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8 August 2020

video feature
Roland Quelven
Videoartist of the Month August 2020

Videoartist of the Month August 2020
Roland Quelven

Roland Quelven entered Wilfried’s videoart cosmos in 2010, so in 2020 10 years collaboration in the field of art can be celebrated – a very long time. Wilfried is remembering when Roland’s first submission arrived, he recognized immediately his special artistic talent in creating real audio-visual works. Many videoartists do not pay much attention to the audio component, many others see audio as necessary evil, but a minority tries to touch more than the visual sense. The visual components – a collage of different kind of footage, often other artists, for instance, the video- and performance artist Isabel Perez del Pulgar contributed – are very filigree – and Wilfried recognized immediately the problem to screen such fragile HD components in the usual screening quality at that time – DVD. And nearly this fact had been a reason, why Wilfried was about the decline the submission, luckily he didn’t, and gave these complex creations a chance – and after some time HD became the video standard and suddenly the bright beauty of Roland’s videos could be presented to a wider audience. Roland belongs to those rare cases, that Wilfried could accompany the artistic developments during many years – when Wilfried released a new project mostly also a new video by Roland Quelven was included – dealing in a very delicate way with the filigree textures and subtle coloration. So, after the past 10 years of walking on common paths in the field of moving images – and holding 11 videos in total in his hand, Wilfried was thinking, now it’s the right time to honour Roland Quelven as the Videoartist of The Month August 2020 and present these videos to the festival audience for the first time in this constellation!
Hurray! And much success!

Roland Quelven

Born in 1967. Lives in Brittany. Graduated in mathematics, painter, video artist and sound collagist. He collaborates with various artists, is involved in several collaborative projects, and his works are screened in many international videoart festivals. Videoart Fest Miden, Cologne OFF festival, MADATAC III festival, FIVA Festival Internacional de Videoarte, MashRome Film festival, Athens Video Art Festival, International Video Art House Madrid… In 2009 he created the multimedia project «Napolecitta or the fractals virtues of Detail»: digital and sound collages, flash animations in a website devoted to a description of an ancient imaginary city named Napolecitta (fusing Napoli and Cinecitta). Since 2010 the ancient city has become an encyclopedic and imaginary world also named Napolecitta. Most of the videoworks are numbered, gathered as a register, an imaginary official record, a combination of numbers, maps, writings, paintings, masterpieces of Art history, video footage, video materials recorded digitally assembled as non narrative palimpsests. All this seen through the prism of the Detail. The reality concentrates as the fragment stands out… seeing through the prism of the Detail, whether iconic or pictorial, produces always the same effect: an « invitation to travel inside ».


2012 / The video entitled ΙΚΑΡΟΣ The Fall has obtained a Mention in the second edition of FIVA – Festival Internacional de VideoArte in Buenos Aires . Argentina.

2013 / The video entitled La Chambre de William Seward B. won the first prize in the third edition of FIVA – Festival international de VideoArte in Buenos Aires – Argentina .

2016 / The video entitled Kryptos Graphein won the second prize in the 9th edition of the Festival Premio de Videoarte Ayto de Astillero – El Almacén de las Artes in Astillero . Spain.

He is participant in

CologneOFF VI – 6th Cologne International Videoart Festival
CologneOFF VII – 7th Cologne International Videoart Festival
CologneOFF VIII – 8th Cologne International Videoart Festival
CologneOFF IX – 9th Cologne International Videoart Festival
CologneOFF X – 10th Cologne International Videoart Festival
The W:OW Art Film & VIdeo Festival
The d/i/light Memorial – featuring Shoah Film Collection
and many selections travelling around the world.

see also his biography on AND – Artists Network Database

2010– Napolecitta 43, 2010, 1min 10 sec
Napolecitta 43, 2010, 1min 10 sec
Audio: David Lang performed live & the number-counting-song from the opening of Drowning by numbers by Peter Greenaway & other additionnal voices.

Napolecitta’s project: combinations of numbers, maps, writings, paintings and masterpieces of Art history digitally assembled and devoted to an encyclopaedical world named Napolecitta. All this seen through the prism of the Detail, whether iconic or pictorial, it produces the same effect: invite to travel inside.

2010 - 8 Group, 2010, 8:00
Napolecitta 8-Group, 2010, 8:00
An eight minutes video where Etienne-Jules Marey meets Carl Theodor Dreyer.

Music by Sofia Koubli – In Paradisum , for Large Ensemble

2012 - Roja Catharsis, 2012, 1:00
Roja Catharsis, 2012, 1:00
Catharsis describes the result of measures taken to cleanse away blood-guilt, “blood is purified through blood” Walter Burkert.

