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13 September 2004

video feature
Biennale of Electronic Art 2004 Perth
The RRF Project @ BEAP 2004
The curators I

The RRF environment
is basically a curatorial project, incorporating an expanding number of remarkale 45 curators, (supervising) chief curated by [R][R][F]200x–> XP creator Agricola de Cologne. The project is also curating primarily virtual space as it can be experienced on a computer monitor by users online and offline.
The original image resolution was, according to the technological conditions 2003-2005 quite progressive 1024×720, while the intended visual effect lost its relevance when after 2010 HD resolution was conquering the users monitors. In order to get such an effect for experiencing the full space of an monitor, it is either required to switch to a lower resolution or re-dedign the project for full HD. The additional issue, however, is fundamental, and therefore re-designing is not possible, because the Flash software technology (once developed by Macromedia and taken over some years ago by ADOBE) is meanwhile obsolete and at the end of 2020, projects using Flash will simply not exist any longer for the usual user online, this is goog of course for all included online works curated by the participating curators, because also another popular technology – “Shockwave” used by artists is already since 2017 not supported any longer. Many artworks and so The RRF Project, as well, became victim of mass killings organised by one of leading software companies on the globe. Culture and art ist not only threratened with extinct, the art genre of “netart” as from the start of the pioneering era has been killed this way. The RRF Project, however can be still experienced offline as a shell for artistic contents but its empty, because it cannot be linked and networked, any longer.

Concerning that fact, that not all net based artist’s works are affected, a selection of them will be featured on a later occasion.

The RRF Project versions 1,0 & 2.0

BEAP 2004

RRF news

RRF v.1

Anna Hatziyiannaki

Anna Hatziyiannaki

Anna Hatziyiannaki studied in Paris and received her honors degree in Art Methodology. She completed her postgraduate studies in Aesthetics and Anthropology of Art and attended cinema and theater classes at the Paris I and Paris VIII Universities.

She has been working as editor and art critic for Greek newspapers and magazines since 1982.

She works in new media and Internet applications in the domain of the Arts since 1994. She provides lectures and organizes exhibitions as a New Media Curator.

She is with Dimitris Skoufis the co-founder, and curator of the non-profit Art & Technology Society ART TOPOS and its website (http://www.artopos.org), operational in internet since 1996.

Since 1997 until 2003, she worked for the creation and the organization of the New Media Section of Athens’ Daily Newspapers’ Syndicate.

In 2001, she was in charge of the visual arts program of the International Festival “Art for Human Rights” organized by the non-governmental organization “Open Horizons” under the auspices of the Greek Ministry of Culture, the Council of Europe and the European Cultural Foundation.

In 2002, together with Dimitris Skoufis and Nikos Giannopoulos, co-organised the 1st E-Magic Festival, a cyber media events with streaming media, in the frame of the 43th Thessaloniki International Film Festival.

Since 2003 she is also collaborating with “Apopsis” Cultural Centre (Athens).

She is a member of the Journalists’ Association of Athens Daily Newspapers (ESIEA), of AICA (International Association of Art Critics) and member of directors (treasurer) of the Greek department of AICA.

Anna Hatziyiannaki curates for

  • [R][R][F]200x—>XP – global networking project
  • RRF v.1.0 featuring these artists

    1. Makis Faros
    2. Joyce Charis
    3. Dimitris Zouroudis
    4. Babis Venetopoulos
    5. Athanasios Beroutsos
    6. Viki Betsou

    Vincent Makowski

    Vincent Makowski/France

    lives and works too much
    in front of an aging but steady geefour computer

    969 : is born (in the middle of nowhere)
    974 : lives a happy childhood
    986 : marries Saskia
    987 : quits his job in a bank, leaves his wife and child to go live on an island
    988 : sees prostitutes on a steady basis
    989 : joins the communist party
    990 : leaves the communist party
    991 : slits his ear
    992 : joins a fascist party
    993 : marries Ilona
    994 : divorces Ilona
    995 : sees a transexual lover
    996 : becomes a cocaine addict
    997 : gets shot by Valerie (but survives)
    998 : tries to forget he once joined a fascist party
    999 : crashes with his plane in a desert (but survives)
    000 : becomes an alcoholic
    001 : crashes again on one of his monumental works as he was flying over it
    002 : would have been seen playing chess a lot)

    Vincent Makowski is participating in

    JavaMuseum (2002)
    Current Position of French Netart

    The RRF Project as a curator (2003)

    1. AL (France)
    2. Mauro Ceolin (Italy)
    3. Arthur X. Doyle (Ireland)
    4. Wolf Kahlen (Germany)
    5. Cyril Rouge (France)

    Fran Illich

    Fran Ilich

    Fran Ilich is a media artist was shown at the Berlin International film festival. He is director of the digital narrative workshop of the International University of Andalucía in Sevilla, Spain. He collaborates with Sputnik magazine in México, and used to be a researcher and editor at
    the Multimedia Center of the National Center of the Arts in Mexico City. He is the author of a couple of novels, and a videogame who was acquired by a spanish museum. Some of his best known projects are the Borderhack festival, or the spanish/portuguese version of Nettime which he co-founded. At the moment he’s latest narrative projects are Modem Drama which is a trilogy of net.films (the first one produced for the Biennale Internazionale Giovane in Torino), and Big [B]0ther (a text-based reality show for the Walker Arts Center, in Minneapolis).

