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20 April 2005

The RRF Project
Digital Art Lab Holon/Israel
Message from behind a Wall


Since 16 April 2005, the exhibition Hilchot Shchenim C is running at The Israeli Center for Digital Art in Holon/Israel. The opening had been on 16 April at 20.00h, however Wilfried was not able to attend the event, because only a few weeks earlier Wilfried had been in Israel, or more preciose, at first in Bethlehem/Palestine, which is as close to Jerusalem as a suburb, but a gigantic wall is separating Israeli from Palestinian territory, generating absurd circulmstances for the local people. On 16 February, Wilfried had been attending the opening of The RRF Project in Bethlehem , and afterwards he was visiting at first Jerusalem, where Wilfried was holding a lecture at the Musrara Media Art Academy , and by travelling further to Tel-Aviv, where he was holding a lecture at Camera Obscura Academy on 2 March 2005, he was also visiting Holon, which can be descibed as a suburb of Tel-Aviv, where he was meeting the people at the Digital Art Lab, talking about the details of the presentation of his RRF Project in Israel, respectively Israeli Digital Art LAb. So he knew the venue already and had received report about the opening on 16 April 2005 by his Tel-Aviv based friends, when he is jumping today to Holon virtually, of course. The RRF Project gets a particular new meaning through its incorporation in the concept of theHilchot Shchenim C exhibition, also by adding during this show temporarily some new components to his own project. Through the more than 65 venues and exhibition contexts between 2003 and 2006, The RRF Project got a kind of evolutionary development in the perception of the project and the incorporated topics and curatorial and artistic projects and concepts – generating an unsual abundance of diversity in all thinkable concerns. At the end of 2006, Wilfried will state after the final venue, exactly this he had had in mind, even if in 2003 at the beginning of the development his ideas were only vague.

The RRF Project @ Hilchot Shchemin C - streaming video program
Opening on 16 April (image below) – running until 16 July 2005
The RRF Project is participating in the exhibition concept of Hilchot Shchemin C – with a new version including additional components which were premiered in Holon – among others Wilfried’s video

  • Message From Behind A Wall
  • which he – recording in Bethlehem just a few weeks before in February in the Westbank – created after his return to Cologne, so the video documenting the big wall separating Israel from Palestine was premiered in Israel – and not elsewhere, so – at least at that time, 15 years ago, a critical mind had in Israel still a certain value. But it is remarkable, the Palestinian children who had their appearance in the video, did not grow up in hatred against Israel or the Israeli/Jews – the video was criticizing the inhuman situation by showing images, which were speaking for themselves.

    (image above) installation @ Hilchot Shchenim C

    The RRF Project – VideoChannel screening program

    List of videos
    provided by different curators – Won-Kon YI, videoraum.net (Valencia/Spain), Bjoern Norberg (Sweden), Agricola de Cologne, Melody Parker-Carter, Roopesh Sitharan, Antonio Alvarado, Heidi Figuroa and Marianne Ramirez –Aponte (Puerto_Rico), Raluca Velizar & Florin Tudor (Romania)

    1. Kim, Ji-Hyun (South Korea) “Women – World”, 3:00
    2. Empar Cubells (Spain) Infern Domèstic –
    3. Mikael Stroemberg & Jens Salander (Sweden) The Collossos by the Sea
    4. Fishtank (Italy, artists collective) Meat..Mum,Meat
    5. Agricola de Cologne (Germany) Firebird
    6. Seng Tat Liew Reflection?
    7. Laura Amigo & Antonia Valero (Spain) 11 M 2004
    8. Elyasaf Kowner (Israel) Around the Fire
    9. Welmo E. Romero Joseph (Puerto Rico) ½ POCILLO
    10. Elia Alba (Dominican Republic) La Jaba
    11. Dana Levy (Israel) Time with Franz
    12. Juan Domingo Ferris (Spain) Title of work: El niño Viajero
    13. Agricola de Cologne (Germany) Predator
    14. Rafael Alcalá (Puerto Rico) SMOKED
    15. Calin Dan (Romania) Sample City
    16. Lital Dotan & Eyal Perry (Israel) Embracement
    17. Gudrun Bittner (Spain) A Dark Glimpse on the White Gloved Mouse
    18. Margerida Paiva (Portugal) “No title”
    19. Pau Pascual Galbis (Spain) Íncubo. Der Daemon der Liebe
    20. Agricola de Cologne (Germany)

  • Message From Behind A Wall
  • Digital Art Lab Holon

    Israeli Digital Art Lab

    The Israeli Center for Digital Art creates a contact point between art, society, and technology. It examines the boundaries and the interrelationships between these domains – and reformulates them. It is a non-profit organization and is supported by the Municipality of Holon. As a space for public art, it constantly questions the place of art institutions in the society in which they act, and tirelessly examines the linkage between art and society, and the political and social issues emerging from the encounter between them.

    The Center was founded in 2001 in the Neve Arazim neighborhood in Holon, and currently operates in the Jessy Cohen neighborhood in the city.

    In recent years the Center has been undergoing a process of change and in-depth self-examination of virtually every aspect of its operation. A new work program was formulated for it by the staff, central to which is an attempt to redefine its roles and spheres of responsibility as a public art center. This process began concurrently with the commencement of work in the Jessy Cohen neighborhood, and continued more intensively in 2012 after the Center relocated.

    The Jessy Cohen neighborhood, which was built in the early 1950s with funds donated by American-Jewish philanthropists Max and Jessica Cohen in order to provide public housing solutions for new immigrants who came to Israel in its early years from Eastern Europe and the Arab states, is situated on the southwest boundary of Holon, which is itself located to the south of Tel Aviv.

    We at the Center believe that the roots of artistic freedom are embedded in the ability of art to be detached from utilitarian commercial and economic considerations, as well as in its ability to propose unplanned and uncontrolled space and time. That, in our view, is the public and political importance of art: it is a force with a potential for resisting market logic, and to create communities and new human, social, and community connections which act counter to this logic.

