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04 November 2020

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Netartist of the Month November 2020
jtwine aka Jürgen Trautwein

Netartist of the Month in November 2020
jtwine aka Jürgen Trautwein

Already in 2001, at that time living in San Francisco, j.t.wine joint Wilfried’s Netart Cosmos, his works were selected for all possible JavaMuseum shows and his net based work is one of a few artists whose entire works is still online – and can therefore called “netart” in the actual sense of the word. So, there are many good reasons to honour this artist living in two worlds as “The Netartist of November 2020”, and point to the “internet based” art as an artform which still has the potential to represent an art genre for itself, even if this wide field will be nearly completely erased on 1 January 2021. So, many thanks to j.t.wine for being a compagnion in art over the past 20 years!

About the artist

Jürgen Trautwein

is a German born interdisciplinary artist working in a variety of forms, including new media and hypertext web-works, performative temporary interferences, installations, land-art, sound art, animation and classical forms such as painting, drawing, watercolor, collage and photography. Stylistically his work is process oriented and rooted in abstract expressionism, minimalism, conceptualism. His works are manifestations of the immediate, everyday and present experience.

For the past fifteen years Trautwein has been working on his Gesamtkunstwerk the evolving NIESATT drawing and multimedia hybridization project, a concept that includes a variety of media, resulting in site specific room installations, which reflect on issues of ephemeralness, disposability, depersonalization, disinformation, reproducibility, prefabrication, repetition and the unpredictability of the next thought; a project where meaning and statement levels are overlying each other. The drawings used for NIESATT are acid humorous, raw-thought line-based social commentaries. They are ironic cartoon-like reflections of the perpetually reoccurring human folly.

Trautwein’s web-works are an integral part of his NIESATT project; under the domain jtwine.com he has been creating web based works since 1996 with a strong focus on repetitious sound-screens and interactive audio visual pieces. Jtwine.com functions like an archive of fictional and real incidents where personal experience merges with visual research and documentary. Jtwine.com is combining high and low tech, reflecting on the heterogeneous and pluralistic character of our visual culture and the web.

Trautwein’s work has been shown widely in museums, non profit art spaces, festivals and galleries around the world such as the Screengrab New Media Award exhibition, Australia, File international digital art Festival Sao Paulo, Festival de Arte digital, Belo Horizonte, Brazil, European New Media Art Festival Osnabrück, Plato Sanat Istanbul, Turgut Pura Foundation, Izmir, Turkey, Stuttgarter Filmwinter, Arte -TV, Rhizome Artbase, Netart.org, El pobre diablo, Quito, Micromuseum Athens, Wand5, Stuttgart, Zero Arts, Stuttgart, Javamuseum Cologne, The Wrong online digital art festival, furtherfield.org London, Bronx art space, New York, Denis Bibro Fine Arts, New York, Southern Exposure, San Francisco, Berkely art center, Berkeley, Gallery 60six, San Francisco and Galerie Marek Kralewski, Freiburg, Germany among many others.

Trautwein studied painting, drawing and printmaking at the Roedel art college in Mannheim, Germany and painting at the University of the Arts in Berlin. He holds a Meisterschüler degree, a German equivalent to the Masters degree, from the University of the Arts in Berlin.

A detailed CV can be found on AND – Artists Network Database

More webworks


Review by Darshana Vora
NIESATT parallel worlds

Reviewer: Darshana Vora
featured @ furtherfield.org

Caught between sleek animation and superb graphic seduction, JTwine’s net-based work ‘NIESATT’ is alive with visual and emotional charge. ‘I was dropped into the corporate world when I was 20 and I was disgusted by it. To express my unhappy situation I started literally to draw myself out of it. Power structures, technology and human relations became a Leitmotif in my work.’

The issues JTwine grapples with are consumption, overload and pseudo-information. The work has an ntelligence that is not pontificating to make one feel uncomfortable. Arresting one’s imagination with the pace of animated graphics, the issues that belie NIESATT-PARALLEL WORLDS present themselves in short statements and sketches. And yet, the visual presentation and narrative structure, which slyly glide between advertising, web-graphic and simulated game styles, is unique enough to open the viewer to questions rather than being a dumb receptor. His stance keeps the questions in areas of exploration, seeking solutions, a space that is open-ended.

