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14 April 2020

WOW.18 and the curators
Maurizio Marco Tozzi
Eirini Olympiou
Erick Tapia
Gioula Papadopulou
Georgi Krastev
Paulo B. Menezes
Antonio Alvarado

Today’s article would like to honour those curators – by name – Maurizio Marco Tozzi – Eirini Olympiou – Erick Tapia – Gioula Papadopulou – Georgi Krastev – Paulo B. Menezes – Antonio Alvarado – participating in the 2018 screenings @ Torrance Art Museum, who are showing solidarity in the corona crisis by offering their curated programs for online screening during April 2020 in the framework of NewMediaFest2020.

It is funny, how Corona changed the perception of people. Those art responsables, who were fighting all their life against any online presentation because it would damage their own busines, and were spinning continuously intrigues in order to kill Wilfried’s online activities by establishing his person as the enemy of their art business, are now the greatest promotors of presenting their programs suddenly online, because otherwise Corona would kill their right to exist, and like before already when those people were falsifying arthistorical facts, this way, the same people start now falsifying facts again by presenting themselves suddenly as the big inventors of something which is completely old fashioned practised by people like Wilfried already 20 years ago and not to forget during the past 20 years, when this however was denied by these people. Yes, populism is anywhere, the art scene is no exception, in contrary, in terms of the digitalisation of art, there is an agreement between some academic protagonists to falsify the history of an entire art genre, because the few witnesses who could complain are tired to intervene and complain. It reminds of the Holocaust denial, but the denial in art history is much more subtle even it has also incredible dimensions, and really- who cares – it is just important, that certain people get their academic merits like in a supermarked junkfood. Yes, Corona has a strong impact on the evolution of the human mind, but what will come afterwards?

Wilfried was always against totalitarianism, especially in the art scene, where certain curators and their intellectual output got a kind of god-like status, he is demonstrating that there does not exist one opinion of the big “Führer”, but there are countless curators having an individual conceptual point of view. Simplyfing and unifying complex issues is practical for dictators suppressing a different opinion and opposition, while the diversity of different opinions is encouraging and activating a critical mind. Wilfried’s striving for diversity is an expression of the respect for each of the incorporated curators and their individual point of view, even if this may have the consequences that Wilfried eventually would not like the curatorial selection.

In terms of including so many curators, Wilfried would like to activate the viewer or user and become himself/herself a curator of his/her own. It is the viewer who has to decide, what is appropriate and what isn’t. This is leading to a better understanding of art, but who cares?

Art is remaning an issue for priviledged people, this did not change during the past 100 years, the world population was increasing dramatically during these years, but the percentage quantity of people who are interested in culture, at all, did not increase, in contrary, and this social minority likes to consume uncritically because it did not learn anything else.

Mauricio Marco Tozzi

WOW Italy
curated by Mauricio Marco Tozzi
bio – http://and.nmartproject.net/?p=5008

Angelica Bergamini (Italy) – Will you fight or will you dance, 2012, 6:48
Marcantonio Lunardi (Italy) – The Cage, 2016, 5:46
Valeria Lo Meo & Michele Manzini (Italy) – Moving Africa, 2016, 5:02
Lino Strangis (Italy) – A strange earthquake of the mind, 2016, 6:45
Paolo Bandinu (Italy) – No Country, 2015, 2:21

Eirini Olympiou

Transitions from Public to PostFuture
Curated by Eirini Olympiou (ADAF – Athens Digital Arts Festival)
bio – http://and.nmartproject.net/?p=5017

Gianluca Abbate (IT) – Panorama, 2015, 07:00
Cerezo Azahara (SP) – Slopes, 2013, 04:37
Panagiotis Tomaras (GR) – 165, 2009, 02:45
Marcantonio Lunardi (IT) – Unusual Journey, 2017, 03:22
Neno Belcev (BU) – Sectral Promenade, 2013, 03:54
Maria Fernanda Bertero (EC) – Technolapse, 2017, 06:21
FIELD (UK) – Hidden Layer, 2017, 02:54
Thomas Valianatos (GR) – Fractus machine_Cosmo, 201, 03:34
Giada Ghiringhelli (CH/UK) – Rhythm of Bein, 201, 06:26

Erick Tapia

“WOW Mexico”
video selection curated by Erick Tapia
bio – http://and.nmartproject.net/?p=5010