    When we relocated to the Jessy Cohen neighborhood we sought to examine whether the practices and work methods we had assimilated, the methods we had become accustomed to, and even the Center’s artistic program, indeed serve this worldview. This process of self-examination led us to reformulate the Center’s objectives. We sought to establish a new center that would breach the conventions and boundaries in the field, and thus ensure that it remains both effective and essential in the community in which it is situated. We sought to establish an art center that liberates culture and language from the economic logic that has taken them over, and achieves this by forging genuine alliances with individuals and institutions – not necessarily from the world of art.

    The Center’s new work program was formulated in accordance with these principles and aspirations, and from the perception that an art center is the contemporary community space due to its flexible and open structure that enables trial and error, and because it is a unique public place that places resources of time and space at the disposal of all.

    We wanted to establish an art center in which visitors are not only viewers, but also household members.

    An art center that is sufficiently flexible to change its designation from time to time.

    An art center that can function as a school, a community center, a laboratory, a restaurant, and an exhibition space – all according to need.

    And more than anything else, a center that always remains faithful to the basic principles of equal access for all, freedom of thought and opinion, and as far as possible, genuine equal partnership.


    The RRF Project - general concept
    [R][R][F] 200x —>XP
    An independent cultural production in progress —>

    The project was initiated in October 2003 in order to start in March 2004 the realisation of the global network by presenting [R][R][F] 2004 –>XP at Museum of Contemporary Art Bucaresti/Romania, Bergen Electronic Arts Center Bergen/Norway and New Media Art Festival Bangkok/Thailand and later at different places around the globe and starting a variety of associated processes developing and running during 2005 as [R][R][F]2005—>XP, as [R][R][F]2006—>XP in 2006 etc.

    [R][R][F] 200x —>XP is an experimental New Media art project created and developed by media artist and New Media curator Agricola de Cologne which he is developing and organising completely online.

    [R][R][F] 200x–>XP includes a variety of online and offline components
    The basic subject –>“Memory and Identity”
    The basic operating aspect –>”networking as artworking”.
    The basic presentation aspect –>physical installation – the exchange/combination of virtual and physical space.

    Due to its complexity, [R][R][F] 200x —>XP is constructed of two parts, a low tech administrative body which contains all relevant project related information in a textual form, and an high tech artistic body based on an interface developed in Flash. Both together form the art work to be transported or distributed via the Internet. The artistic body includes all art related components which may come from most different sources.
    The interface of the artistic body refers to the human brain and its complex networking structures by visualizing them in different ways. The essential nodes of connection are reduced to some basic sections , named: “Memory Channels”. Each of these “Memory Channels” (currently eight) is focussing on different aspects of “memory and identity” – the main subject of [R][R][F] 200x –>XP – and may carry some sub-sections as well, modules which contain specific project environments or individual art works.

    [R][R][F] 200x –>XP is an interactive environment. Both, the dynamic of the project becomes perceivable and the actual art work comes up only through the activity of at least one single user. But it is not only the activity of using a mouse or keyboard for exploring this net based art environment, but as the result of it the activity which is provoked by using the senses and initiating processes through associating.

    In this way, [R][R][F] 200x–>XP does not represent a complete art work, but Internet specific as it is, the project is ongoing. Corresponding to the collage principle the brain is using for its associative system, the project represents rather a framework for options to start processes. By following them, the actual art work can take shape in most individual ways, in a kind of dynamic virtual sculpture, a kind of hyper-dimensional collage or patchwork.

    The composition of the work is as simple and simultaneously as complex as it can be. Agricola de Cologne holds the position of a creator who is building an Universe of hisown in which most different networking instances are acting. He is creating a specific system, which is based on filtering, associating and linking on different level, starting from his personal view based on specific filters, then by inviting curators, who select artists of their choice, the next filtering and networking level is installed,. The artists who are selected via curating form the next following level. As they may come from different cultural, religious, political and social backgrounds and more than 45 countries on the globe, they are installing a complex filtering system of their own via the artworks and the specific view the art work is based on. Each included art work has and gets a very special meaning in this networking context.
    The active user anywhere on the globe, finally, forms another level by contributing his personal filtering system via associating and reflecting, it is him who is initiating actively processes which lead finally to his personal art work.
    The term “global” has a fundamental meaning in many concerns, not only related to the global aspect in terms of this Universe the creator is building, but even more to the networking structure the creator is installing in the global context of this “one” world we all are living in, by inviting/involving/incorporating physical networking instances as curators, artists, institutions, organisations etc, which can form the basis for external/affiliated local networks consisting optionally again of a variety of virtual and physical components, but also in the sense of distributing the specific project contents which may have again complex relations to the term “global”.
    Without the existence and the rapid developments of the new (and above all affordable) communicating technologies and the virtual environment of the Internet, which allows communicating in real time to any place on the globe, a project like [R][R][F] 200x –>XP would have never been started .Agricola de Cologne is using these technologies in most different ways according their rules –>the Internet as a whole not only as a database, but as an environment for creating art, for distributing net based art in its various forms and in this way the specific content of his project via the net in real time to any part on the globe.
    Thus, “networking” in terms of “ artworking” is not reduced to a certain aspect of artistic creating in which several artists work on a common project under mutual influence and inspiration, but includes all possibible elements and their mutual relation and dependence the actively involved networking instances are producing .
    Networking is a specific form of communicating, and communicating as such forms the fundament of the project, in general. Consequently, an essential part of the project consist of components which may become visible only as the result of a communicating process, but are actually acting entirely in the background , as the communicating between the physical networking instances which keep the project running.
    The exchange/communication between physical and virtual space has a specific relevance. One main goal of [R][R][F] 200x–>XP represents its installation/presentation in physical space at locations in most different parts on the globe, whereby [R][R][F]200x —>XP does not provide any physical component, but exclusively its art related contents distributed via the Internet. Each single physical installation represents an unique action, not only due to the different conditions space and the dimension the technical equipment may have, but also to the inclusion of new aspects and components in this continuously expanding project environment.
    [R][R][F] 200x —>XP is an open system, not in the sense of “open source”, but, independently from any restricting ideology, it is open for all developments which might come .
    Agricola de Cologne shows himself as a universal instance which incorporates most different functions in one single person, in first place the artist, but also the programmer & multi-media developer of its content, the creator of an universe of itsown, a director of a virtual institution, the chief –curator who curates curators, the curator who curates artist and contents, the co-ordinator and organiser of virtual and physical events, initiator and central networking instance withing the entire networking structure, but rather as a “primus inter pares” than in an hierarchic sense.

