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14 February 2009

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Today on Valentine’s day, The New Museum of Networked Art opens

The Open Archives

a new department aimed to make essential documents available for download as PDF.
Wilfried has the plans to create this way a new level of an open and free culture by making out of The New Museum of Networked Art an open monument after “Agricola de Cologne” as a media art context will be completed sometimes.

(remark: at the end of 2020 it is so far , so after 31 December 2020, not only The Open Archives, but the entire museum will be reconstructed and updated.

a complementing video selection

Dorothea Carl (Germany) – de-molition, 2011, 11:11
Alexander Callsen (Germany) – Gap Camp, 2013, 6:04
Bankleer (Germany) – minority in majority , 2011, 4.30 min
Kristina Kanders (Germany) – Human Rights, 2011, 4:20
Evy Schubert (Germany) – Celebrations of Post-Soviet Bondage, 2013, 1:00
D-Fuse (Michael Faulkner + Matthias Kispert)(Germany) – Secured by Design,2012, 00’34″
Max Hattler (Germany) – Stop The Show, 2013; 1:00