    Fran Ilich participates in

  • JavaMuseum (2003)
  • LatinoNetarte.net – netart from Latin countries

  • Violence Online Festival (2003)
  • curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne

  • The RRF Project (2004)
  • 1. Ivan Monroy-Lopez (Mexico)
    2. kdag (Colombia/Spain)
    3. Judith Villamayor (Argentina)
    4. Regina Célia Pinto (Brazil)

    Branka Bencic

    Branca Bencic/Croatia curates

    1. Lunar
    2. Zhel
    3. Shirin Kouladije (Canada)
    4. Elena Stanic
    5. Olja Stipanovic
    6. Jelena Vukotic
    7. Vanesa Turcinhodzic
    8. Petar Brajnovic
    9. Tomislav Brajnovic
    10. Karo

    Melody Parker Carter

    Melody Parker-Carter

    After 2000, for some years Agricola de Cologne’s alter ego.
    Art history, journalism and media art at Munich University and KHM Cologne.
    Co-curator of [R][R][F]200x—>XP and personal assistant to Agricola de Cologne, chief curator of SoundLAB

    Melody Parker-Carter curates for
    The RRF Project – v.1.0
    1. Fernando Palmeiro (Spain)
    2. Paul Catanese (USA)
    3. Tjader Knight Inc. (Finland/Belgium)
    4. Osvaldo Cibils (Uruguay)

  • [R][R][F]200x—>XP – VideoChannel
  • Some minutes of a time
    suit of videos by Agricola de Cologne

  • [R][R][F]200x—>XP – SoundLAB
  • Edition I
    Edition II
    Edition III
    Edition IV – Memoryscapes

    Evgeny Umansky

    Eugeny Umansky

    is an artist and curator living and working in Koenigsberg /Kaliningrad (Russia)

    1961 – was born in Nizhni Tagil, Ural, Russia.
    1987 graduated the Leningrad Hydrometeorological Institute on the speciality Oceanology.
    Since 1989 – the free artist.
    Since 1992 – Director of the private gallery of modern painting, graphic art, and photo, Kaliningrad, Russia
    Since 1997 – Art-director of the Kaliningrad Branch of the National Center for Contemporary Art, Russia (KB NCCA)

    Curator activity
    During of curator activity has organised and has realised more 40-ty art projects together with other curators.
    1994, 1996
    – 3 and 4 International Biennial of Easel Graphic Art “Kaliningrad – Koenigsberg”, Regional Kaliningrad Art Gallery, Russia.
    – Multikind Art Project “Sardines in oil”, Museum of World Ocean, Kaliningrad; and the International Art Fair “Art-Manege’99. Moscow. Eurasian zone”, Central exhibition hall “Manege”, Moscow, Russia. The project of the Kaliningrad Branch NCCA.
    – Art Project “Territory of echo. The Siberian Ulcer”, International Museum Biennial, Museum complex on Strelka, Krasnoyarsk, Russia. The project of the Kaliningrad Branch NCCA.
    – Project “Gluhomania” in the frame of non-commercial section of the International Fair of Contemporary Art “Art-Moscow “, Central Exhibition Hall, Moscow; “Museum Picnic 2000”, Tolyatti, Regional Museum, Russia. The project of the Kaliningrad Branch NCCA.
    – Open Social Network Art Project “ART OF TORTURES AND EXECUTIONS – ART AGAINST TORTURES AND EXECUTIONS”. The project of the Kaliningrad Branch NCCA. www.ncca.koenig.ru/execution

    Selected exhibitions 1999 – 2002:

    – 1st International Art Biennial, Pizza, Italy. The diploma.
    – “Alternate Photo”, Kaliningrad Regional Historical Art Museum, Russia.
    – Exhibition of a man’s naked nature “Body Ì”, Kaliningrad Branch NCCA, Kaliningrad;
    – Multimedia Art-project “Media-Graph”. The project of the Kaliningrad Branch NCCA.
    – Web-project “Photoperformance on the King’s Mounting” in the frame of the St Petersburg’s Art Marathon.
    – International Exhibition “Performance/interventions on photographs”. Multimedia Arts Gallery in Novi Sad, Yugoslavia.
    – Multimedia project “The secret life of the Siberian Cosmism”. Organiser New House of Culture, Novosibirsk, Russia.
    – 2. International Multimedial Art Festival (IMAF 2000), MAS Gallery, Odzaci, Yugoslavia
    – Installation “Life is a trap” (together with E.Tsvetaeva) . Stockholm, Sweden;
    – Photo installation “Untitled”. International workshop “Contemporary Art. Ecology of art in an industrial landscape”. Nizhny Tagil State Art Museum, Nizhny Tagil, Russia.
    – “Prussian Blue”. Castle Sanssouci, Orangerie, Potsdam, Germany
    – Poetry Bunker at the 49th Venice Biennial, Venice, Italy
    – Exhibition “DAVAJ! Russian Art now”. Berlin, Germany; MAK, Vienna, Austria
    – 1-st Annual outdoor seminar – plein-air “Inside and Between: Communication and Identification in Contemporary Art”. Kaliningrad Branch of the National Center for Contemporary Arts, Kaliningrad, Russia
    – 1-st International Festival of Contemporary Art “Melioration”. Moscow
    Lives and works in Kaliningrad, Russia