    The RRF Project artists
    The RRF Project -[Remembering][Repressing][Forgetting] participating artists

    100 (The RRF Project) (((controller-band (Germany), 8gg (Beijing /China), A.Andric & I.Vasiljev (Serbia), Abinadi Meza (USA), Adam Beebe-Infanticide (USA), Adam Nash (Australia), Adam Overton (USA), Adam Willets (New Zealand), AGGTELEK (Spain), Agricola de Cologne (Germany), AL (France), Alan Sondheim USA), Aldo Peredo (Chile), Alejandra Perez Nunez (aka Elpueblodechina)(Argentina), Alejandro Delgado (Philippines), ALEJANDRO GOMEZ TOLOSA (Argentina), Alejandro Jaimes-Larrarte (Venezuela), Alessandro Orlandi (Italy), Alex Dragulescu (Romania), Alex Riviera (Peru/USA), Alexander John Castro II (Philippines), Alexander Kharkovsky (Russia), Alexey Tschebykin (Russia), Alfred Anton Po (Philippines), Alfred Mark Trajeco (Philippines), Alfredo Ramírez Castruita (Philippines), Alice Arnold (USA), Alicia Partnoy (USA), Alicia Porcel de Peralta (Philippines), Alison Chung-Yan (Canada), Alison Cole (USA), Alvaro Ardevol (Spain), Amanda Earl (Australia), Amiel Lapuebla (Philippines), Anahi Caceres (Argentina), Anatoly Belov (Bulgaria), Andamio Contiguo (Argentina), André Austvoll (Norway), Andre Vallias (Brazil), Andre Zogholy (Austria), Andrea Ferrari, Fiorella Nicosia, Polytimi Patapi (Italy), Andrea Polli (USA), Andreas Genz (Austria), Andreja Andric (Italy), Andres Ingoglia (USA), Andres Yepes (Venezuela), Andrew François (Australia), Andy Cox (USA), Andy Deck (USA), Anna Friz and Annabelle Chvostek (Canada), Anna Teresa Cabardo (Philippines), Anne Bray and Molly Cleator (USA), Annie Abrahams & Jan de Weille (France), anonymous, Antoine Schmitt (France), Antonia Valero (Spain), Antonio Alvarado (Spain), Antonio Sassu (Italy) – Antony Milton (New Zealand), Antti Sakari-Saario (Finland), Archie Yumul (Philippines), Arie van Schutterhoef (NL), ARM with John Hegre (Norway), Arne Rygg (Norway), Arthur X. Doyle (Ireland), Astrêe Galbiatta (France), Atanas Djonov (Australia), audible3 (New Zealand), Austin Camilleri (Malta), Avi Rosen (Israel), Babel (Canada), Babis Venetopoulos (Greece), Bang-Geul Han (South Korea), Barry Smylie (Canada), Bastard Pop (Germany), Beat Suter and René Bauer (Switzerland), Beatriz Caravaggio (Spain), Beeoff (Sweden), Benjamin B. Kinsley (Australia), Big Orange (Germany), Bill Berry, Mark Palmer (USA), Bjørn Wangen (Sweden), Bluescreen, Cendres Lavy, BNC, Jörg Ritter (Germany), Borras Michael (France), Brian Goeltzenleuchter, Brian Judy (USA), Brian Oliver (USA), brocolis VHS (Brazil), Brody Condon (USA), Brook A Knight (USA)

    100 Bruce Eves (USA), Bruce Petty (Australia), Bulent Bas (Turkey), Burak Bedenlier (Turkey), C6.org (USA), Caitlin Berrigan (USA), Calin Dan (Romania), Calin Man (Romania), Camilla Tabagan, (Philippines), Carl Priestly (UK), Carla Della Beffa (Italy), Carlito Amalla (Philippines), Carlo Ahillion (Philippines), CARLO FATIGONI (Italy), Carlos Ruiz-Valarino (Purto Rico), Carmen Pezido (Argentina), Caroline de Lannoy (UK), Carrie Gates (Canada), Casaluce/Geiger (Italy), Cassia Kallenah (Brazil), Catalin Rulea (Romania), Caterina Davinio (Italy) , Catherine Clover (USA), Catherine Rose Lasam (Philippines), Cecilia Lundquist (Sweden), CEZAR LÃZÃRESCU (Romania), Chang-Kyum Kim (South Korea), Cherry Ann Tolentino (Philippines), Cheryl HENG and WhooKiat HENG (USA), Chiara Passa (Italy), Chris Funkhouser (USA), Christian Bermudez (San Salvador), Christian Bøen (Norway), Christian Rupp (Austria), Christina McPhee (USA), Christoph Bruno (France), Chua, Cincia Cremona (UK), Cindy Gabriela Flores (Mexico), Clare Ultimo (USA), Claudia Masin (Argentina), Claudia Sohrens (Germany/USA), Claudia Tribin (Colombia), Claudina Pugliese (Italy), Clemente Padin (Uruguay), Coco Gordon (USA), Colin Black (Australia), Coniglioviola (Italy), Conor McGarrigle (Ireland), Cosmic Jinx (Germany), Craig Macneill (USA), Craig Poirier (Canada), Cynthia Payne (UK), Cynthia Whelan (UK), Cyril Rouge (France), Dagmar Kase (Estonia), Damian Stewart (USA), Dana Levy (Israel), Daniel Gontz (Romania), Daniel Hanequand (Belgium), Daniel Lo Iacono (Germany), Danielle E. Lee USA), Dante Smirnoff (Spain), Darko Fritz (Croatia/Netherlands), Darko Vuckovic (Croatia), Darshana Vora (USA), David Cheung (Canada), David Clark (Canada), David Crawford (USA), David Fujino (Canada), David Guez (France), David McCallum (Canada), David McKenzie (USA), David Phillips and Paul Rowley (USA), David R. Mooney (USA), David Vegezzi (USA), Davida Kidd )Canada), Deb King USA), Deodato Pairez (Philippines), DerWarst (Germany), Dimitris Zouroudis (Greece), Dirk Wichmann (Germany), DJ Noor (Germany), DJ Sascha (Germany), DJRABBI (USA), Dlsan (Italy), Dmitry Bulnygin (Russia), Don Juan Paolo Torres (Philippines), Donald Bousted (UK), Doppelpluss – Brigitte Kuepper (voc/tb/div), Wolfgang Simons (git/sax/div), Konrad Doeppert (synth/perc/div), Peter Wolf (voc/perc/div), Doron Golan (USA), Dorothea B. Wegelein (Germany), Dotcom Poppa Disasta (Germany), Downwind Productions (USA), Dyian Anguelov (Bulgaria), Dylan Graham (USA), ED Mole (France), Eduardo Angel (Colombia)

