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01 September 2020

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1 September 2020
launch of
NewMediaFest2020 ‘9

WOW Jubilee IX 1-30 September 2020

WOW Jubilee Corona VI – is the 6th Corona edition

is an intervention in virtual & physical space featuring videoart, netart, soundart & associated interviews –
– in virtual space complemented by

The 365 Days Diary for September 2020

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– in physical space complemented by the manifestation in Los Angeles (1-20 September 2020)

September 2020

is a difficult month – during the past decades the September events had fundamental influence on Wilfred’s course of life. 12 September 1998 – in Wilfried’s life that big break, at all – the terror attack on his project ” A Living Memorial” destroying the ambitious project dealing with a new approach to commemorate the “Holocaust” via art – initiating amany weeks lasting dying process culmulating some weeks later in a coma, lasting many months.Therefore the The 9/11 terror attacks in New York & Washington had a shocking impact on Wilfried, who returned in summer 1999 to life and started on 1 January 2000 a new artistic carreer. In August 2001, Wilfried had just finished a trauma therapy, and just a few days later, Wilfried was watching television when he became witness of the terror in New York, changing radically from one second to another everything profoundly – he got incredibly high fever, which did not want to decrease for hours and days and Wlast ilfried was about to fall again into a coma which however would have killed him definitely this time. He was already on the way to the emergency of a hospital nearby, Wilfried’s partner holding Wilfried’s hands as if these were Wilfried’s moments alive, when Wilfried opened his eyes begging him to return home he wouldn’t die. But it took many weeks to return to a normal level of life.
1 September 2004 was a day changing Wilfried’s professional course of life, when BEAP – Biennale of Electronic Art was starting in Perth/Australia. The event got a particular relevance because Wilfried dared to make the 1st long distance travel after the coma, because the concept of Wilfried’s RRF Project – to be installed in Perth in a special version – was acepted, the way how his project was appreciated in this event, motivating Wilfried to use The RRF Project for deciding a completely new course of professional activities. So, Wilfried’s participation in BEAP can be considered a one essential milestone. One of the new directions initiated in Perth was the focus on “art & moving images” and the foundation of CologneOFF in 2005. Within these festival activities the 7th festival edition CologneOFF VII – Art & The City, launched in 2011 and part of NewMediaFest2020 ‘9, is representing a milestone within the curatorial activities, because it was combined with CologneOFF 2011 – video art in a global context – a extensive event series taking place during 2011 and 2012 – including 65 venues on all continents. 2011 was that year when Wilfried was making the most travels attending many of the events, he was organising in collaboration with his networking partners. So, this festival edition is honouring not only this ambitious curatorial efforts, but also all involved curators, cultural institutions and artists. CologneOFF 2011 was showing Wilfried’s potential to be not only an artist and curator, but also a mediator with global visions, however the quantity of these activities were bringing Wilfried to his physical limits – also because in 2010, Wilfried returned to that topic which was touching him most – to deal with new forms of commemorationg via the artistic use of new media. While “A Virtuial Memorial Riga 2012”, featured in past June, was a milestone in this particular field. On 23 September 2013, still exhausted from the travel and event marathon 2011 & 2012, Wilfried opened the next highlight in Lithuania – “A Virtual Memorial Vilnius 2013 – a most complex project realisation and collaboration with Jewish partners in Vilnius – bringing Wilfried to his physical limits in a way, that he had to decide – to discontinue such comprehensive emotional stress. Wilfried had demonstrated – what his visions are looking like, but it became obvious, that he was not in the physical condition to continue the realisation of his networking visions on a physical level.
In September 2001 still recovering from the 9/11 attacks, Wilfried realised on “Le Musee divisioniste” – the predessessor of The New Museum of Networked Art – edition one of a series of featured artists, starting with one of his favourite netartists at that time and today –STANZA – Netartist of the Month September 2020. So, there were good reasons to wait until the September edition of NewMediaFest2020 for featuring his net based work again.
In September 2009, Wilfried launched CologneOFF V, including for the first time the Norwegian animation artist Ulf Kristiansen, whose work is charcterized by very original ideas realized with machinma. So, also in his case, there were good reasons to wait until September 2020 in order to feature him as the Videoartist ofthe Month September 2020
But NewMediaFest2020 ‘9 would like to honour also one of Wilfried’s compagnions since the early years starting 2000 – the Portugues Jose Vieira, who participated in JavaMuseum and other platforms first, before he started in his home town Coimbra – FONLAD – Online Digital Art Festival – in 2005. Wilfried and José collaborated in different constellations as artists, curators, festival directors the next 10 following years, before Jose was discontinuing FONLAD in 2015. It is such a pity, that online hardly any traces of FONLAD are left. So featuring FONLAD in this NMF2020 edition has also the goal to keep vivid the memory of a really relevant artist’s initiative using like Wilfried the Internet as a platform for connecting artists, curators and cultural institutions – creating a kind of cultural unity for a limited period of time.
In September 2009, Wilfried released also the 6th edition of SoundLAB under the motto of “soundPOOL”, including 128 international soundartists – and finally in September 2020 – the collaboration with TAM – Torrance Art Museum Los Angeles continues – this time placed in a local Los Angeles based event context – MAIDEN LA – when during 3 weeks – 1-20 September 2020 – numerous cultural institutions realize their events at the same time. During these Corona times, many of the events take place online – therefore TAM – is repeating the online screenings of The 7 Memorials for Humanity the 7 screening program shown during the past 7 weeks at TAM’s DarkRoom.

Enter –

WOW Jubilee September 2020 IX

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Schedule for – 01 September

  • •Linoleum Animation & Media Art Festival Moscow – 10 July – 09 September 2012
  • • Digitraffic@Germany – SENEF 2005 – Seoul Net & Film Festival Seoul/South Korea – 01 July – 01 Sept.
  • •Torrance Art Museum Los Angeles – 18 July – 5 September 2020
  • •FILE – Electronic Language Festival Sao Paulo/Brazil – 27 July – 30 August 2009
  • *FILE – Electronic Language Festival Sao Paulo/Br 13/08 – 09/09 2007
  • *FILE – Electronic Language Festival Sao Paulo – 25/08 – 05/09 2006
  • FILE Hipersonic Festival Sao Paulo/Brazil – 13 August – 9 September 2007
  • *FILE – Electronic Language Festival Sao Paulo – 25/08 – 05/09 2006
  • Kansk International Video festival – 17-25 August 2012
  • MIVA – Muestra Internacional de Videoarte Alterego – Quito/Ecuador – 22 August – 14 September 2014
  • MIVA – Muestra Internacional de Videoarte Alterego – Quito/Ecuador – 24 August – 19 September 2012
  • CologneOFF 2012 Beirut – 30 Aug-3 September 2012 – Shams Art Center Beirut
  • BEAP – Biennale of electroni Art Perth/Australia – 1 September – 17 November 2004