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15 February 2008

Videoart feature
selection Cinematheque -Quicktime

Today, Cec & CaC, the annual event organised in India by Shankar Barua and the Academiy of electronic Arts is taking place another time – 15/16/17 February.
Wilfried prepared a special screening program for
NewMediaFest2007 – “CINEMATHEQUE” – Slowtime/Dreamtime 2007
Total duration: 58 min
featuring videos by

Marco Batista, Larissa Sansour, Jon Keith Brunelle, Rami Fischler, Artur Augustynowicz, Wilfried Agricola de Cologne, Anthony Rousseau, Margarida Paiva, Laurent Pernot, Oksana Shatalova, Jeremiah Jones, Norbert Attard, Anders Weberg, Daniel Iturrizaga

View the complete festival program as PDF

Cinematheque, is another platform which Wilfried established 2003 for streaming media, which at that time were in the discussion, but the technological conditions did not allow to stream video really, yet. In the beginning, only Flash, and small Real Media and Quicktime videos in a very low resolution could be played online, so that on Cinematheque particularly videos in the Quicktime video format were featured, and Wilfried made “Quicktime as a tool for video creations” a topic of two of his Cinematheque shows online.

But selections from Cinematheque were forming also the basis for programs to be used for offline screenings, and in 2008 it is CeC & CaC representing a forum for presenting such a program based on Quicktime videos.

Quicktime was the video format for Apple/MAC computers, and during a long time it was a kind of standard video format, until DVD video became more popular – the mpeg video formats were slowly replacing Quicktime on Windows OS running computers, some day Apple/Quicktime did not support the video player for Windows any longer, and Wilfried, angry about the restrictive Apple policy will principally get rid of Quicktime. Soon afterwards, the mp4 video will become the new standard for Internet streaming video, replacing Quicktime widely in use and relevance.

For Wilfried, Quicktime has its position in the digital media history, but for him it does not represent the future, and therefore he will be not supporting Quicktime for submissions any longer, also because this video format has to be converted into mp4 or another format in any case.

A complementary video selection

The Dream ~ Artur Augustynowicz 2006 [01:32] The Machine of Memory ~ Marco Batista 2006 [01:30] Happy Days ~ Larissa Sansour 2005 [03:10] New York City Bobdance ~ Jon Keith Brunelle 2007 [04:56] Cimax ~ Anthony Rousseau 2006 [01:10] Habit ~ Margarida Paiva 2005 [05:55] Witches I & II ~ Oksana Shatalova 2006 [02:00] This Time of Peril ~ Jeremiah Jones 2006 [06:44] For Sore Eyes ~ Anders Weberg 2006 [02:22]