Sergio Hibrain Bañuelos (Mexico) – San Pedro: el Libre / 2015 / 8:51 / México
Adán Salvatierra (Mexico) – Narké / 2015 / 3:15 / México
Juan Pablo Romo Álvarez (Mexico) – Postdata / 2016 / 7:00 / México.
Erick Tapia (Mexico) – TERRITORIUM / 2016 / 3:00 / México
Julio Valdez (Mexico) – Sickness / 2016 / 7:00 /México

Gioula Papadopoulou

WOW Greece
curated by Gioula Papadopoulou
bio – http://and.nmartproject.net/?p=1802

Anna Vasof (Gr/A) – Down to Earth, Greece-Austria 2014, 4.01
Alexandros Kaklamanos (Gr) – A Minor, Greece 2014, 2.11
Panos Mazarakism (Gr) – Virtual Vanity, Greece 2016, 1.21
Yiannis Kranidiotis (Gr) – Ichographs MdelP, Greece 2015,4.13
Alex Karantanas (Gr) – Untitled, Greece 2015-16, 6.38
Katerina Athanasopoulou – Branches of Life, UK 2016, 4.14
Vasilis Karvounis – Dancing with Thanatos, Greece 2015, 3.45

Georgi Krastev

WOW Bulgaria
Curated by Georgi Krastev
bio – http://and.nmartproject.net/?p=5023

Valeri Chakalov “The Way”, Bulgaria 2:24
Valeri Chakalov “Hromel“, Bulgaria 2:01
Georgi Krastev, “The Journey of a Melody”, Bulgaria, 2:48
Viktor Petkov “I love Guzlemi”, Bulgaria, 7:06
Cvetan Krastev “The Long Journey of a Snail to the Ocean”, Bulgaria, 9:52
Cvetan Krastev “Digitalization of analogue message to the moon”, Bulgaria, 02:12
Venelin Shurelov, “Je Suis Je”, Bulgaria, 3:09

Paulo B. Menezes

WOW Portugal
Curated by Paulo B.Menezes (Oliqua experimetal video)
bio – http://and.nmartproject.net/?p=5021

Marta Alvim (Portugal) – The death of an owl, 2012, 9’45”
Inhabitants (Portugal) – Beams of Cathodic Rays Shooting, 2013, 7’35”
cul:pa (Portugal) – The fox, 2015, 5’39”
Paulo B. Menezes (Portugal), 2016, 6:00

Antonio Alvarado

WOW Spain
Curated by Antonio Alvarado (Madrid/Spain)
bio – http://and.nmartproject.net/?p=301
Marta Azparren (Spain) – Peso minuto, 2008, 1′.
Isabel Pérez del Pulgar (Spain) – Opus Nigrum, 2014, 7′ 32”.
Jesús de Frutos (Spain) – Volemos juntos, 2017, 2′.
Francisco Brives (Spain) – Tebras, 2015, 3′ 15”.
claRa apaRicio yoldi (Spain) – Fragmented Memory, 2013, 3′ 04”.
Magali Berenguer (Spain) – Ludmila., 2017. 3′.
Julia Juaniz (Spain) – Besos, 2016., 3′ 21”.

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Schedule for 14 April

  • •MNAC – National Museum of Contemporary Art in Bucharest (5 March- 30 April 2004) – RRF
  • •Japan Media Arts Festival 24/03 – 05/05 2006
  • •Chiang Mai 1st New Media Art Festival – Chiang Mai (Thailand) 2003 – 28 March – 16 April
  • • *Museo National Arte Contemporanea Reina Sofia – 31 March – 8 May -“Violencia sin cuerpos”
  • •CologneOFF 2016 USA @ Torrance Art Museum – Los Angeles/CA – 2 April – 28 May 2016
  • •“Bivouac Project – The Big Switch: New Media, Film and Video” – Sumter County Gallery of Art (USA) – 2 April- 22 May 2009
  • •Now & After International Videoart Festival Moscow – 2-30 April 2014
  • •Athens Video Art Festival 7-9 April Athens/Greece- 2006
  • •Bele.ArteLamia 2006 – Lamia (Greece) videoart – 7-16 April –2006
  • •The Hong Kong Artists Biennale 2005 – 1-30 April
  • •Unauthorized Access Festival – Ermitage Museum St. Petersburg/Russia (7-21 April 2006)
  • •Images Festival – Toronto/Canada, 7-16 April 2005
  • •unDEAF Festival /Dutch Electronic Art Festival – 10-15 April 2007 – Rotterdam/Netherlands
  • •Emergenzaarte – videoart festival – Santa Maria die Sale (Venice) – 10 -25 April – 2010 – Silent Cry
  • •FILE Rio de Janeiro/Brazil – 10-19 April 2009