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18 February 2020 / 2002

Videoart feature
Agricola de Cologne’s
Urban.early sunday morning_raw

Today, I would like to refer to Parya’s comment on Facebook. Parya is one of the featured curators of NewMediaFest2020 – February edition, herself orginating from Iran and video artist, she is curating other female video artists.

I would like to explain, that my previous article from 17 February 2020 is speaking of the dying process of “Agricola de Cologne”. It is neither Wilfried who is dying, nor Wilfried as an artist or curator, it is the media art project of the virtual artist “Agricola de Cologne” which is dying, that’s a difference.
Of course, also a part of Wilfried standing as a physical person behind “Agricola de Cologne” is dying, because it was lasting more than 20 years, but the term of dying fits perfectly, because it is the natural dying process to say farewell step by step to one’s physical nature or in the given case – the virtual nature.
It’s nothing unusual, but, of course, talking about is a kind of tabu in our youth orientated society.

But any artist who probably is afraid, all projects “Agricola de Cologne” was realising until 31 December 2020 will contimue existing in the framework of “The New Museum of Networked Art”, but from 1 January 2021 on – Agricola de Cologne will be part of the museum as one of it’s essential collections.

How Wilfried will continue as an artist or curator, he does not know. When the time is mature, Wilfried will tell the world.

Agricola de Cologne – Urban.early sunday morning_raw, 18 February 2002