Selection of Cologne One minute Film Festival. comf.newmediafest.org/
Screenings /
– CologneOFF 2012 Mexico – 18 & 19 October 2012@ Ex Teresa Arte Actual
Museum of experimental Art Mexico City exteresa.bellasartes.gob.mx/
– Madatac -Muestra de Arte Digital Audiovisial Contemporeano
11 December 2012 – Madrid – madatac.es/
– CologneOFF 2013 India – 22-24 february 2013 @ Carnival of e-creativity
Sattal Estate- Bhimtal-Uttakharand-India carnival-of-ecreativity.com/cec-2013/screenings/

Video / Isabel Perez Del Pulgar & Roland Quelven.
Sound / Roland Quelven

2012 - Vanitas Vanitatum, 2012, 1:00

הֲבֵל הֲבָלִים הַכֹּל הָֽבֶל
Collaboration with Isabel Pérez del Pulgar.
“Video Detail Footage” from Faust by Murnau.

2012 -Ikaros-The Fall, 2012, 6:16
Act 3 / ΙΚΑΡΟΣ The Fall, 2012, 6:16

“According to Brueghel
when Icarus fell
it was spring”. Williams Carlos Williams

Voice / Melancholy Maaret reading the poem Landscape with the Fall of Icarus by William Carlos Williams.
More oniric dynamite on Secretsaunasirens* soundcloud.com/secretsaunasirens.
VideoAndSound / Roland Quelven.

Selection of Fiva II International Video Festival – ΙΚΑΡΟΣ The Fall has obtained a Mention in the second edition of FIVA –

2012 - Wooden Cigarbox, 2012, 4:00
A Wooden Cigar Box, 2012, 4:00
… A dream buried in our collective memory…

Video selected for Activa’ 2013 international sound-videoArt created by Jaime Rodriguez
Galeria Texu – 22 february to 22 March 2013 – Oviedo – Spain.

CologneOFF 2013 Lithuania – A Virtual Memorial Vilnius 2013
@ JCIC Vilnius & Kedainiai Regional Museum
23 September – 29 October 2013

Audio by Jared Blum
Video by Roland Quelven

2013 - Death Fugue B50.02 – L19.20, 2013, 3:15
Roland Quelven (France) – Death Fugue B50.02 – L19.20, 2013, 3:15
A Death Fugue to 50°02’N – 19°10’E (Auschwitz-Birkenau coordinates).
“Dawn came on us like a betrayer; it seemed as though the new sun rose as an ally of our enemies to assist in our destruction.” Primo levi.

Voice / Paul Celan reading Todesfuge.
Music / Tania Giannouli
Video / Roland Quelven

2014 - La Chambre d'Eric.B, 2014, 5:41
Title La Chambre d’Eric B., 2014, 4:31
Eric B. is for Eric Arthur Blair known by his pen name Georges Orwell.
“War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.” Georges Orwell from his novel 1984.
Voices / Baghdad airstrikes transcript
Music / Emmanuel Clédic
Footage / Free Prelinger Archives & Wikileaks
Video / Roland Quelven

2014 - Polaroids, 2014, 5:40
P O L A R O I D S, 2014, 5:40
Moving polaroids as a non narrative accumulation-collection of informations held in collective memories.

FOOTAGE / Prelinger free archive – Images recorded in Brittany by Isabel Pérez del Pulgar and Roland Quelven.
AUDIO / Sounds from Soundcities database
VIDEO / Roland Quelven

2015 - Harey, 2015, 4:51
Title Хари | Harey, 2015, 4:51

Хари | Harey, the female character ( of the novel Solaris by S. Lem) who committed suicide with Kelvin, returns as his visitor at Solaris station . The “second” 
Хари | Harey becomes aware of her transient nature and is haunted by being Solaris’s means-to-an-end, affecting Kelvin in unexplored ways.
“I felt myself being invaded through and through, I crumbled, disintegrated, and only emptiness remained”

from the novel Solaris by Stanisław Lem.

– Хари T E X T S –
Excerpts from the novel Solaris by Stanisław Lem.
Poem by Arseni Tarkovski.

– Хари V O I C E –
Melancholy Maaret.

– Хари P E R F O R M A N C E –
Isabel Pérez del Pulgar.

– Хари F O O T A G E –
Free Prelinger Archives.
Images recorded in Andalusia and in Brittany by Isabel Pérez del Pulgar & Roland Quelven.

– Хари V I D E O & S O U N D –
Roland Quelven

2020 - Isolata Roma, 2020, 5:31
Title ISOLATA ROMA, 2020, 5:31

A work made under Covid Vibes .. dystopian reality..La peau des murs..
Thinking of Italy abandoned by its European neighbors..

Video / Roland Quelven
Sound / Roland Quelven
Footage / Night of the living dead ( prelinger free archives)

Schedule for – 08 August

  • •Linoleum Animation & Media Art Festival Moscow – 10 July – 09 September 2012
  • • Digitraffic@Germany – SENEF 2005 – Seoul Net & Film Festival Seoul/South Korea – 01 July – 01 Sept.
  • • *Norwich Gallery – EAST’05 – Making Things Better – Norwich/UK – 02 July – 20 August
  • • Outvideo Festival Ekaterinburg/Russia – 5 July – 7 August 2007
  • •Torrance Art Museum Los Angeles – 18 July – 5 September 2020
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