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4 January 2001

Today 4 January 2001,
Wilfried released his latest Flash video, entitled:
“Identity of Colour – Divisionistic Approach”.

After Wilfried had lost his memory due to the many months lasting coma 1998/99, it was a phenomenon that the basic structures of his personality were not affected.

Already as a child he was different than other children of his age, because he had an holistic point of view – this means he did not face the world by cutting them into pieces and face these pieces separately, but according to the analytic principle he set these pieces into relation to each other and, that’s relevant, in relation to the whole. Hardly born, the little Wilfried was already analysing his environment, the people surrounding him, he was scanning them and recognised if they had something evil in mind. Because the little blond boy, looking like an angel immigrated from the Nordic countries, was attracting adults, men as well as women alike, and Wilfried’s mother always was afraid, anybody might seduce the little boy, these fears however were in vain, even as a 2 years old boy Wilfried was able and ready to defend himself and preventing that people could do any harm to him by scanning the situation, people and their behaviour and reacting on the scanning results.

These holistic structures were supported by his openminded parents, who were offering the boy so many intellectual and emotional stimulations, so that already soon Wilfried had that kind general knowledge, that it was not necessary for him to have any specialized knowledge, because as creative person, the little boy was setting the pieces in relation to each other and the whole.

It became obvious, Wilfried felt particularly attracted to an art form, entitled “divisionism”, better known also as “pointillism” which was a French art movement of the 19th century. The artists were dividing in a kind of scientific method the visually seen into colour dots, they were painting on a canvas, and only in the eye of the spectator the dots were melting to the unity of a “whole”. Later when Wilfried started art-working himself about 12 years old, he found a kind of equivalent in the holistic philosophical ideas which became the basis to Wilfried’s later divisionism – an expression of his analytical personality – not the single art work was relevant but the wole Wilfried was defining.

Wilfried’s course of life and art-working can only be understood by taking these special characteristics in account. According to this analytical, respectively creative principle, which is not reduced to the field of art, all fields of life follow these genetic conditions.

After he returned to life from the coma 1999, it was these characteristics, which were helping Wilfried to recover so fast and return to artistic creativity, even it was completely different in its output than before. His analytical mind was open for new challenges in digital media, and particularly when he was looking for software supporting his ideas, he found the equivalent in Flash by Macromedia. He recognized the creative potential and hardly started, he was facing the lack of the low technological state at that time which did not allow to stream video via the Internet, yet.

His over 10 minutes lasting vector based Flash video – “Identity of Colour – Divisionistic Approach” – could be streamed 2001 under the technological conditions of that time in any size and any bandwidth – referring to these mentioned philosophical ideas by using a very special sustainable non-linear programming, the artist developed, which was packing all 10 minutes into 20 frames resulting a file size of about 400 KB.
The posted video, however, is a linear version in mp4.