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16 June 2004

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100 artist statements 2004


In 2004, Wilfried released in the framework of The RRF Project another project dedicated to the “artist’s self-representation”. Differently than in 2002 ” Mirror at the Bottom” to be featured in July 2020, this time Wilfried invited 100 artists to write a textual statement about the “artist’s mission”, thus how see the artists their own position in the world. There are artists involved using different analogue and digital diciplines, and in the sum of all the collection of artists statements is a demonstration of diversity and individuality.
That has been Wilfried’s own mission as a artistic curator – always!, so the project is the manifestation of Wilfried’s mission and his own position in the world, even if he does not include his own statement in this collection.

The statements give evidence, that artists generally speak a common language, no matter of the geographic origine, the social, religeous or ethnic status, it is a demonstration of – “We Are One World”, as well as a fundamental statement against discrimination and for tolerance. The artists’ statement becomes a political statement!

The re-launch of this collection of statements is getting a particular relevance in the current times when people all over the world are going again on the streets demonstrating against racism and discrimination.

My Mission – 100 artists’ statements

Daniel Young (USA), Mr. Robert Montini (USA), Robin Miller (USA), Richard Ellis (USA), David Crawford (USA), Kristin Calabrese (USA), Michael Crane (USA), Lisa Ndejuru (USA), Doren Garcia (USA), Seth Thompson (USA), Alan Sondheim (USA), C.D. Beltran (USA), Luckywings (USA), Lynne Taetzsch (USA), John Kannenberg (USA), Scott Becker (USA), Lois Klassen (USA), Nathan James (USA), Jubal Brown (USA), Natasha Radell (USA), Jeremy Newman (USA), Dizzy (USA), Sarah Browne (USA), Pace F . Parado (USA), Mark Wolfe (USA), Carole Loefler (USA), Dr. Hugo (Belgium), Rene Joseph (Belgium), Eric van Hove (Belgium), Eva Lewarne (Canada), Gita Hashemi (Iran/Canada), Barry Smylie (Canada), Wendy Lu (Canada), Graham Thompson (Canada), Julie Andreyev (Canada), Ijosé Benin (Canada), Cyril Duneau (Canada), Garnet Abrahams (Canada), Blair Butterfield (UK), Caterine Daly (UK), Richard Osborn (UK), Brian Routh (UK), Veronica C. Wilkinson UK), Davon Hlongwane UK), Luna Nera (UK), Nigel Petherick (UK), Maggie Montgomery (UK), Corina Pia (UK), Shaukat Khan (UK), Ann Tracy (UK), Heather J. Tait (UK), X Rokeby (UK), Michael Branthwaite (UK), Luigia Cardarelli (Italy), Carla Della Beffa (Italy), Pino Boresta (Italy), Alberto Frigo (Italy), Boel Olsson (Sweden), Michael Haskett (Sweden), Peter Svedberg (Sweden), Eric B. Petersen (Sweden), Ksenija Kovcevic (Serbia), GORZO (Serbia), Zon Sakai (Serbia), Cecilia Lueza (Italy), Aynil (Italy), Domenico Olivero (Italy), Ida Dominici (Italy), Roberto Echen (Argentina), Leandro Katz (Argentina), Anahi Caceres (Argentina), Francisco Vidal (Argentina), Stella Maris Angel Villegas (Argentina), Cendres Lavy (France), Xavier Malbreil (France), Xavier Pehuet (France), Aikaterini Gregisian (France), Antonio Alvarado (Spain), Alvaro Ardévol (Spain), Klaus W. Eisenlohr (Germany), Marcello Mercado (Germany), Sandra Becker (Germany), Volker Behrend Peters (Germany), Joern Ebner (UK/Germany), RAnders (Germany), Jd.Vd’Aragon Aranita (Hong Kong), Lee Welch (Ireland), Harriet Jamesson Pellizari (Austria), Teo Spiller (Slovenia), Fabian Giles (Mexico), Anthony Leland (New Zealand), gintas K (Lithuania), Sergeij Jakovlev (Russia), Igor Ulanosvsky (Israel), Cezar Lazarescu (Romania), Clemente Padin (Uruguay), Andres Yepes (Venezuela), Miss C. Johnson (South Africa), Nitin Shroff (Seychelles), Sol Kjok (Norway), Ricardo Mirada Zuniga (Nicaragua/USA)

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Schedule for – 16 June

  • •Israeli Center for Digital Art Holon/Israel – 16 April – 16 July 2005
  • •SENEF – Seoul Festival for Internet & Film – 01 May -01 July 2005
  • •Fonlad – Digital Art Show – Quarteirão das Artes Montemor-o-Velho (Portugal) – 5 May – 15 July 2007
  • •A Virtual Memorial Riga 2012 – 1-30 June 2012
  • •Outvideo Festival Ekaterinburg/Russia – 5-25 June 2003
  • •Sguardi Sonori 2008 Festival of media and time based art – Lanificio Conte – Schio (Vicenza) – 7 -18 June 2008
  • •52 Venice Biennale – Divine_in.tent – curated by Doron Polak & Amir Cohen – 7-30 June 2007
  • 53rd Venice Biennale 2009 – Scalamata Gallery -“Souvenir Art” – International Artists Museum – Collateral event- 6-26 June 2009
  • •52nd Venice Biennale 2007 – Divine_in.tent – curated by Doron Polak & Amir Cohen – 7-30 June 2007
  • •ArtChannel Paris – “13Sévigné” Gallery Paris 14-23 June 2007 – art videos