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7 August 2005

video feature
Rio de Janeiro
prog:ME – Electronic Art Festival
Carlo Sansolo

Rio de Janeiro

Today, Wilfried is jumping for one day to Rio de Janeiro, one of the most fascinating places where pioneer-like Carlo Sansolo an Erika Fraenkel are organising the 1st electronic arts festival in 2005 -Prog:ME – 18 July – 28 August 2005 @ Centro Cultural Telemar – nowadays name – Centro Cultural Oi Futuro. Wilfried is unfortunately not able to attend the opening, but he will visit later in 2005 Brazil on his South American tour in November – when he will participate in and attend FILE Electronic Art Festival Sao Paulo Symposium. After Sao Paulo, Rio will be the 2nd Brazilian place – Wilfried will be guest of the most hospital artists’ couple Carlo and Erika, who will arrange for Wilfried some lectures at local universities. Yes, Rio is really beautiful, but dangerous – a hotspot for criminals – like anywhere elso in Latin America it’s better to be in company with a security or friends, uncautious tourists vanish simply without any trace, sometimes. But the city center where the artists couple is residing is secure and Wilfried will explore Rio a bit. But this will be in November, only, but the today’s jump is just to say hallo – are you still living? – because it’s 15 years ago, and the whole world changed profoundly since then. Today Brazil is ruled by a right wing extremist and is like a sinking boat on the gigantic Corona ocean.
It is good to think of Rio in the 8th festival edition, because Prog:ME is happening just once. Already next year in 2006, FILE Electronic Art Festival will conquer Rio by expanding this Sao Paulo based electronic art festival to Rio,, and – make Carlo’s ambitious project “Prog:ME” obsolete! What a pity, that such private initiatives do not get the chance to continue! But as huge as Rio is, it is as provioncial in terms of electronic art – and does not allow two competitors in the same field of electronic art.

*prog:ME – Electronic Art Festival Rio de Janeiro/Brazil – 18 July – 28 August 2005

*prog:ME – Electronic Art Festival Rio de Janeiro/Brazil – 18 July – 28 August 2005


1st Electronic Art Festival Rio de Janeiro/Brazil
18 July – 28 August 2005

is presenting several New Media projects created and chief curated by Agricola de Cologne, among others
global networking project
SELECTION’03 by VideoChannel
a compilation of 10 videos featuring

Calin Dan (curated by Raluca Velizar & Florin Tudor)
Empar Cubells (curated by videoraum.net Valencia/Spain)
Margerida Paiva (curated by Agricola de Cologne)
Jens Salander (curated by Bjoern Norberg)
Daniel Lo Iocono (curated by Agricola de Cologne)
Yi Hyang Kim (curated by Won-Kon Yi)
Christina McPhee (curated by Alex Haupt)
Rafael Alcala (curated by Heidi Figueroa & Marianne Ramírez-Aponte)
Dana Levy (curated by Agricola de Cologne)
Agricola de Cologne (curated by Melody Parker-Carter)

Wilfried Agricola de Cologne (Ger) – Urban.early sunday morning_raw, 2002, 4:40
Video based on a poetic text by Agricola de Cologne inspired by the Central Station of Milan (Italy).

Metropolis: sunday morning, between open end and twilight, between hope and resignation, between following a dream and returning that night to the home town or village outside.
Coming from the disco, full of the impressions of that juicy girl or that horny boy, doubtful of whether preserving innocence or following the instinct for an outstanding erotic adventure.
It is the moment of not yet knowing, vacillating between yes or no.
It is a same ritual each week-end, even if decisions are made once.
It is a game between identifying and identity.
The work describes the urban landscape as a scenario of a play, where the protagonists are embedded in without any chance to escape.

Enter the Flash version 2002

*prog:ME – Electronic Art Festival Rio de Janeiro/Brazil – 18 July – 28 August 2005

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