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3 May 2004

SENEF 2004-2007
2nd International Media Art Biennial 2002
Yeosu Art Festival 2008


Today’s article is referring to Wilfried’s participation in SENEF – Seoul Net & Film Festival 2004 – starting two days ago on 1 May 2004 (until 01 July 2004) – including the net based video –
138 Seconds of Peace? ´

Wilfried will participate also 2005 in SENEF – Seoul Net & Film Festival * with his videos “Inability of Being Nude” and “Truth – Paradise Found” – in the German feature – Digitraffic@Germany

Inability of Being Nude, 2004, 2:00

The moving picture takes the classical theme of the “nude” in a contemporary interpretation as a psychological condition.
The viewer is confronted with different levels of movements of baring/exposing.
He becomes very quickly aware, that he did not enter a peep-show, but is disturbing intimacy, the process of emptiness. Emptiness in the sense of meditating.
The nude is a metaphor. The Inability of Being Nude becomes the inability of exposing one’s entire internal to other people, including those who are most intimate and this could be the viewer himself. This inability is in the same way protecting as separating.

Truth- Paradise Found, 2004: 3:00
Wilfried Agriciola de Cologne – Truth- Paradise Found, 2004: 3:00
The video tells the story of the human desire to be as close to truth as possible. But who ever will succeed while living a life dominated by the fast running time and endless searching?
If there is any paradise, then monks or people really resting within themselves find a paradise close to truth close to GOD. But it is only truth people are believing in. Is there absolute truth?
The video consists of three sections, a spiritual and a physical section and the acting level, the artist who is filming the scene, an intruder who become witness of a ritual of truth.
This basic video was filmed in 2003 at the Rila Monastery, the spiritual centre of Bulgaria.

In 2007, he will participate a third time in SENEF – Seoul Net & Film Festival 6/09 – 16/09 2007 with his video

Bareback -serial DIScharge, 2007, 6:00
Bareback -serial DIScharge, 2007, 6:00
The experimental film tells the story of a homeless person, who lost its identity in all the traumatic experiences it was undergoing. Again, Agricola de Cologne uses the form of the allegorical representation for pointing to essential questions of human existence. All people are homeless in on or the other way, most however, suffer from it without being aware of it. The film is a mirror of our time which has lost its roots.

before SENEF will close its doors for sure. A certain era had passed and another one will follow.

Seoul was also already in 2002 a hotspot when it was “media_city seoul 2002” and MediaHexa Festival became part of The 2nd International Media Art Biennal.
Wilfried participated with his Flash video

Urban.early sunday morning_raw, 2002, 4:00
Urban.early sunday morning_raw, 2002, 4:00
Video based on a poetic text by Agricola de Cologne inspired by the Central Station of Milan (Italy).

Metropolis: sunday morning, between open end and twilight, between hope and resignation, between following a dream and returning that night to the home town or village outside.
Coming from the disco, full of the impressions of that juicy girl or that horny boy, doubtful of whether preserving innocence or following the instinct for an outstanding erotic adventure.
It is the moment of not yet knowing, vacillating between yes or no.
It is a same ritual each week-end, even if decisions are made once.
It is a game between identifying and identity.
The work describes the urban landscape as a scenario of a play, where the protagonists are embedded in without any chance to escape.

Voice and sound performance by Agricola de Cologne.

In 2002, Seoul was the venue for the Football World Cup, and on this occasion – an international exhibition of artists flags were organised – Flagart 2002, in which Wilfried was participating with a flag created for this occasion.

On 23 April 2002, Wilfried was sending his contribution to the International Flag Art Exhibition organised on occasion of the football World Cup 2002 World Cup 2002 in Seoul. The area around the World Cup stadium was a huge open air exhibtion. The image below is documenting Wilfried’s flag (marked with the red arrow).


In 2008, Wilfried will be invited by Raúl Zamudio to become co-curator for Yeosu Art Festival Yeosu Art Festival ( Yeosu is a city at the Southern coast of South Korea) entitled “Garden of Delights”, responsible as curator for video. He will be presenting

CologneOFF II @ Yeosu Art Festival Yeosu – 29 Aug-20 Sept 2008

Enter – CologneOFF II – 2nd Cologne International Videoart Festival – here

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Schedule for 3 May 2020

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