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2 January 1950


Actually, Wilfried’s birth was scheduled for 3 or 4 January 1950, but he had always his own will and decided to enter the icy physical world of the very hard winter in the Black Forest already on 2 January.

His father had to escape recently from the 1949 founded German Democratic Republic which was called only “Ostzone”, the Eastern zone of the former Germany occupied by the Sovjets, after he recognized that the East German Communists were planning the same kind of dictatorship like the NAZI did before, and he was telling everybody and was therefore about to be persecuted by the Sovjet adminstration. After he had found a shelter for his family in an old farmer’s house of a small village deep in the Black Forest (Southern Germany), his family followed him soon, and now it was such a legendary winter, the landscape and the farmers houses were covered with meter-high snow and the snow does not to stop falling. It was a typical farmers house – on the ground floor the stables were settled, on the 1st floor, the famers family was residing and on the second floor the family Wilfried would enter already soon.

The head of this family had a teaching position at Stuttgart University and it was a very long way for the motorbike to drive the future father of a forth child back home to the small village through the never ending falling snow.

The scene shows the mother expecting her fourth child while the birth pangs were regularly coming. The farmer’s wife was caring for the mother, but she recognized the amniotic sac would burst already soon and therefore she was placing the mother in the cosy hey down in the stables on the floor ground. Deep in the night about three o’clock in the morning on 2 January it was so far. It was an easy birth and the mother overwhelmed by heavenly happiness was holding her new son in her arms – she was reporting afterwards, it would have been her easiest birth, at all, – while her previously born children were observing the birth ceremony with helplessness which they did not understand. While the mother was suckling the new family member, her husband arrived shaking off all the snow, he was listening to the words of his children, the new baby had arrived already!

When he entered the stable it was like the scene in Bethlehem – like on a painting by Andrea del Sarto, he saw his wife surrounded by heavenly light holding their new son in her arms – the cows, sheep, goats, the dog and the cat were standing nearby, welcoming the new messiah.

The father goes down to his knees and God’s mother hands the new messiah over to the father in all her grace – that’s our Wilfried, he will be calling, yes, agreed the mother, that’s a wonderful name. Wilfried – the name means – this person wants peace – that’s the heavenly destiny to him to strive for peace after all the years of desastrous war destructions – so, actually Wilfried is standing for the new messiah and a new era to come.

Why were the new parents desperately expecting their messiah, at all – since years the couple had troubles – the father had a liaison with his secretary endangering permanently the marriage. Both, but particularly the mother was projecting all her wishes, hopes and desires in the new child, and now it was a son – a gift from heaven, he would save the marriage and keep the family together – he would be the new hope for the world.

So, already before he was entering the physical world, Wilfried was chosen to carry all the burden of the world. Hardly on earth, he became the confidant of his mother taking the functions of a psychiatrist, consultant and defender of his mother and a warrior fighting against the evil.

This new defender of peace, Wilfried by name, had an angellike appearance, and already as a little child wherever he was going to, people recognized him as their personal messiah, he would change the world to the better according to one’s own desires, when they saw this Wilfried, they knew everything would be good.

But in the family itself the things went slowly to worse. Wilfried brothers and his sister were recognizing slowly, that now the new messiah would attract all attention, they would lose most of their privileges, and hidden covered by the love of his parents, his siblings started to hate their little brother. As long as the parents were living they did the best to protect her son, but as soon as the parents were dead, the hate of these three siblings were exploding like a supervolcano. But these are other stories to be told.

Schedule for 02 January

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  • •Casoria Contemporary Art Museum Naples/Italy – 16 December 2006 -30 January 2007
  • • The Art Gallery of Knoxville/USA–Global Groove (Nation Building as Art) –> VideoChannel – 01-25 January 2004