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11 July 2003

video feature
Interactiva’03 Biennale of New Media art


Today is a very important day in Wilfried’s artistic /curatoral course of life, Interactiva’03 – Biennale for New Media Art is starting in Merida/Yukatan/Mexico. It is not the tropical, exotic place hosting a new media art event, but the fact Wilfried was invited by Raul Moarquech Ferrera-Balanquet, curator of Interactiva, to prepare an artistic / curatoral project for the Biennale and become this way a co-curator. The three Rs are standing for “Remembering – Repressing- Forgetting – so the topic is dealing with memory in most different ways- It is not the first time, that Wilfried was inviting a guest curator for one of his projects, but this project includes in all its consequences 8 curators and their curatorial contributions on the topic, a way to present and demonstrate diversity, not only the diversity of different curatorial concepts, but via the selected artists also a diversity of artistic concepts and all in one project, keeping the options to be installed in virtual space (Internet) as well as in the virtual space of a physical exhibition running from CD-Rom on an a computer monitor. Also consequently, Wilfried is curating virtual space, eg. the space available on the user’s monitor. He creates a special exhibition design, for each involved curator an individual interface which is thematically connected with the curatorial contribution. Wilfried’s way of realising his project is in these days very provocative, because he is acting as an artist, as well as the chief curator curating other curators. Probably such ideas can be realized in 2003 only in the experimental context of an experimenting Biennale, because the conventional art scene would not allow such an experiment, yet. Because each curator is coming from a different country, even different continents, The RRF Project v.1.0 is the forrunner of the subsequent global networking project, as it is manifesting itself as RRF 2004 and later. In this way RRF v.1 has a key function for all of Wilfried’s following artistic and curatorial projects. In 2003, it was invitation to initiate the RRF project, later in autumn 2003 he will receive the invitation to participate in the Biennale of Electronic Art in Perth (BEAP2004) starting in September 2004, both invitations have an enormous enncouraging and creative effect on Wilfried, in fact during 2003, Wilfried’s professional course of life will determined already, but Wilfried doesn’t know it, of course. Even if past articles were mentionning already, that Wilfried started on 1. January 2000 his (new) life from point zero, for a better understanding it is necessary to point here again, that in the process of re-shaping himself as a human and artist, these moments giving Wilfried’s creativity a push forward have a fundamental relevance, also in a psychological concern, they stabilize Wilfried’s personality. He will not attend the event in the Maya country Yucatan, he is not prepared, yet for long distance travels, one year later, however, he will be so far to stay several weeks in Australia when he will attend the Biennale in Perth. Wilfried will be visiting Mexico only in 2011.
(The RRF Project is created in Flash. requiring the Flash plug-in for your browser – free download from ADOBE)

MACAY - Museum of Contemporary Art Merida


The Fernando García Ponce – MACAY Museum is a museum complex dedicated to contemporary, pictorial and sculptural art, located in Mérida, Yucatán, México. It is located in the Plaza Mayor of the Yucatecan capital, in the heart of its historic center, next to the Cathedral of San Ildefonso.
In 1994, during the administration of Governor Dulce María Sauri and with the promotion of Carlos García Ponce, brother of the abstract painter Fernando García Ponce, part of whose work is displayed in the museum rooms, the MACAY was inaugurated occupying the building described above , with the mission of promoting the dissemination of national and international contemporary art. It has a total area of ​​3,500 m2, an area in which the following takes place:

Fifteen rooms for temporary exhibitions, two galleries and four rooms with permanent exhibitions. In the latter, the work of three stellar figures of Yucatecan art is exhibited: Fernando Castro Pacheco, Fernando García Ponce and Gabriel Ramírez Aznar.

There are two interior spaces: the Jardin de las Tinajas and the Expoforo, the latter with a capacity for 500 seated people. Both spaces are used for presentations and public events of various kinds and, occasionally, to be added to the exhibition spaces.

The museum presents a multiple sample of the Mexican national pictorial and sculptural talent. It gathers in its temporary exhibition rooms samples of the work of various national and foreign artists.4

The work of local artists who normally act as hosts to those foreign creators – national and foreign – whose work is presented simultaneously is presented.

Interactiva'03 - Biennale of New Media art
Interactiva’03 – Biennale for New Media Art – @ MACAY – Museum of Contemporary Art Merida/Mexico
11 July – 28 September 2003

Agricola de Cologne and
[R]-[R]-[F] Festival – Version 1.0

Raul Moarquech Ferrera-Balanquet

Curador Ejecutivo/Executive Curator: Raul Ferrera-Balanquet
Curadores Invitados/Guest Curators:
Fatima Lasay, Pooja Sood, Agricola de Cologne
Ensayos/Essays: Laura Baigorri – Heidi Figueroa-Sarriera
Museografia/Museographer: Jose Luis Rodriguez de Arma

The RRF Project 1.0
[R]-[R]-[F] – version 1.0
was launched in 2003 as an individual project in the framework of Biennale of New Media Art Merida/Mexico, and was incorporated in the RRF project environment on 1 January 2005.
review on NEURAL

[R]-[R]-[F] – version 1.0
central interface

The RRF Project has a development since 2003, when on 1 July 2003, version 1.0 was launched. In 2004, independently from version 1.0 version 2.0 was released, only in 2005 both projects version fusioned to version 3.0 – resulting The RRF Project XP

