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7 January 2005 / 7 January 2006

2005 / netEX – calls & deadlines
2006 / The Art Gallery of Knoxville/Tennessee

2005 / netEX – calls & deadlines

On 7 January 2005, Wilfried made another big step in expanding his on 1 January 2000 founded network, it was an evolutionary necessity to create a platform for opportunities cultural instances could post announcements online like open calls – in the field of new media, art & moving images and other digital technologies and related actions and events – it was

netEX – calls & deadlines – http://netex.nmartproject.net
– as a new department of The New Museum of Networked Art.

In the beginning, structures were established that interested instances could post their announcements online automatically themselves, but after a while, this way of doing had to be re-thought due to the uprising serious security issues, and Wilfried established his curated posting, so that requests for posting announcements had to be reviewed and curated before being published – resulting to keep all control in the field of third-party announcement publishing.

In the beginning, netEX had the meaning to publish announcements which Wilfried as a media artist wanted to use himself and he saw the chance to share opportunities with other artists.
Although the World Wide Web seems to be an endless space online, it is nevertheless rather like a small village, because only due the publications online on netEX, without any additional advertising netEX was recognized by many cultural instances as an ideal place for posting announcements and became due to its success during the past 15 years a self-running application.

Due to its simple but effective structures, NetEX can be comfortably used, which had the unexpected effect that only people were sending requests for posting announcements which fit in the aims of its uncommercial cultural contents, only very rarely requests had to be declined due to unproper aims.

The Museum of Networked Art and NewMediaFest2020 cannot be thought without this continiously active networking environment, because even in times of less curatorial activities, netEX was always running keeping the contacts to outer world.

7 January 2006

2006 / The Art Gallery of Knoxville/Tennessee

During January 2006, The Art Gallery of Knoxville was running the exhibition “Global Groove” – see also – https://www.flickr.com/photos/16038409@N02/ – including the complete collection of VideoChannel at that time (VideoChannel – part of The RRF Project – http://rrf200x.newmediafest.org/) –

19 program units – listing all included artists & curators
the 1st 5 video units are streaming in this article

streaming 1.) video works from Chile curated by Isabel Aranda Yto (Santiago/Chile)

Nestor Olhagaray – F-16
Klaudia Kemper – Noticiero – News
Aldo Peredo – Each teen-ager has a price
Isabel Aranda Yto – La “chiva” expiatoria. (Scapegoat)

streaming 2.) video works from Malaysia curated by Roopesh Sitharan (Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia)

Tan Chui Mui -Hometown
Seng Tat Liew -Reflections?

streaming 3. video works from Puerto Rico curated by Heidi J. Figueroa Sarriera &
Marianne Ramirez-Aponte (Puerto Rico)

Rafael Alcala – Smoked
Welmo E. Romero Joseph – 1/2 Porcillo
Carlos Ruiz-Valarino – Hosts and Guests

streaming 4. videoworks from Malta curated by Vince Briffa

Vince Briffa Spiral
Austin Camilleri Lonesome death of Hattie Carrol
Pierre Portelli ILMA
Mark Mangion Flyonyounggirl

streaming 5. Spanish video works curated by Antonio Alvarado (Madrid)

Joaquin Ivars – We are stealing from you
Fernando Baena – In Memoriam
Antonia Valero – No title
Antonia Valero/Laura Amigo – 11 M
Juan Alcon – EGO
Beatriz Caravaggio – Teeth Towers

6. Some minutes of a time – (2004) suite of 12 videos by Agricola de Cologne

7. Agricola de Cologne curates
Camille Bacos & MIEKALAND -…entre pyrobiblios…
Gabi Bila-Guenther – WHENEVER I COME HOME …..
Margarida Paiva – no title
Fish.tank – MEAT MUM…MEAT
Wilton Azevedo – Quando assim termino o nunca

8. video works from Italy curated by Laura Chiari (Rome/italy)
Alessandro Orlandi – Poetry without words
Speranza Casillo – Break on through
Lorenzo Oggiano – Multiple Trace Memories
Andrea Ferrara, Fiorella Nicosia, Polytimi Patapi – Spazio dell’Assenza
Gruppo Sinestetico – La mia anima

9. video works from Sweden curated by Bjoern Norberg (Stockholm/Sweden)
Jens Salander/ Mikael Stroemberg -The colossus by the sea
Petra Lindholm – Wear the Bazooka
Cecilia Lundquist -“C”
Steven Dixon – Invisible Girl
Beeoff – Doll

