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8 March 2009 / 2012

video feature
Art & the City

Today, the topic is about definitions and mentality. Today in 2009 is the final day for Wilfried for presenting his video

  • Silent Cry
  • @ Guildford Lane Gallery, Melbourne, Australia – 25 Feb – 8 March 2009 – Guildford Lane Gallery is a for-hire contemporary art space in Melbourne’s CBD, dedicated to hosting an innovative and ambitious program of contemporary art from both Australia and overseas. Open since August 2008, Guildford Lane Gallery is located within a refurbished century-old furniture factory, embracing the history and character of the location. Shortly after the event, the gallery will be closed for sure.

    – and today in 2012, Wilfried is in Manila Quezon City/Philippines @ Generation Loss Festival – 02-28 March 2012, an event organized by the artist run organization “Green Papaya”.
    The event announcements speak of experimental cinema – video – and time based media, it sounds trendy and fashionable alternatively, whereby it is not clear which program item is associated to which term, in fact they all are related to Wilfried’s selection, because everything is everything.
    In the Western tradition, “experimental” means something else, than in Asia where everything which does not fit the traditional Eastern philosophy is experimental, in fact “experimental” means “Western” challenging the “Eastern” thinking in terms of using different than traditional media and ways of representing, but it goes much further, “experimental” means “young generation” breaking with the traditional way of life, and technology is supportive in overcoming conventions. “Technology” and “experimenting” get an ideological status in a society which is in transformation through “mobility”, and this may be a problem, generally.

    Both programs, Wilfried was preparing, were even unusually unconventional and experimental, because the videos are based on unusual concepts and transport philosophical messages by using latest technology on one hand, on the other hand they form the basis of a dynamic image Wilfried would like to create inside of the viewer through diversity, thus the programs (the way of composing the programs – but not the videos, as such) incorporate a strong interactive component, because they are made to activate the viewer, in contrary to the passively consuming. The viewer needs to understand that the program is not just the compilation of individual pieces, but the “whole” of a composition and as such an artistic action and artwork. When Wilfried will be explaining his concept to another audience later in 2012 while visiting Phnom Penh, he will learn, that people are not interested in such new perceptions, but the young generation attending the screening wanted simply to consume like going to the cinema and have some fun, nobody was interested in discussing anything, neither such a new concept related to a “whole”, nor concerning individual videos, neither technology or individual artistic concepts. The videos – the screening event were representing no more than an occasion of consuming a kind of “life style” in a language “young people” think they understand, but it was no more than consuming technological and conceptual phenomena. Wilfried will be asking himself why he was travelling so far, if people just would like to consume in the very moment like anywhere else in the world.

    “Generation Loss “Festival is featuring following screening programs selected from CologneOFF VII ‐ Art & The City
    – here are 2 complementary selections available –

    Mysterious Entaglements
    Albert Merino (Spain) ‐ The City and The Other, 2010, 3:09
    Matthias Härenstam (Sweden) ‐ Closed Circuit, 2011, 3:01
    Eva Olsson (Sweden) ‐ Labyrinth, 2009, 3:41
    Pablo Fernandez‐Pujol (Spain) ‐ 142‐143 ‐ 2010, 2:10
    Nick Fox‐Gieg/USA) ‐ Disarmed , 2002, 2:42
    Eimhin Hawes (Ireland) ‐ Passage, 2009, 7:30
    Dee Hood (USA) ‐ Parallel, 2010, 2:44
    Francesca Fini (Italy) ‐ Oasis in the Desert, 2010, 5:00
    Andrew Fedak (USA) ‐ Orange County Surreality, 2011, 3:00
    Alexander Isaenko (Ukraine) ‐ Changing Point, 2010, 6:00
    Kristian de la Riva (UK) ‐ Cut, 2009, 3:00
    Sergio Sotomayor (Spain) ‐ Quantum, 2009, 3:13
    Alysse Stepanian (Iran) ‐ Frey, 2009, 3:17
    Jose Vieira (Portugal) ‐ Escape, 2010, 2:03
    Tova Beck‐Friedman (USA) ‐ Lot’s Wife, 2011, 4:00
    Theme Bannenberg & NOK Snel (NL) ‐ Behind Closed Doors, 2010, 7:38
    My Name is Scot (Canada) ‐ Independance, 2011, 7:56
    Sai Hua Kuan (Singapore) ‐ Space Drawing No. 5 ‐ , 2009, 1:02

    A Matter of Identity
    Raphael Blum (France) ‐ Princesses dream –Manila, 2011, 2:58
    Hamza Halloubi (Morocco) ‐ Untitled (lait), 2007, 0:56
    Signe Chiper‐Lillemark (Denmark) ‐ Spaces, 2010, 6:31
    William Peña Vega (Colombia) ‐ Zero Degrees, 2010,3:00
    Lino Strangis (Italy) ‐ Battle Play in Her Mind, 2010,
    6:44 Alessandro Amaducci (Italy) ‐ Not With A Bang, 2008, 4:30
    Andres Jurado (Colombia) ‐ 2:48 minutes with the door, 2009, 3:01
    Shaun O’ Connor (Ireland) ‐ Exit: Pursued By A Bear: “Amédée”, 2010, 4:17
    Ellen Wetmore (USA) ‐ Portrait After Dora Maar, 2010, 2:00
    Roland Wegerer (Austria) ‐ This is My Voice, 2010, 3:43
    Silvia de Gennaro (Italy) ‐ This Summer Mosquitos Will be Worse Than Ever, 2010, 6:20
    Soumendra Padhi (India) ‐ Time to Run, 2010, 2:52
    “Switch” by Yu Cheng Yu (2008, 4:32, Taiwan)
    Stine Gonsholt (Norway) ‐ Balance, 2009, 3:02
    David Trullo (Spain) ‐ Saviour Saved, 2008, 5:10
    Tubie Tsai (Taiwan) ‐ And Skim…, 2009, 3:14
    Manuela Barile (Portugal) ‐ Morolojam 2008, 8:05
    Marita Contreras (Peru) ‐ Maria, 2010, 5:30
    Agricola de Cologne (Germany) ‐ Silent Cry, 2008, 3:14

    Schedule for 08 March

  • •FILE – Electronic Language Festival Rio de Janeiro/Brazil 26/02-29/03 2008
  • •Art Of Emergency – Artneuland Gallery Berlin/G – 5 Feb-15 March 2009
  • •Fundación Luis Seoane, La Coruña: 20 February – 20 March –“Violencia sin cuerpos”
  • •Mediateca -CaixaForum-, Barcelona 14 February – 7 April – “Violencia sin cuerpos”
  • •(6th) Media Arts Festival, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography 27 Feb to 9 March
  • •Generation Loss Festival – 02-28 March 2012
  • •Al Kahf Art Gallery Bethlehem/Palestine – [R][R][F] 2005–>XP 17 February – 14 March – 2005
  • •MNAC – National Museum of Contemporary Art in Bucharest (4 March- 30 April 2004)