In an interview, he says ‘I’m interested in truth not beauty. Distortion or essentialisation might be necessary to create a true image to reveal visions of the human drama on the battlefield of reality in our commercialized and machine dependent world.’

JTwine’s website, PHA GREYLAND has a number of such diaryistic logs that locate him well enough for us to feel we know him. JTwine is a net-scribbler, fusing his sketches, observations, and videos into a mini-world with attributes of his sensations – visually audible noise. The site is constantly unfolding, click by click, revealing layer upon layer of involvement and introspection on issues of power structures, technology and human relations. In NIESATT, the notion of ‘parallel worlds’ translates into dividing every inch of the screen into slithers of multi-layered, scrolling, exploding, animated, visual, wordy, flash, gifs; the website seems unlimited and unbound by time and space constraints. One can get lost in it – but never feel at a dead end for all the links, tunnel and merge into the world of JTwine.

Then again, we may question what draws one into this net-based work?
What is it that compels us to explore it? I’d say it’s the sheer pleasure of the unexpected image, the artistic ‘time travel’, and the visceral hand-drawn sketch with its dynamic high voltage 2D screen avatar, which makes space for the throbbing vibrancy of the site. Maybe this is the equivalent of submersive emotional intelligence on the net.

The works


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NIESATT is a neologism consistent of two German words, nie (never) and satt (full, enough, satisfied). If
NIESATT is read backwards and the double T substituted with a D it reads Dasein (exercising being).
NIESATT is a metaphor for the human spirit thriving for progress, neglecting whatever harm it might cause.

NIESATT parallel worlds
a NIESATT on the NET project (NET_SATT)

experimental visual entertainment

NIESATT parallel worlds is a dynamic image dominated net project,
where motion motivates to click into unpredictability.
NIESATT parallel worlds is targeting cultural and socio-economic issues.
NIESATT parallel worlds invites the viewer in a labyrinth of interconnected links,
from minimal abstract spaces to figure-overloaded conglomerations of constant change.
NIESATT parallel worlds intents to produce confusion, disorientation and the feeling of being lost.
NIESATT parallel worlds questions on what extend are our bodies dependent upon and implicated in technology.
NIESATT parallel worlds is employing images from the NIESATT drawing and multimedia hybridization project
as well as java scripts, sounds, texts and images culled from the net and various other media sources.
They are reused, redefined and set into the context of NIESATT parallel worlds and the
simultaneousness of multi layered accumulations of information deformations.

flash and java script plug-ins required.
optimized for 1024 x 768.


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noise_pix_bombs / jtwine re-twined html-game/net-art project
click your way into infinite repetitions of the same, an always the Same-Game SPIEL ohne ZIEL project. n_p_b is a remix, consisting of various former jtwine net art projects re-contextualized and re-twined. This is a net based anti war, experimental, virtual interactive sound-image-composition pseudo game. The n_p_b project questions repetitious perception of destruction with the option of minute modifications, while repeating the same actions…

Words for nothing

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Words for nothing (the fedup elegy) net-art
Words for nothing or the fed up elegy is an interactive net art piece questioning who we are, what we do and what we are good for. This project explores the meaning of words voiced by man-mammals and fe-mammals the ultimate, limitless supra animals, who are constantly reflecting on their environment in a perpetual process of hopeless, destructive change.

Pure Heart
The Loin

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The Loin
THE LOIN – super-short random snapshot encounters (low resolution video mini documentaries being transformed into animated gifs), a collaborative interactive net-based audiovisual project by Silvia Nonnenmacher and Jürgen Trautwein questioning conventions and standards in perceiving moving images and sound.

THE LOIN – are mini documentaries of San Francisco’s seedy neighborhood the Tenderloin, an area of poverty, drug addiction, mental disorder and a very high density of homelessness. On daily walks through this downtown neighborhood a handheld pocket camera or phone is used to document the situations played out on these heavily populated sidewalks, without actually knowing what the camera will capture. When editing the material it is often surprising to see situations one has not been aware at the moment of passing by. Observing layers of movements, transitions and repetitions of people walking by each other, connecting with each other, crossing in front of each other, walking past each other, or are just standing, sitting, leaning, crouching, bending, wheeling, crawling and lying on downtown sidewalks. These animated super-shorts deal with the complexity of the perpetual reoccurring dynamics of inner city life from an accidental-walking-by perspective.