10. “Time Processing…” an edition of new independant video works
curated by Alex Haupt (Cologne/Germany)
Daniel Lo Iacono – Digital Snapshot
Lee Welch – Again and again
Caitlin Berrigan – “Concoctions”
Elia Alba – If I were a……
Guido Braun – Gruenes Haus_revisited
RZL – Luca Fruzza- Pigs
Claudia Sohrens – Extension Remix
Christina McPhee – SALT
Josephine Lipuma – The Unbearable Heaviness of Waiting
Miklos Legrady – Without Title
Stephanie Bouvier – Without Title
Caterina Davinio – A Story

11. video works from South Korea curated by Yi Won-Kon (Seoul/South Korea)
Kim Chang Kyun – Letter
Kim Hae Min – Image Section
Oliver Griem – Selbstportrait
Kim Yi Hyung – Wo-men, Wo-rld
Yi Won-Kon – to Video – Two Feedback

12. video works curated by Rogier van Benteghem (Antwerpen/Belgium)
Petra Lindholm – Reported Missing
Scott Becker – Uptown
Larry Caveney – Supenman Safety Crossing
Elia Alba – La Jaba
Claudia Sohrens – ACORNS

13. video works from Spain curated by Videoraum.net (Valencia/Spain)
Empar Cubells – Infern Domestic
Juan Domingo Ferris – El nino Viajero
Pau Pascual Galbis – Incubo. Der Daemon der Liebe
Gudrun Bittner – A Dark Glimpse on the White Gloved Mouse

14. video works from Brazil curated by Brocolis VHS (Sao Paulo/Brazil)
Cassia Kallenah – Narkissos
Omar Emir Barquet – Angelito
Neide Jallageas – Entrevista
Fabio Oliveira Nunes- Rua Sol
Brocolis VHS – Video Homeless System – Signature Project

15. Agricola de Cologne curates artists from Tel-Aviv
Elyasaf Kowner – Around the Fire
Dana Levy – Time with Franz
Lital Dotan & Eyal Perry – Vicious Circle
Lital Dotan & Eyal Perry – Chala Bread Dress
Lital Dotan & Eyal Perry – Embracement
Lital Dotan & Eyal Perry – Rivka’le
Lital Dotan & Eyal Perry – Was It As Good 4 U

16. Melody Parker-Carter (Germany) curated the start of VideoChannel
Holger Eggert – Stadtgespraech
Nick Barker & Rob Jacobs – Strangely Adrift
Christian Bermudez – Sincope
Avi Rosen – Makom
Ivana Ozetsky & Jadanko Pongrac – Houdini
Agricola de Cologne – Trash- True Lies – En[code]ed
Christian Bermudez – Despuenes
Humberto Ramirez – Hate
Toni Mestrovic – Brain Washing
Edward Marszewski – Gunship- Fuck it all union – Aliens and Terror
Agricola de Cologne – 138 seconds of peace?- Watch: Seconds forever – Never wake up

17. Sinani Günes curates video artists from Turkey
Sinasi Gunes The Middle Of Bridge Nancy Atakan Bang!Bang
Lace and sebattaic prayer, The wall, No more, Terminatore
Vicdan Nalbur Tasdemir Play-Toy-Illusion-Stage
Fatih Balci “The Social Consciousness”
Burak Bedenlier Untitled
Ozge Yilmaz Try

18. Local Connection – Video works from Romania – curated by Raluca Velisar and Florin Tudor
Calin Dan – Sample City
Alexandru Patatics – Haircut and Reverse
Florin Tudor and Mona Vatamanu – Electrobirds
Nita Mocanu – The Waiting Room
Oana Felipov and Aurel Cornea – Collection
Szabolcs KissPal – Rever

19. Curated selection “SelfPortrait by VideoChannel –
a compilation of 19 videos curated by Agricola de Cologne
issued on occasion of the installation at “Groundworks” – 14 October – 11 December 2005 at Regina Gouger Miller Gallery at Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburg/USA
and Biennale of Video & New Media Santiago/Chile 18-28 November 2005
1. André Austvoll (Norway) – 2. Clare Ultimo (USA)
3. Reuben James Preston (UK) – 4. Vince Briffa (Malta)
5. Agricola de Cologne (Germany) – 6. Lee Welch (Ireland)
7. Giovanni Antignano (Italy) – 8. Michael Szpakowski (UK)
9. Oliver Griem (South Korea) – 10. Sinasi Gunes (Turkey)
11. Nita Mocanu (Romania) – 12. Eileen Bonner (UK)
13. Jack Messenger & Chirstinn Whyte (UK) – 14. Jen Ross (UK)
15. Cynthia Whelan (UK) – 16. Donald Bousted (UK)
17. Andi Wallwhore (USA) – 18. Svetlana (USA)
19. Christina McPhee (USA) – 20. Alice Arnold (USA)