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6 January 2003 / 6 January 2010

On 6 January 2003,
Seth Thompson published on Wigged.net
his interview with Wilfried

6 January 2010

Wilfried released the feature of French Videoart on VideoChannel in the context of NewMediaFest2010 – http://2010.newmediafest.org
The 1st NewMediaFest2020 selection of French videoart includes

selection 1
Jean Gabriel Periot (France) – We Are Winning Don’t Forget, 2004, 6:45
Laurent Pernot (France) – Still Alives, 2005, 2:30
Matthieu Capel (France) – Rupture, 2006, 4:44
Anthony Rousseau (France) – I Am Dancing Like A Butterfly, 2009, 3:03
Isabelle Schneider (France) – body of War II, 2006, 4:06
Roland Quelven (France) – The Wooden Cigar Box, 2012, 4:00

The complete original VideoChannel selection can be opened as a Flash appication
requiring the Flash plugin – to be downloaded for free from ADOBE site – https://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/

Open the Feature of French videoart 2010 – here

including works by
Anthony Rousseau, Frank Gatti, Jean-Gabriel Périot + Tom de Pékin, Jean-Gabriel Périot, Tom de Pékin, Laurent Pernot, Matthieu Capel, Jimmy Owenns, Melanie Perrier, Les Riches Douaniers, Virginie Foloppe, Isabelle Schneider