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25 April 2002

MIT List Visual Arts Center Boston
Lite Show – Boston Cyber Arts Festival 2002
Internet Art Prize Chemnitz 2001
Roubaix – Centre International de la Communication 2001


Yesterday evening, Lite Show @ Boston Cyber Arts Festival 2002 had the award screening at MIT List Visual Arts Center – including Wilfried’s Flash video

Watch - Seconds: Forever

Watch – Seconds Forever, 2001, 3:20

Surveillance can become an obsession for those who observe and those who are observed. For the victim captured and tortured, seconds are never ending.

*DMF2001 – Digital Media Festival 2001 Manila (Philippines) – Moving Picture Collection 2001
*Art Of Torture – Art against Torture – NCCA Kaliningrad (Russia) – Seconds: Forever 2001
*Lite Show Festival at Boston Cyber Art Festival 2001 (USA) – Screening: Seconds: forever 2001
*Media Art Festival Friesland 2001 (The Netherlands) – Watch: seconds: forever 2001
*Viper Media Festival Online Competition (Switzerland) – Screening – Seconds: Forever – Award Nomination 2001
*’Visions Festival’ at St. Kilda Film Festival – Melbourne (Australia) 2002
*Next5 Minutes Festival 2003


Roubaix is an industrial town situated in the North of France close to the Belgian border. There are several cities with remarkable initiatives regarding contemporary art like Lille or Dunkerque or art and new media in Tourcoing by name “Le Fresnois”. Like many other cities also Roubaix renovated acient industrial sites for their new destiny. In March/April 2001, CIC – Centre International de la Communication 2001 is organising a competition of netart including Wilfried’s participation, the Flash video

Urban. early sunday morning_raw

Urban.early sunday morning_raw, 2002, 4:40
Video based on a poetic text by Agricola de Cologne inspired by the Central Station of Milan (Italy).

Metropolis: sunday morning, between open end and twilight, between hope and resignation, between following a dream and returning that night to the home town or village outside.
Coming from the disco, full of the impressions of that juicy girl or that horny boy, doubtful of whether preserving innocence or following the instinct for an outstanding erotic adventure.
It is the moment of not yet knowing, vacillating between yes or no.
It is a same ritual each week-end, even if decisions are made once.
It is a game between identifying and identity.
The work describes the urban landscape as a scenario of a play, where the protagonists are embedded in without any chance to escape.

Enter the Flash version 2002

Voice and sound performance by Agricola de Cologne.

Available for screenings is the recently in 2016 reconstructed HD version.
Video version 1 was originally programmed in Flash (Marcomedia)
Technical details

Version I (Internet)
In 2002, the video was created, programmed and produced in 2002 non-linear in Flash for the Internet streaming online as version I.

Year of production: v.1 2002
Duration: 4:40
Format : Flash, Html, (online), Windows Projector (offline)
Aspect ratio: 1024×756 pix
Programmed: Flash
Exhibition format: Internet, DVD -Rom – CD-Rom
Sound: yes
Colour: yes
Sound/music: Agricola de Cologne
poetic text Agricola de Cologne
Title: Urban.early Sunday morning_raw

Director, producer, editor, script/concept, cinematography, programming: Agricola de Cologne

Copyright © 2002 -2016 by Agricola de Cologne. All rights reserved.


