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2 February 2020

Videoart features
Soundart Features
Netart features

Today, Wilfried is releasing the February 2020 edition of NewMediaFest2020 – WOW Jubilee II – featuring and honouring artists and artworks in video, netart, soundart & complementary interviews with 60 artists.

4 curators stand for – Parya Vatankhah for Iranian videos, Raivo Kelomees for Estonian videos, Yarina Butkovska for Ukrainian videos and Agricola de Colofbe for WOW video editions – complemented by an additional selection of Ukrainian videos, a feature on the topic “Digital Poetry” and the 1st selection of videos from “Wake Up ! – Climate Change”.
The video solo feature of the month is dedicated to Henry Gwiazda, a video artist using a very individual pictorial language for the animated content of his videos.
The solo feature of February 2020 in the category “netart” is dedicated to Patrick Lichty, who was already active before 2000 as a founder and co-founder of innovative platforms on the net- 10 individual netart projects by Yael Kanarek, Jaka Zeleznikar, David Clark, Tamara Lai, Gregory Chatonsky, Ethan Ham & Benjamin Rosenbaum, Chris Joseph (Babel), Agence Topo, Michael Takeo Magruder –
are completing the netart feature.
In the category soundart- the entire soundLAB 5 – soundSTORY , including sonic art works by more than 50 artists is linked, as well as a special selection of soundworks can be listened on the site.
In total 60 interviews with artists of the 3 categories – videoart, netart & sound art would like to spotlight the background and “making of…” of the artistic creations.

Enter WOW Jubilee II !!!