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31 January 1957 / 31 January 2007

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31 January 1957

Today, 31 January 1957, another hard winter, Wilfried leaves with his family Frankenthal, a city in Rhineland-Palatinate (one of the federal states in South-western Germany), where the family lived for a couple of years after the return from Portugal and Wilfried spent the most beautiful years of his childhood. Now, on the road in the big car, they are on the way to the next venue Esslingen, a city close to Stuttgart, where Wilfried’s father got a new position.
Wilfried is really sad to leave all his friends behind and the tears are running down his face, when the car slides on the icy road and ends up in a ditch after a lot of turns – luckily no family member is harmed -after the car is hoisted out of the ditch – the travel into the future can be continued – all got away with the horror. Wilfried will live for the next 14 years in Esslingen, before in 1971 he will leave the parent’s house in order to study in Munich the next following 3 years.

31 January 2007

Wilfried is contacted today by Emilia Ukkonen, one of four researchers on ‘Futures Art Museum’ – the place of “netart” in a museum, a collaboration project of Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art Helsinki, Academy of Fine Arts Helsinki and the University of Helsinki
She is asking for an interview. Wilfried is always open for such requests, he is a sought-after interview partner due his different view, especially on the topic “netart”.

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