    100 Eduardo Nava (El Salvador/USA), eduardo paz carlson (Uruguay), Edward Marszewski (USA), ego (Italy), Eileen Bonner (UK), Eldad Tsabary (USA), Eleanor Alfante (Philippines), Elena Stanic (Croatia), Elia Alba (Domenican Republic), Elyasaf Kowner (Israel), Emilie Pitoiset (France), Emilio Jiménez Sánchez (Spain), Empar Cubells (Spain), Enrico Tomaselli (Italy), Enrique Radigales (UK), Ensemble All-Tag – Frank Bersziek (sax, bcl), Konrad Doeppert (analogsynth, objects), Matthias Kaiser (violin), Joerg Koenig (git), Eric Flores (Philippines), Eric Parnes (USA), Eric Sandellin (Sweden), Eric van Hove (Belgium), Eric Wennermark (Sweden), Erkki Kirjalainen (/Santtu Rantanen) (Finland), ESTHER BOURDAGES (Canada), Eugeny Umansky (Russia), Eva Lewarne (Canada), Eva Sjuve (Norway), Eyewash (Germany), F.I.M. (Free improvised music cologne) – Nobert Zajac (voc), Matthias Kaiser (violin), Frank Bersziek (sax, basscl), Michael Haverkamp (sax, perc), Karl Kruetzmann (fl, tr, piano), Joerg Koenig (git), Axel Hoeptner (piano), Frank Homburg (sax), Wolfgang Simmons (git), Fabian Giles (Mexico), Fabio Oliveira Nunes (Brazil)Fabio Paolizzo (Italy), Fanny Aboulker (UK), Fatih Balci (Turkey), Feargal O Malley (Irland), Feedbuck Galore (Germany), Fernanda Bragone (Argentina), Fernando Baena (Spain), Fernando Palmeiro (Spain), fishtank – Giovanni Antignano, Fernanda Veron (Italy/Argentina) , Fran Ilich (Mexico), Francesca da Rimini (Australia), Francis Rafael Sanbuenabuentura (Philippines), Francisco Lopez (USA), Franck de las Mercedes (Nicaragua), Fred, Fennollabate (France), Fruit (Germany), Future Remix (USA), G.H. Hovagimyan (USA), Gabi Bila-Günther (Germany) , Gabriel Otero (Argentina), Garrett Lynch (Ireland), GAST BOUSCHET/Nadine Hilbert (Belgium), Gaumen (Germany), Gem Alexandria Tuano (Philippines), Genco Gulan (Turkey), Geniwate (Australia), Geoffrey Thomas (USA), Gerald Schwartz (USA), Gerard Baja (Argentina), Giacomo Picca (Brazil), Gijs Gieskes (Netherlands), Gildardo Cruz Rojas (Philippines), Giles Trendle (UK), Gimo Lanot (Philippines), Gina Bremen (Germany), Gina Valenti (Argentina), gintas K (Lithuania), Giovanni Antignano (Italy),, Giselle Beiguelman (Brazil), Gita Hashemi (Canada), Glenn Bach (USA), Glorious Ninth (Patrick Simmons & Kate Southworth)(UK) , Goh Lee Kwang (south Korea), Grègoire Zabé (F), Gregory Chatonsky (France), Gruppo Sinestetico (Italy), Gudrun Bittner (Austria/Spain), Guido Braun (Germany), Guillaume Dimanche (France), Guillermo García de la Torre (Philippines), Hae-Min Kim (South Korea), Haleh Niazmand (Iran), Hardpressed Collective (Canada/Pakistan), HarS – Harold Schellinx (Netherlands), Helen Thorington (USA), Helga’s Ephemeris (Russia), Hervé Constant (UK), Holger Eggert (Germany), Holly Daggers (USA), Home Team, Hugues Rochette (Frane), Humberto Ramirez (USA/Chile), I8U (Canada), Ian Flitman (UK), Ickejana (Germany), Igor Baskin (Russia), Igor Marinkovic (Serbia) <7font>

