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28/29 February 2020

Videoart feature
The 7 Memorials for Humanity
@ Halle Zollstock Köln

01-31 March 2020
WOW Jubilee III Köln
01 March 2020

Today, WOW Jubilee III Köln is launched- a special festival edition on occasion of even @ Halle Zollstock Cologne on Sunday, 1 March 2020.
The 3rd festival edition is focussed on the major media art context –

The 7 Memorials for Humanity
, a media art context consisting of 7 topics and 20 individual projecrs which Wilfried agricola de Cologne was creating between 2000 and 2020, a 2nd focus is directed to artists from the Rhineland region and Tel-Aviv & Bethlehem, twin-cities of Cologne in Middle East – collaborating during the past 20 years.

The 7 Memorials for Humanity – cover a wide range of Wilfried Agricola de Cologne’s social art creating via curating 7 fields of topics dealing with essential quentions of human existence, including in total more than 2500 artists from 70 countries.

Featured video artist of the month is – Shahar Marcus, living & working in Tel-Aviv, featured netartist is the Australian MEZ – Mary-Anne Breeze, who was famous for her code based poetry between 1995 and 2005, featured soundartist in Peter Wolf from Cologne, who is the organizer of “Klangdrang Festival” – a sonic art festival in Cologne.

Quite improvised, the event on 01 March 2020 at Halle Zollstock, would like thank all included artists for collaborating during the past 20 years by screening several videoart programs from the film collections of “The 7 Memorials For Humanity” including videos by Shahar Marcus, Johanna Reich, Kai Welf Hoyme, Beate Gördes, Kristina Kanders,Karl F. Steward, Enoh Lienemann, Myriam Thyes, Irena Paskali, Robert Olawuyi, Wilfried Agricola de Cologne, Jasmine Kainy, Tagit Klimor, Yoav Peled, Eitan Vitkon, Miri Nishri, Tammy Mike Laufer, Shahar Marcus, Masha Yosefpilsky, Guli Silberstein, Yuval Yairi & Zohar Kawaharada, Ran Slavin, Moshe Vollach, Boris Marinin, Uri Kloss, Arie Sigal & Ben-Daviod Perry, Lital Dotan & eyal Perry, Doron Golan, Larissa Sansour, Samar Ghattas, Faten Nasdas, Claudia Borgna, Carolin Koss, Francois Knoetze, Liu Wei

The netart features include – MEZ – Mary-Anne Breeze, Alan Biegelow, Aleksandar Mira Janicijevic, Stefan Baltensberger, Russet Lederman, Andre Sier, Chris Basmajian, Katty Vandenberghe/Chris Diedericks,Tamar Schori & Oded Perry, Lisa Cianci

The soundart features include – Peter Wolf & the soundart ensembles – SOUNDSO, Doppelplus, Ensemble AllTag, FIM

Enter WOW Jubilee

Schedule for 28/29 February

  • •FILE – Electronic Language Festival Rio de Janeiro/Brazil 26/02-29/03 2008
  • •Art Of Emergency – Artneuland Gallery Berlin/G – 5 Feb-15 March 2009
  • •Fundación Luis Seoane, La Coruña: 20 February – 20 March –“Violencia sin cuerpos”
  • •Mediateca -CaixaForum-, Barcelona 14 February – 7 April – “Violencia sin cuerpos”
  • •(6th) Media Arts Festival, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography 27 Feb to 9 March
  • •Al Kahf Art Gallery Bethlehem/Palestine – [R][R][F] 2005–>XP 17 February – 14 March – 2005
  • •Guildford Lane Gallery. Melbourne, Australia – 25 Feb – 8 March 2009
  • •MAF’05 – New Media Art Festival Bangkok 2005 – 28 February 2005
  • •India International Center New Dehli/India–CeC & CaC –> VideoChannel –> SELECTION’03 27-28-29 January
  • •MAC – Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Fe/Argentina -10 December 2006 – 7 March 2007