 October 2002

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DMF 2001
DMF 2002


DMF – Digital Art Festival

The Digital Art Festival in Manila is today, 05 October 2002 close to its end tomorrow, Wilfried is participating already the 2nd time in this festival organized by Fatima Lasay @ The University of Philippines Diliman, after the 1st time one year ago in 2001. While Wilfried was presenting a collection of early moving images works created in 2001 like “Identity of Color” and “Never Wake Up”, this year in 2002 the particpation is looking rather like a kind of festival co-curation, because his both projects presented in Manila – Violence Online Festival, launched earlier in August – and the 2nd big JavaMuseum show – “Fundamental Patterns – Peripheral Basics” – include a project realized by Fatima Lasay and students of the University, entitled” MANDALA” featuring digital art works by art students – so his participation is a kind of cultural exchange between EAST an WEST – Eastern and Western philosophy manifested in art works using the current (2002) technological posibilities of using a computer as a tool for artistic creations.

DMF - Digital Art Festival 2001
“Identity of Colour”, 07:07:07, 2016
Film created by media artist Agricola de Cologne, based on the artist’s poem and voice performance of the same name created and executed in 2001.
The work combines DaDa like poetic texts, vector grafics and musical components created by the artist himself.

Never Wake Up
movie created by media artist Agricola de Cologne.
It is based on the artist’s poem of the same name.

Watch – Seconds Forever, 2001, 3:20

Surveillance can become an obsession for those who observe and those who are observed. For the victim captured and tortured, seconds are never ending.

Announcement on Rhizome


From October 1-5, 2001, Digital Media Festival 2001 began presenting digital works by various artists from all across the globe, with five workstations and two webcams installed in the Corredor Gallery of the College of Fine Arts, University of the Philippines. On October 8, 2001 at 11:00AM (+0800), DMF2001 kicks off a series of Artists Forums, Workshops, Demos and Video Screenings, and an exhibition of digital prints and digital photographs. The events will be streamed live (RealPlayer required) on the Internet through the DMF2001 website at http://digitalmedia.upd.edu.ph/

The October 8 Artists Forums include lectures and presentations on Digital Photography by Jim Ayson and Ben Razon. The forum entitled “Photography Goes Digital” will introduce the audience to the history, current technologies and the future of digital photography in the Philippines. Digital photos taken by Jim and Ben will be shown, alongside an exhibition of prints of Ben’s digital photographs courtesy of FUJIFILM-YKL.

Next is a forum with Al Manrique, a pioneer on digital art in the Philippines, who will present early and recent works and his photographs from Samar and Polomolok.

Electronic music comes next with a demo by Lionel Zivan Valdellon and a talk on how computers can be used to produce music.

October 9 is a day devoted to video. Starting 9:00AM, Singaporean Nisar Keshvani will present fineArt forum’s 15th Anniversary Travelling Screening Programme, a 1-hour programme consisting of digital, multimedia, film works (2-5 minutes) by global artists. Nisar’s lecture on how a news service can aid the cause of the artist accompanies the programme.

The internationally recognized Japanese film and video artist Takahiko Iimura, whose CD-ROM of collected works from 1975 to 1998 is presented in DMF2001, comes next with a 1-hour programme and forum. Takahiko, accompanied by his Art Coordinator Kazuyo Yasuda, also presents prints of digital works at the Corredor Gallery.

After the forums, Computer Devices Corp. takes over with a Canopus Workshop Demo on Non-Linear Video Editing. The event is free and open to all video enthusiasts.

On October 10 at 9:00AM, College of Saint Benilde-DLSU professor Ronnie Millevo will conduct a lecture-demo on Flash followed by a brief forum about Opportunities in Flash by Flashpro.org.

More artists videos will be presented on October 11 and 12, along with the Multimedia Art Asia Pacific’s video programme curated by Yi Won Kon (Korea), Wu Meichun (China) and Experimenta Media Arts (Australia). Screening hours are 11:30AM to 2:30PM (Thursday) and 10:00Am to 11:30AM (Friday).

DMF2001 is made possible through the generous support of the Office of the Chancellor, University of the Philippines-Diliman, the Office of Initiative in Culture and the Arts (OICA), and the UP College of Fine Arts, with technical support provided by the UP Computer Center and Dilnet. DMF2001 is organized by Fatima Lasay, lecturer of digital media at the UP College of Fine Arts.

DMF - Digital Art Festival 2002

JavaMuseum – Fundamental Patterns – Peripheral Basics

Violence Online Festival

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