    100 Igor Ulanowsky (Israel), Ilse Hilpert (Germany), Indira Montoya (Argentina), Irena Paskali (Macedonia), Irene Coremberg (Argentina), Irene Marx (Germany), Irvis Gonzalez (USA), Isabel Aranda Yto (Chile), Ivan Abreu (Cua), Ivan Bachev (Bulgaria), Ivan Monroy-Lopez (Mexico), Ivana Ozetsky & Jadanko Pongrac (Croatia), J Sundheim & Reuss (Germany), J Trautwein (USA), Jack Messenger & Chirstinn Whyte (UK), Jamelie Hassan (Pakistan), Jane Fenton Keane (UK), Janek Schaefer (UK), Janne Vanhanen (Finland), Jaqueline Heer (Germany), Jaromil (Italy), JASON SWEENEY (Australia), jean-françois flamey (France), Jeanne Fremaux (Croatia), Jeff Gurecka (USA), Jelena Vukotic (CRoatia), Jen Ross (UK),, Jen Simmons & Sarah Christman (UK), jen, Jennifer and Kevin McCoy (USA), Jennifer Helia, DeFelice (Czech Republik), Jens Salander /Mikael Stroemberg (Sweden), Jeremy Owen Turner (Canada), Jerusalem Pimentel (Philippines), Jerzy Kolasinski (Canada), Jess Loseby (UK), Jevgeny Palamarchuk (Russia), Ji-Hyun Kim (South Korea), jimpunk (FRance), Jo Cook (Canada), Jo-Anne Green (USA), Joaquin Ivars (Spain), JODY ZELLEN (USA), Joerg Gruenberg (Germany), Joerg Piringer (Austria), Joey, Claronino (Philippines), Johanna Thompson (USA), Johannes Finke (Germany), John E. Bower (USA), John Ervin General (Philippines), John Hopkins (USA), John Johnston (USA), John Kannenberg (USA), John Michael Acevedo (Philippines), John Plenge (USA), Jojoti Wylie (New Zealand), Jon Burgerman (UK), Jon Vaughn (Canada), Jonathan Cardillo (Argentina), Joon-Yong Jung (outh Korea), Jørgen Larson (Sweden), Jose Cuckier (Argentina), Joseph Raz, Jr. (Philippines), Josephine Lipuma (USA), Josh McPhee (USA), Joy Garnett (USA), Joyce Charis (Greece), Juan Alcón (Spain), Juan Antonio Lleó (Spain), Juan Carlos Carrazón (Spain), Juan Del Gado (UK), Juan Devis and OnRamp Arts (Colombia/USA), Juan Domingo Ferris (Spain), Juan Manuel Ruiz (Puerto Rico), Judith Villamayor (Argentina), Judson Wright (USA), Juergen Trautwein (USA), Julian Alvarez (Spain), Julie Andreyev (Canada), Jürgen Bysard Adams (Germany), Kaesha KvK (Germany), Karla Brunet (Brazil), Karo (Croatia), Kathrin Kur (UK/Germany), Katie Bush USA), Katrina De Dios (Philippines), Katrinka Moore (USA), kdag (Colombia/Spain), Kenji Siratori (Japan), Khaled Sabsabi (Lebanon/Australia), Kirsten Reese (Germany), Kirsty Boyle (Australia), Klaudia Kemper (Chile), Klaus Schrefler (Austria), Knut Eckstein (Germany), Komninos Zervos (Australia) , KPHB (France), Kristin Norderval (Norway),Ksenija Kovacevic (Serbia), Kyon (Germany), Larry Caveney USA), Lars Vilhelmsen (Denmark), Laura Amigo (Spain), Laura Chiari (Italy), Laurie Halsey Brown (Netherlands/USA), Lawrence English (Australia), Le Tuan Hung & Ros Bandt (Australia), Le Tuan Hung (Vietnam/Australia), Lea Segarra (Philippines), Lee Kwang, Goh (Malaysia), Lee Welch (Ireland), Leif Inge (Norway), León Ferrari (Argentina), Les Riches Douaniers (France), Lewis LaCook (USA), Li-Chi Hsieh (South Korea), Lionel Wainsztok (Argentina), Lisa Cianci (Australia), Lisa Gye (Australia), LISA HUTTON AND MARK POLISHOOK (USA), Lital Dotan and Eyal Perry (Israel), Liz Miller (USA), Lizamae Orola (Philippines), Lorenzo Oggiani (Italy), Lorenzo Taiuti (Italy)