*Cinemania(c) – exhibition at 49th Pula Filmfestival – Pula (Croatia)2002
*Digitalclip Festival – GAM – Galleria Civica d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea Torino (Italy) 2002
*Medi@terra – Festival 2002 – Fournos Cultural Centre Athens (Greece)2002
*Mediahexa Festival Seoul (Korea)2002
*Cyborg 01 Festival – Valencia/Venezuela 2002
*III. INTERPOETRY Exhibition Sao Paulo (Brazil)2002
*43th International Filmfestival Thessaloniki (Greece)2002
*5th International Meeting of Experimental Poetry Buenos Aires (Argentina)2002
*VideoMarathon Contemporary Art Centre Chisinau (Moldavia) – 2002
*Liberarti – Liverpool Biennial (UK) – Violence Online Festival – 2002
*ISEA 2002 Nagoya (Japan)
*COOP Media Festival – Museum of Contemporary Art Bucaresti (Romania)2002
*’Visions Festival’ at St. Kilda Film Festival – Melbourne (Australia)
*Nth ArtExhibit.001 – Nth Art Collective London/UK 2003
*Moving Media Multiplicator Vienna (Austria) 2003
*Artemedia 2003 – Universidad Maimonides Buenos Aires/Argentina 2003
*FiFI Festival 2003 – Paris (France) – Urban.early sunday morning_raw 2003
*File 2003 – Electronic Language Festival Sao Paulo (Brazil) 2003
*Digital Sur Festival- Arte Digital Rosario 2003 – Rosario (Argentina) 2003
*8th International Festival of New Film – Split/Croatia 2003
*Fibreculture Conference 2003 – Brisbane/Australia :: Digital Literacies 2003
*New Forms Festival Vancouver (Canada) 2003
*Film and New Media Festival Lancaster (UK) 2003
*Galerija ULUPUH Zagreb/Croatia 2003
*PEAM 2003 – Electronic Art Festival 2003 Pescara/Italy 2003
*Kunst aus Strom Festival/Art from Electric Power Festival 2003
*Kinokaze – Open Screen Belgrade (Serbia & Montenegro) 2003
*(6th) Media Arts Festival, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography 2003
*3rd Audiovisual Festival Lille/France – 2003
*Belgrade Summer Festival – Open Screen Belgrade 2004
*The Wiggle Room San Antonio TX (USA) 2004
*FAIM Madrid – El Viernes Curvado curated by Antonio Alvarado 2004
*Biennale de Montreal 2004
*Museo de Arte Contemporáneo del ZULIA, MACZUL – Salón de Arte Digital -2005
*Cyber Poem 2.1 – International Meeting of Digital Poetry 2005
*FONLAD – Online Festival Coimbra/Pt 22/10-30/11
*Micropolis – Internation contest and Exhibition Athens/Greece 2005
*Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Fe/Argentina – Orilla#05 – International Show of Digital Art – 8-11 September


Finally, Wilfried is jumping today in 2001 also the the East German city Chemnitz, where today the prolonged submission period for Netzkunst Preis 2001 (netart competition) ended. Wilfried is nominated for the prize for his participating Flash video

Work - No Answers

Work- No Answers , requires the latest Flash plugin for your browser

The video was created in April 2001 especially for two purposes, eg. the Netart competition and it was featured in Mai 2001 on the A Virtual Memorial Diaries, which are currently under reconstruction after having been removed completely from the net, due to a large number of dead links to sources vanished from the net.

The video “Work – no answers” is asking socially explosive questions – and not only the video – has no answers.
In technological concern, the Flash video is consisting actually of a composition of numerous small movies, so that the main – co-ordinating part of the programmed movie is keeping a small size. This made it possible in 2001, under the low-tech conditions (small bandwidth Internet connection, 28K or 56 K modem etc) to stream even very complex contents via the net. These movies still keep their original charme.

Like in Roubaix, also in Chemnitz the festival location is representing a previous industrial site – “Wirkbau” – which is serving now as a home for start-ups and cultural initiatives.

Schedule for 25 April

  • •MNAC – National Museum of Contemporary Art in Bucharest (5 March- 30 April 2004) – RRF
  • •Japan Media Arts Festival 24/03 – 05/05 2006
  • • *Museo National Arte Contemporanea Reina Sofia – 31 March – 8 May -“Violencia sin cuerpos”
  • •CologneOFF 2016 USA @ Torrance Art Museum – Los Angeles/CA – 2 April – 28 May 2016
  • •“Bivouac Project – The Big Switch: New Media, Film and Video” – Sumter County Gallery of Art (USA) – 2 April- 22 May 2009
  • •Now & After International Videoart Festival Moscow – 2-30 April 2014
  • •The Hong Kong Artists Biennale 2005 – 1-30 April
  • •Emergenzaarte – videoart festival – Santa Maria die Sale (Venice) – 10 -25 April – 2010
  • •Versionfest>04 Festival Chicago (USA) – 16 April – 01 May 2004 – The RRF Project
  • •Israeli Center for Digital Art Holon/Israel – 16 April – 16 July 2005