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29 January 2005

Videoart feature
Collective Trauma Film Collection

In 2003, Wilfried met Raquel Partnoy virtually on the net. She was confronting him with a topic which immediately captured him- the so-called Argentine “Holocaust”- the persecution and murder of ten thousands of Argentinians – Les Desapparecidos – during the “dirty war” of the military dictatorship – 1976-1983 and The Mothers of Plaza de Mayo. In a close collaboration with Raquel, one of the “mothers”, and her family, Wilfried realised between 2003-2005 two projects – Women: Memory of Repression in Argentina” and “Family Portrait” which both will be later a topic of an individual article.

As the result of the discussions after presentation of “The RRF Project” in the framework of BEAP 2004- Biennale of Electronic Art (Sept-Nov 2004), in which The “Argentine Project” was incorporated, Wilfried launches today, on 29 January – a forum for “engaged” art, an art form which isn’t orientating itself primarily on certain visual esthetics, but rather contents which really matter in social, cultural, political or humanitarian concern – ENGAD – Engaged Art Directory – http://engad.org.

It is another consequent conceptual step into a thematic direction in order to keep vivid the memory of collective trauma on a global scale by encouraging artists to engage via art – the Argentinian Projects belong to that, as well a The Holocaust, Hiroshima- Fukushima – the genocide in Cambodia, just to name some. After 2010 – he started “The Collective Trauma Film Collections” – http://ctf.engad.org

A complementary NewMediaFest2020 selection is featuring videos from this collection

Roland Fuhrmann – video statement

Roland Fuhrmann (Germany) – Failed Youth, 2006, 3:33
– About Youth in Nazi Germany
Andrea Corrales Devesa & huelgadearte (Spain) – Andalusians of Jaén, 2010, 17:48
– About Franco dictatorship in Spain

Mara Montoya (Mexico) – Memories of Glory, 2011, 12:00
– Genocide by the Belgians in Congo
Liu Wei (China) – unforgettable memory, 2009, 10:00
– On Tiananmen Square Massacre Peking

Konstantin Larchenko (Russia) – Story, 2014, 28:00
– About Communist Russia

Guo Jialiang (China) – Temporary Prison,2012, 70:00
– A prisoners camp in China

Tova Beck-Friedman (USA) – Red Father, 2017, 55:00
– About the persecution of Communists during the McCarthy era in USA.

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