    100 Loy (Poland), Lu(x)z (Germany), Luc Fierens (Belgium), Luca d’Angelo (Italy), Luca di Gregorio (Italy), Lucia Leuci (Italy), Lucky Pierre (USA), Ludovic Guerry alias 20000volt (France), Luigia Cardarelli (Italy), Luke Duncalfe (New Zealand), Lunar (Croatia), Luther Blisset (Netherland), Lynne Williams(UK), Magnus Torstensson (sweden), Maite Camacho (Spain), Makis Faros (Greece), Malte Steiner (GE), Manuel Schiesches (Germany), Mara Infidelious USA), Maral Yakshieva (Russia), Marc Garrett UK), Marc Lee (Switzerland), Marcello Mercado (Germany), Margarida Paiva (Portugal), Maria Blondeel (Belgium), Maria Miranda (Australia), Maria Papadimitriou (Greece), Mariam Ghani(Afghanistan/USA), Marianne Holm Hansen (Denmark), Marielle Nadal (France), Marina Zerbarini (Argentina), Mark Amerika (USA), Mark Anthony Alvarado,, Mark Kammerbauer (USA), Mark Mangion (Malta), Mark Polishook (USA), Marko Stamenkovic (Serbia), Markus Christian Koch (Germany), Marta Sacco (Argentina), Martin Koplin (Germany), Mary Grace Tenorio (Philippines), Mashica (Spain), Mason Petrie (USA), Massimiliano Viel (Italy), Matt Roberts (USA), Matt Rogalsky (USA), Matze Schmidt (Germany), Mauro Ceolin (Italy), Max Haiven Canada), May Trubuhovich (Australia), Maya Kalogera (Croatia), Maysa Arabit Philippines), Medea (Austria), Melinda Rackham (Australia), Merwin De Mesa, Jr. (Philippines), meta (USA), MEZ (Australia), Michael Angelo Lampayan (Philippines), Michael Crane (USA), Michael Grimm (Australia), Michael Kargl (Austria), Michael Sagcal (Philippines), Michael Sellam (France), Michael Szpakowski (UK), Michael Takeo Magruder (USA), Michael Yuen (Australia), Michel Cleempoel (Belgium), mIEKAL aND (USA), Miguel Carlos Labra (Philippines), Miha Ciglar (Slovenia), Miika Nyyssönen (Finland), Mike Haskett (Sweden), Mike Salmond (USA), Miklos Legrady (Canada), Mikrokiko (Germany), Milos Jovanovic (Croatia), Mira Burt-Wintonick (Australia), Mireille Astore (Australia/Lebanon), Miss Johnny (Germany), Mollum (Germany), Monica Delgado (Philippines), Mostra (Germany), Moya Devine (USA), Mustafa Maluka (South Africa), mutantlab (USA), Myron Turner (Canada), Nadja Kutz (Germany), name diffusion (France), Nancy Atakan (Turkey), Nancy Jane Moore (USA), Nancy Mauro-Flude (Australia)
    Nanette Wylde (USA), Natalia Ludmila (Mexico), Natalie Bewernitz + Marek Goldowski (Germany), Nathaniel Stern (South Africa), navn (Bulgaria), Nazrin, Neide Jallageas (Brazil), Neil Jendon (Canada)
    Néstor Olhagaray (Chile), Nicholas Ruiz III (USA), Nick Barker and Rob Jacobs (UK), Nick Fox-Gieg (USA), Nicolas Clauss (France), Nicolas Economos (USA), Nicolas Ojeda (Argentina), Nicole Lawter (Australia), Nikki Johnson (USA), Niko Loren Dela Cruz (Philippines), Nita Mocanu (Romania), Norie Neumark (Australia), NOTUS (USA), Noya Abdelaziz (Egypt), Oleg Lystsov (Russia), Oliver Dyens (Canada), Oliver Griem (South Korea), Olivia Lopez (Argentina), Olja Stipanovic (Croati)

    100 Omar Emir Barquet (Brazil), on Air (Spain), Oren Ben Yosef (Isarel), OSTROWSKI (Poalnd), Osvaldo Cibils (Uruguay), otium (Belgium), Owen Plotkin (USA), Ozge Yilmaz (Turkey), Pablo Bas (Argentina), Päivi Hintsanen (Finland), panoptica (Canada), Panos Kouros (Greece), Pat Badani (USA), Patricia Carini, Patrizia Alemanno (Italy), Pau Pascual Galbis (Spain), Paul Alexandru (Romania), Paul Catanese (USA), Paula Gimenez (Argentina), Paula Miiklosevic (erbia), Paulo Vinluan (Philippines), Pawel Janicki (Poland), Per Pegelow (Germany), Petar Brajnovic (Croatia), Pete Stollery (USA), Peter Jacobi (Romania), Peter John Sprenkeler (Australia), Peter Lind (Denmark), Peter Prautzsch (Germany), Petra Lindholm (Sweden), Pierre Elie Mamou (France), Pierre Portelli (Malta), Pierre Proske (France), Pighed (UK), popcrash (Bulgaria), Post-Exile Collective (Pakistan), PRISM/lars nagler (Austrai), Procemik (Germany), Rafael Alcalá (Puerto Rico), Raivio Keelomes (Estonia), Ramesh Srinivasan (India/USA), Raphael Lyon USA), Raquel Meyers & Raul BB (Spain), Raquel Partnoy (USA), re:combo (Brazil), Regina Célia Pinto (Brazil) , Remigio Coco (Italy), Renee Kellner (Austria), Restate (USA), Reuben James Preston (UK), Ricardo Baez (Venezuela), Ricardo Mbarak (Lebanon), Ricardo Miranda Zuñiga (USA/Nicaragua), Richard Monge (Puerto Rico), Rick Silva (USA), Rika Ohara (USA), Rikki Carmelo Baranda, Criselda Cac (Philippines), Robert Ciesla (Finland), Robert Dohrmann (USA), Robert Echen (Argentina), Robert Finder (USA), Robert Kendall (Canada), Robert Labor (France), Robert Sazdov (Australia), Rodrigo de Toledo (Brazil), Rogelio Santos, Jr. (Philippines), Roland Schappert (Germany), Roopesh Sitharan (Malaysia), Rosa Revsin (Argentina), Rozalinda Borcila (Romania/USA), rüdiger schlömer (Germany), Ruediger Axel Westphal (Germany), Ruth Catlow (UK), Ruth Irupe Sanabria (USA), Ruth Kathryn Santiago (Pgilippines), Ry Sedrick Bolodo (Philippines), Ryan Griffis USA), RZL – Luca Fruzza (Italy), Sabine Scholz (Italy), Sabrina De Leon (Phippines), Sachiko Hayashi (Sweden), Sadiq Bey (USA), Sandra Crisp (UK), Santiago Perez Alfaro (Mexico),santo-File (Spain), Sarah Savage (Canada), Sarawut Chutiwongpeti (Thailand), SCART, Scott Becker (USA), Sebastian Tomczak (Canada), Seng Tat Liew (Malaysia), Serge Smilovich (USA), Sergej Jakovlev (Russia), Sergej Teterin (Russia), Sergio Varela (Argentina), Sergiu Negulici (Romania), Seth Lew USA), Sharon Harper (USA), Sheryl Valencia (Philippines), Shilpa Gupta (India), Shira z. Carmel, Shay Kun (Israel), Shirin Kouladije (Canada), Simon Fildes and Katrina McPherson (UK), Simon Longo (Italy), Sinasi Gunes (Turkey), skylined (Germany), Sol Kjok (Norway/USA), Somaya Langley (UK), Sonic Kitchen (Germany), SonicBoost (Geramany), Soundso – Bettina Wenzel, Brigitte Kuepper, Norbert Zajac, Peter Wolf (all vocal), Speranza Casillo (Italy), Ste van de Minng (Germany), Stefanie Alice Vandriesche (Spain), Stephane Barron (France), Stephane Tomora (France), Stephanie Bouvier (France)