From its structures, [R] – [R] – [F] – Festival is an extraordinary experimental New Media art project in form of an online festival created, programmed and realized by Agricola de Cologne.
Its central subject, abbreviated in the capital letters of the title, is Remembering, Repressing, Forgetting. A new way of art working is practiced: networking as artworking.
Experimental fields of memory are developed by inviting curators from different countries around the globe, eg directors of media festivals or curators specialized in New Media, who have to select a number of artists of their choice according the terms of the project.
The dynamic of this ongoing and continously changing project, as it is set up for being presented in festivals and media exhibitions, manifests itself not only in the artistic online environment,
especially created for [R] – [R] – [F] – Festival, but also progressing when for each new presentation a new project version is created, including new subject related aspects, new curators and new artists and new visualizations of the connected memory fields. Continuously expanding, these memory fields containing curators and artists of the previous project versions,will be always present in the background while slowly a networking universe of collective memory comes up. The project uses the Internet not only as an artistic environment, but primarily also as a communicating medium and a data base which is closely connected to memory and loss of memory, thus the subject of the festival project. The Internet represents not only the ideal medium in many ways, but allows above that direct intercultural networking like no other medium. [R] – [R] – [F] – Festival is closely connected to another net based art project by Agricola de Cologne “A Virtual Memorial – Memorial project against the Forgetting and for Humanity – http://www.a-virtual-memorial.org

Version 1.0 is featuring the curatorial contributions by Wilton Azevedo (Brazil), Anna Hatzianaki (Greece), Branca Bencic (Croatia),, Caterina Davinio (Italy) ,
Fran Ilich (Mexico) , Evgenyi Umansky (Russia), Vincent Makowski (France)Melody Parker-Carter (Germany) and Agricola de Cologne (Germany) .

List of curators and selected artists
the names are connected with the biographies

  • Wilton Azevedo/Brazil
  • curates
    1. – Andre Vallias (Brazil)
    2. – Chris Funkhouser (USA)
    3. Komninos Zervos (Australia)
    4.. –Tania Fraga (Brazil)

  • Caterina Davinio/Italy curates
  • > 1. – Panos Kouros (Greece)
    > 2. – Jennifer and Kevin McCoy (USA)
    > 3. – Christina McPhee (USA)

  • Branca Bencic/Croatia curates
  • 1. Lunar
    2. Zhel

    3. Shirin Kouladije (Canada)
    4. Elena Stanic
    5. Olja Stipanovic
    6. Jelena Vukotic
    7. Vanesa Turcinhodzic
    8. Petar Brajnovic
    9. Tomislav Brajnovic
    10. Karo

  • Anna Hatziyiannaki/Greece curates
  • the curated contributions, hosted by Artopos – http://artopos.org/projects/rrf/ is using Shockwave, but Shockwve is discontinued since 2017.

    1. –Makis Faros
    2. –Dimitris Zouroudis
    3. –Babis Venetopoulos
    4. –Athanasis Beroutsos
    5. –Viki Betsou
    6. –Joyce Charis

  • Vincent Makowski/France curates
  • 1. AL (France)
    2. Mauro Ceolin (Italy)
    3. Arthur X. Doyle (Ireland)
    4. Wolf Kahlen (Germany)
    5. Cyril Rouge (France)

  • Eugeny Umansky/Russia curates
  • 1. Eugeny Umansky
    2. Jevgeny Palamarchuk
    3. Yuri Vasiliev
    4. Anatoly Belov
    5. Dmitry Bulnygin
    6. Oleg Lystsov
    7. Alexey Tschebykin

  • Fran Ilich/Mexico curates
  • 1. Ivan Monroy-Lopez (Mexico)
    2. kdag (Colombia/Spain)
    3. Judith Villamayor (Argentina)
    4. Regina Célia Pinto (Brazil)

  • Agricola de Cologne/Germany
  • curates
    1. URTICA (Serbia/Montenegro)
    2. Trebor Scholz (USA)
    3. Darko Fritz (Croatia/Netherlands)
    4. Ruth Catlow (UK)
    5. Alex Dragulescu (Romania)

  • Melody Parker Carter/Germany curates
  • 1. Fernando Palmeiro (Spain)

    2. Paul Catanese (USA)
    3. Tjader Knight Inc. (Finland/Belgium)
    4. Osvaldo Cibils (Uruguay)

    Schedule for – 11 July

  • •Israeli Center for Digital Art Holon/Israel – 16 April – 16 July 2005
  • •Fonlad – Digital Art Show – Quarteirão das Artes Montemor-o-Velho (Portugal) – 5 May – 15 July 2007
  • •Videoart Festival Miden Kalamata – 7-9 July
  • Linoleum Animation & Media Art Festival Moscow – 10 July – 09 September 2012
  • Ares Film Festival – Siracusa/Italy – 11-14 July 2013
  • Proyector Festival 2011 Madrid – 11-17 July 2011
  • • Digitraffic@Germany – SENEF 2005 – Seoul Net & Film Festival Seoul/South Korea – 01 July – 01 Sept.
  • • *Norwich Gallery – EAST’05 – Making Things Better – Norwich/UK – 02 July – 20 August
  • •*Hic et Nunc – San Vito a/Tagliamento/Italy – VideoChannel presentation – 11 June – 17 July
  • •Al Kahf Art Gallery Bethlehem/Palestine 06 -30 July 2006 – ://selfportrait – a show for Bethlehem
  • • Outvideo Festival Ekaterinburg/Russia – 5 July – 7 August 2007
  • •Image Contre Nature – experimental Film Festival Marseille/F – 7-11 July 2009 Burning Phantom, One Day on Mars
  • •“Festival Proyector 2010″ – Optica Videoart – Espacio Menos Uno Madrid (Spain) 5-31 July 2010 – Silent Cry
  • •Galería Texu Oviedo (Spain) Optica Video Art – 5-31 July 2010 – Silent Cry