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20 February 2003

Videoart feature
NewMedia Nation Bratislava


Today, in Bratislava “New Media Nation – The Festival of Festivals” is starting, where Wilfried is presenting “Violence Online Festival”, Wilfried’s presence is supported by the Goethe Institute Bratislava. While Ars Electronica, Impakt Festival Utrecht or WRO Media Art Biennale are established since years, Wilfried is participating with his 9 months old project like a just born child, and it will be interesting what all substantial these “experts” will tell. Wilfried is sharing with the guy from WRO Biennale Wroclaw a room on a ship hotel located on the Danube river, actually an original idea, but Wilfried would have preferrred a single room, because his companion is snoring, the 1st night in the same room was already a nightmare, also because it was not possible to get out ofthe room during the night on the ship.

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a complementary video selection

Les Riches Douaniers (France) – Motorized Ordeal, 2009, 8:46
Ascan Breuer (Germany) – The Kurukshetra-Report, 8:00, 2009
Vladimir Mitrev (Bulgaria) – Etude Morte, 2008, 3:31
Ioannis Roumeliotis (Greece) – Picking Cherries, 2009, 15:00