    90 Stephen Dixon (Sweden), Stephen Gard (USA), Steve Bradley/Timothy Nohe (USA), Sue Huang (Sweden), Suguru Goto (Japan), Susan Collins (UK), Susana Mendes Silva (Portugal), Svetlana & Andi Wallwhore (USA), swag (Germany), Sylvestre Evrard (France), Szabolcs KissPál (Hungary), TACTICAL20 (USA), Tae Hong Park (South Korea), Tamar Schori (Israel) , Tamara Lai (Belgium), Tan Chui Mui (Malaysia),, Tania Fraga (Brazil), Tautvydas Bajarkevicius (Lithuania), Team of Get Carded (USA), Thadeus Frazier-Reed (USA), Thanasis Beroutsos (Greece), Thanos Chrysakis (GReece), Thomas Petersen (Denmark), Thomas Reiner (Australia), Thorsen, Lossius, Bastiansen (Norway), Thorsten Wieckert (Germany), Threadbare Coalition (Canada), Tigran Tovmeysyan
    Tiia Johannson (Estonia), Till Nikolaus v. Heiseler (Germany), Tim Coster (New zealand), Tim Nikolai Hoffmann (Germany), Timothy Bowen (USA), Tjader Knight Inc. (Finland/Belgium), Tobias C. van Veen (Canada), Todd Jokl (USA), Tolya Glaukos (Germany), TOMAS PHILLIPS and DEAN KING (Canda), Tomislav Brajnovic (Croatia), Toni Mestrovic (Croatia), Trace Reddell (USA), Trebor Scholz (USA), Trevor Thomas (USA), triggerMotion (Germany), Trond Lossius (Norway), Tsila Hassine (USA), Tsunamii.net (Thailand), Un Mundo Feliz, Guerrera de Interfaz (Spain), Uriel Colomo (Philppines), URTICA (Serbia/Montenegro), user (ctrl) (Italy), UsineDeBoutons (Lionello Borean+Chiara Grandesso) (Italy), Valentin Chincisan (Romania), Valery Grancher (France), Vanesa Turcinhodzic (Croatia), Ventsislav Zankov (Bulgaria), Vicdan Nalbur Tasdemir (Philippines) , Viki Betsou (Greece), Vince Briffa (Malta), Vincent Paul Samson (PHilippines), Vladimir Todorovic (Serbia), Wehrtheater Leineweber (Germany), Welmo E. Romero Joseph (Puerto Prico), Werner Cee (Germany), wildfirejo (UK), Wilton Azevedo (Brazil), Winchell Saludares, (Ph), Winston Yang (China), Wirecrossing (Singapore), Wittwulf Y Malik (Germany), Wolf Kahlen (Germany), Won-Kon Yi (South Korea), x mac dunlop (UK), Xavier Cahen (France), Xavier Leton (France), Xavier Malbreil & Gérard Dalmon (France)
    Ximena (Spain), Yevgeniy Fiks (USA), yosuke hayashi (Japan), Yuri Vasiliev (Bulgaria), Yvonne Martinsson (Sweden), Zhel (Croatia), Zoltan Pabon (Philippines), Zulma Ducca (Philippines)

    The RRF Project - 65 venues
    The RRF environments are presented in in an exchange between virtual and physical space completely and partially in most different constellations.

    Since 01 January 2007 presented as [R][R][F]200x—>XP

    65. IN-Difference IV Festival Belgrade/Serbia
    12/11 – 17/11 2007

    64. ENTER Festival Caravansarai Istanbul/Turkey
    27-30 May 2007

    63. Dutch Electronic Art Festival Rotterdam – unDEAF
    11-15 March 2007

    62. CeC & CaC India International Centre New Dehli/India
    7-9 February

    61. MACRO – Museum of Contemporary Art Rosario/Argentina
    3 March -10 April 2007

    60. MAC – Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Fe/Argentina
    10 December 2006 – 7 March 2007

    59. Casoria Contemporary Art Museum Naples/Italy
    16 December 2006 -30 January 2007


    presented as [R][R][F]2006—>XP —>

    58. CROMA – 8th Audiovisual Festival Guadalajarra/Mexico
    11-17 November 2006

    57. Festival Arte Digital Rosario/Argenina
    16-18 November 2006

    56. PI 5 Intermedia Festival Szczecin/Poland
    20-22 October 2006

    55. Officyna Art Space Szczecin/Poland
    20 Oct – 20 Nov 2006

    54. Play IV VideoFestival Buenos Aires/Argentina
    24-27 August 2006

    53. Al Kahf Art Gallery Bethlehem Palestine 1-30 July 2007

    Havanna/Cuba – 17/06-17/07 2006

    51. MAF’06 -New Media Art Festival Bangkok/Th
    02/05-04/05 2006

    50. FILE – Electronic Language Festival RIO
    Telemar Cultural Center Rio de Janeiro/Brazil
    –> Internet based works from [R][R][F]200x—>XP
    20 March – 20 April

    49. India International Center New Dehli/India
    CeC & CaC – The Carnival of e-Creativity & Change-agents Conclave
    –> VideoChannel –> SELECTION’03
    27-28-29 January