THE LOIN – looks into a borough through fragmented deconstruction of linear motion using repetition, abstraction, pixilation, alienation, deformation and anonymization. The sounds consist of deformed found footage and street-sounds re-sampled and fragmented. The Loin are short, mouse activated experimental, gif-films, using various java scripts and animated gif’s, looped and sequenced.
THE LOIN – allows the viewer to move freely from one script and clip to another, possibly interacting with them and mentally blending them all to a pulsating experience of random mammalian energies in a densely populated area in San Francisco.

Click on the links below and immerse yourself into the various activity-drones of the Tenderloin.

Gif Me A Break

gif_me_a_break is a web-work consisting of multiple versions of interactive, interlinked abstract and social commentary gif animations resulting in audio-visual noise drones.

Open the project here


ONSPEED from slow motion to subliminal

Open the project here

ONSPEED is an info-deformation project revealing the perpetual reoccurrence of the same. ONSPEED is an animated version of one year’s repetitious activity within the evolving minimal tweet-drawing project @jtwinedotcom on twitter, using twitter’s 140 character limitations, showing information as an endless flow of impermanence. ONSPEED reflects on the seemingly endless “news” output on twitter, by reducing information into black squares and blank spaces, a sort of binary news data visualization, resulting in addition and subtraction patterns of these two elements. ONSPEED is visually examining the ephemeral nature of information and reduces the twitter-timeline to an esthetic flow of patterns. ONSPEED refers to Hans Haacke’s 1969/2008, which is a continuous printing-out of news through RRS feeds from around the world, accumulating in a mountain of news. ONSPEED refers to the hyped -up state of methamphetaminic experiences; euphoric wakefulness, resulting in freakish depletions of mental states, drifting in ecstatic deliriousness and unconsciously searching for the long lost melody of the inner realm. ONSPEED depends ON SPEED.

Over_TOP, 2016, interactive

j.t.wine (Germany/USA) – Over_TOP, 2016, interactive

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OVER_TOP is a dystopian, over the top, acid humorous and bitingly ironic, orwellian and kafakaesque, audio-visual, net-based pseudo-game. It consists of multiple variations of repetitive interactive-inter-linked, line-based drawings, gif-animations, found footage and automated-mouseover-film-scrolls supported by various soundtracks culled from the net.
OVER_TOP is reflecting, in a minimal-expressionistic manner, on the bizzare world we are living in, with a strong focus on the military industrial complex and it’s global, socio-political and environmental impact.
OVER_TOP is a project created for psychological self-preservation of the artist and encourages the viewers to use their critical thinking, regarding that we are one world and need to stick together to fight for our rights.

Jürgen Trautwein and Silvia Nonnenmacher aka jtwine
– Jürgen Trautwein and Silvia Nonnenmacher are interdisciplinary artists working in a variety of media such as new media and hypertext web-works, performative temporary interferences, installations, land-art, sound art, animation and classical forms such as painting, drawing, collage and photography. Their work is process oriented with a strong conceptual base, manifesting the immediate, everyday and present experience..

Schedule for – 04 November

  • BEAP – Biennale of Electronic Art Perth/Australia – 1 September – 17 November 2004
  • MIVA _ Centro de las Artes – La Ronda Quito/Ecuador / 2 October – 8 Nov 2015
  • Visionaria Film Festival Siena/Italy – 20 October – 20 November 2006
  • Biennale 3000 Sao Paulo by Fred Forest MAC – Contemporary Art Museum Sao Paulo – 7 October – 15 December 2006
  • *MICROPOLIS – International contest for Digital Film & Video Athens/Greece- 30 November -20 January 2006
  • *Centre d’Art la Panera, Lleida/Spain: 3 – 29 November -*”Violencia sin cuerpos”
  • Visions in New York City – Video Art Festival – 02-13 November 2009