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16 March 2001

About the redesign of JavaMuseum

JavaMuseum – Forum For Internet Technology in Contemporary Art

The netart section is representing a serious issue in the framework of Wilfried’s new media art activities.
20 years after the foundation of JavaMuseum, it would be wrong to say, the museum would be completely obsolete, but if it existence is to have relevance, at all, the idea of JavaMuseum needs to be re-thought and the museum completely re-organised and re-constructed – taking particularly into account, that only a share of all art works included in JavaMuseum are still existing. In many cases not only the artworks, but also the artists vanished without any trace. So, in many cases the originally designed and created interface of the shows is representing no more than an empty shell, because it is including just dead links. It does not make much sense to visit JavaMuseum, if the artworks are missing.
So, the redesign of JavaMuseum needs to document the original interface as an historical document, as well as make those artworks and artists visible which are still existing.
The retrospective of NewMediaFest2020 is also the attempt to give such a redesign perspectives. Similiar to the monthly netart features and the featured netartist of the month, JavaMuseum will focus less on individual art works, but the net based works of those artists whose works are still online and for any user available.

A virtual museum for virtual art, that’s what JavaMuseum is representing – has to follow its own rules, because the user (visitor), respectively the user’s activitity is getting a particular relevance. Visiting the virtual museum is a different experience than visiting a physical museum while walking passively consuming through the exhibition halls. The user in a virtual museum has to become active for each step he is doing by using the interactive interface. Differently than in a physical museum, the visitor of net based art does not see the art work on 1st glance, and even if he enters an interactive artwork he gets not immediately an idea about the work before he did not try all offered options to explore the work.

Today 16 March 2001, it is finally so far – JavaMuseum – Forum for Internet Technology in Contemporary Art is opening the first netart show, entitled – 1st of JAVA – Perspectives in New Media,
and because 20 years later, today 16 March 2020 most links in the original interface are dead links, the listed links below open the artists biography valid on 16 March 2001.

JavaMuseum gives for the first time – the JavaMuseum Award – to Mary-Anne Breeze (featured netartist during March 2020 on NewMediaFest2020), Jody Zellen (featured netartist during April 2020 on NewMediaFest2020) and Tiia Johannson (featured artist in June 2020 on on NewMediaFest2020).
Patrick Lichty listed below as a participant was featured netartist during February 2020.

  • •Yael Kanarek – see also
  • •Jody Zellen
  • •Doron Golan
  • •Jacki Danielchuk
  • •Ian David Aronson
  • •Marilyn Watelet
  • •Giacomo Verde
  • •Toni Mestrovic
  • •Valerie Grancher
  • •Fernando Llanos
  • •Patrick Lichty
  • •Eldar Karhalev
  • •Atle Barcley
  • •Jaka Zelesnikar see also >>
  • •George Alamidis
  • •Leander Seige
  • •Roman Minaev
  • •80/81
  • •Brooke A.Knight
  • •Yifat Gat
  • •John Cavendish
  • •Christina McPhee
  • sfear bebopanaut – not longer online
  • •Digital Sisters Indeed
  • •Trebor Scholz/Carol Flax
  • Wolf Kahlen
  • •WOWM.org
  • •Marek Gibney
  • •Armelle Aulestia
  • •Tiia Johannson
  • •Nicole Stenger
  • •Olga Kisseleva
  • •Alexandra Globokar
  • •Robert F. Krawczyk
  • •MEZ [mary-anne breeze]
  • •Ashley Holmes/Matthew Hawker – not longer online
  • Enter – 1st Of Java – Perspectives in NewMedia – here

    Schedule for 16 March

  • •Festival Audiovisual Zemos98_8 – Sevilla/Spain 14-18 March 2007
  • •Traverse Video Festival Toulouse/France – VideoChannel – 4 Videos by Unnur A. Einarsdottir – Traverse Video Festival Toulouse/F – 11-28 March 2009
  • •VidFest07 – Museum of New Art Detroit/USA – 9-30 March 2007
  • •Generation Loss Festival Manila – 14-28 March 2012
  • •Videoformes – Festival of Video & New Media Clermont Ferrand/F – 11 – 27 March 2009
  • •22nd Videoformes – Festival of Video and New Media Clermont-Ferrand/Fr – 13-17 March 2007
  • •ArtChannel Paris – Videoformes Clermont-Ferrand/F 13-17 March 2007 – art videos
  • •Festival Audiovisual Zemos98_8 – Sevilla/Spain 14-18 March 2006
  • •Videoformes 20th Video & New Media Art Festival Clermont-Ferrand (F) – 14 – 19 March 2005
  • •Videoformes 21th Video & New Media Art Festival – Clermont-Ferrand (F) – 14-18 March 2006
  • •FILE – Electronic Language Festival Rio de Janeiro/Brazil 26/02-29/03 2008
  • •MNAC – National Museum of Contemporary Art in Bucharest (4 March- 30 April 2004)