    48. The Art Gallery of Knoxville/USA
    Global Groove (Nation Building as Art) –> VideoChannel
    01-25 January


    presented as [R][R][F]2005—>XP —>

    47. Biennale of Video and New Media– Santiago/Chile
    18-28 November

    46. State University – Rio de Janeiro/Brazil
    presentation 7 November

    45. Univercidade – IAV (Institute of Visual Arts)– Rio de Janeiro/Brazil
    presentation 7 November

    44. Select Media 4 Festival– Chicago/USA
    20 October – 13 November

    43. Finis Terrae University– Santiago/Chile
    presentation 25 October

    42. MAC – Museum of Contemporary Art– Santa Fe/Argentina
    presentation 21 October

    41. National University/Art Department– Rosario/Argentina
    presentation 18 October

    40. MACRO – Museum of Contemporary Art– Rosario/Argentina
    presentation 17 October

    39. Recoleta Cultural Centre– Buenos Aires/Argentina
    presentation 11 October

    38. National Library– Buenos Aires/Argentina
    presentation 12 October

    37. Interferencias – University of North West of Buenos Aires– Junin/Argentina
    presentation 14 October

    36. PI Five Video Festival– National Museum Szczecin/Poland , Aktionsbank Berlin
    VideoChannel – 9/10 – 17/10

    35. “Groundworks” – Regina Gouger Miller Gallery at Carnegie Mellon University– Pittsburgh/USA-
    14/10 – 11/12

    34. FILE – Hipersonica Festival– Sao Paulo Brazil –
    SoundLab Channel – 05 November

    33. FILE – Electronic Language Festival– Sao Paulo Brazil – 31 October – 05 November

    32. prog:ME – 1st Electronic Art Festival– Rio de Janeiro/Brazil – 18 July – 28 August – VideoChannel

    31. EAST’05 – Norwich Gallery Norwich/UK – 02 July – 20 August

    30. Salon Arte Digital – Maracaibo/Venezuela –
    “Women: Memory of Repression in Argentina” – 20 June – 03 July

    29. MAF05 – New Media Art Festival Bangkok/Thailand – 25-29 June

    28. Hic et Nunc – San Vito a/Tagliamenti Italy –
    VideoChannel – 11 June – 17 July

    27. Israeli Digital ArtLab Holon/Israel 16 April – 16 July 2005

    26. Version’05 Festival Chicago/USA
    “Women: Memory of Repression in Argentina” – 22 April – 01 May

    25. Images Festival Toronto/Canada – 7 – 13 April

    24. ZKM Karlsruhe/G – Making Thinks Public –
    “Women: Memory of repression Argentina” – 20 March – 08 August

    23. Camera Obscura Academy Tel-Aviv/Israel – lecture – 02 March

    22. MAF05 – New Media Art Festival Bangkok/Thailand – 25-29 February

    21. Musrara Media Art Academy Jerusalem/Israel – lecture – 22 February

    20. Bethlehem International Center – presentation as lecture – 19 February

    19. Bethlehem University – presentation as lecture – 17 February

    18. CAVE Gallery at ICB Bethlehem/Palestine – solo exhibition 17 February – 14 March

    presented as [R][R][F] 2004 —>XP —>

    17. University of Bremen/Germany –
    [R][R][F]2004—>XP – New Media event – 18/19 December

    16. 404 New Media Art Festival Rosario/Argentina (7-15 December)

    15. FILE
    Electronic Language Festival Sao Paulo/Brazil (23 November-12 December)

    14. 1st International Exhibition of Digital Art – Orilla’04
    Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Fe/Argentina (04 November – 04 December)

    13. 24h of Nuremberg/Germany – VideoChannel
    International Shortfilm Festival 15/16 October

    12. Biennale of Electronic Art Perth (Australia)
    1 September – 7 November

    11. West Coast Numusic & Electronic Arts Festival
    Stavanger/Norway 17-22 August

    10. public_space_festival Yerewan/Armenia
    23 July – 03 August

    09. International Festival of New Film and New Media
    Split/Croatia (26 June-2 July)

    Havanna (Cuba) 21-24 June

    07. BASICS Festival
    Salzburg/Austria – 8-16 May 2004

    06. Electronic Art Meeting
    PEAM 2004 – Pescara (Italy) 19-23 May

    05. Version’04 Festival
    Invisible Networks – Chicago/USA – 16 April-01 May

    04. Now Music Streaming Festival Berlin (Germany)- – 7 April

    03. New Media Art Festival Bangkok (Thailand) (20-28 March)

    02. Bergen Electronic Arts Centre
    Bergen/Norway (5 March – 28 March)

    01. National Museum of Contemporary Art
    Bucaresti/Romania (5 March – 30 April)

    00. Interactiva 03 Biennale for New Media Art
    Museum of Contemporary Art Merida/Mexico – June-August 2003

    Enter the RRF Project here

    Schedule for 20 April

  • •MNAC – National Museum of Contemporary Art in Bucharest (5 March- 30 April 2004) – RRF
  • •Japan Media Arts Festival 24/03 – 05/05 2006
  • • *Museo National Arte Contemporanea Reina Sofia – 31 March – 8 May -“Violencia sin cuerpos”
  • •CologneOFF 2016 USA @ Torrance Art Museum – Los Angeles/CA – 2 April – 28 May 2016
  • •“Bivouac Project – The Big Switch: New Media, Film and Video” – Sumter County Gallery of Art (USA) – 2 April- 22 May 2009
  • •Now & After International Videoart Festival Moscow – 2-30 April 2014
  • •The Hong Kong Artists Biennale 2005 – 1-30 April
  • •Unauthorized Access Festival – Ermitage Museum St. Petersburg/Russia (7-21 April 2006)
  • •Emergenzaarte – videoart festival – Santa Maria die Sale (Venice) – 10 -25 April – 2010
  • •FILE Rio de Janeiro/Brazil – 10-19 April 2009
  • •Version>02 – Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago (USA) 15 – 20 april 2002 – A Virtual Memorial
  • •Versionfest>04 Festival Chicago (USA) – 16 April – 01 May 2004 – The RRF Project
  • •Israeli Center for Digital Art Holon/Israel – 16 April – 16 July 2005