    Eugeny Umansky is artist and curator in

  • [R][R][F]200x—>XP – global networking project
  • RRF – v.1.0
    curating these artists

    1. Eugeny Umansky
    2. Jevgeny Palamarchuk
    3. Yuri Vasiliev
    4. Anatoly Belov
    5. Dmitry Bulnygin
    6. Oleg Lystsov
    7. Alexey Tschebykin

    Caterina Davinio

    Caterina Divinio

  • VAD – Video Art Database
  • JIP – JavaMuseum Interview
  • Pioneer of Italian cyber poetry and computer art, world wide known, Caterina Davinio
    has done curatorial and consultant activity in international festivals since 1990. Her
    work has been featured in more than 100 exhibitions in many countries in Europe, North and South America, Asia, among them the Venice Biennial (in all editions since 1997), and in the Biennial of Electronic Art & Television of Rome (all editions). Publications as an author: Techno-Poetry and Virtual Realities (essay, bilingual Italian – English, Mantova, IT, 2002); Color Color
    (novel, Pasian di Prato, UD, IT, 1998), short essays, poems, and digital works, in international magazines and journals of the avant-garde.

    Caterina Davinio is participating as an artist in

    VideoChannel – video project environments

  • Women Directors Cut III
  • 2006

  • media art show ://selfportrait – a show for Bethlehem – show for Peace
  • Tittle: “cell-portrait”.
    Year of production: 2005.

    VideoChannel – video project environments

  • Identity of Colour
    Title: Poem in Red, video, 2004, 5:45
  • JavaMuseum – Forum for Internet Technology in Contemporary Art

  • JIP – JavaMuseum Interview
  • 2003

  • Current Positions of Italian Netart (2002)
  • 2003

  • Violence Online Festival
  • curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne


  • A Virtual Memorial
  • Memorial for the Victims of Terror
    curated by Agricola de Cologne

    Caterina Davinio curates for

  • [R][R][F]200x—XP – global networking project
  • RRF v.1 – featuring
    1. Panos Kouros (Greece),
    2. Christina McPhee (USA)
    3.Jennifer and Kevin McCoy (USA)

    Wilton Acevedo

    Wilton Azevedo/Brazil
    was born in São Paulo, SP, Brazil, an artist, a graphic designer, poet and musician, Doctor in Communication and Semiotics published O que é Design (Brasiliense), Os Signos do Design (Global), Interpoesia, Cd-rom – 2000, Looppoesia – Cd rom -2004 will be released together with Intertechnopoesia a sound Cd and Quando Assim Termino O Nunca… DVD – 2005. Professor, an academic advisor at the postgraduate course in Educaçao, Arte e Historia da Cultura at Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie. He took part in several exhibitions in museums and art galleries in Brazil, USA, Cuba, México, France, Italy, Holland, Germany, England, France, Italy, Spain and Argentina. Member of Transitoire Observable group in 2004 showed the interactive works at Centre George Pompidou.

    Wilton Azevedo is participating in

  • media art show ://selfportrait – a show for Bethlehem – a show for Peace
  • Violence Online Festival
  • Wilton Azevedo curates for

  • [R][R][F]200x—>XP – global networking project
  • RRF v.1 featuring these artists
    Andre Vallias (Brazil)
    Chris Funkhouser (USA)
    Komninos Zervos (Australia)
    Tania Fraga (Brazil)

    Agricola de Cologne


    > 1. URTICA (Serbia/Montenegro)
    > 2. Trebor Scholz (USA)
    > 3. Darko Fritz (Croatia/Netherlands)
    > 4. Ruth Catlow (UK)
    > 5. Alex Dragulescu (Romania)

    RRF v.2.0

    Raul Ferrera-Balaquet (Cuba

    Raul Ferrera-Balanquet/Cuba
    Raul Ferrera-Balanquet

    was born in Havana, Cuba in 1958. MFA, Multimedia and Video Art Department, University of Iowa, 1992. Ferrera-Balanquet has curated major media arts exhibits in the United States, Canada, Brazil, Cuba and Mexico, among them InteractivA’03 and 01 for the Museum of Contemporary Art (MACAY), Merida, Yucatan. Mexico, 2001 and 2003; “Huellas de un Corazón Sangrante en Tropicana”, MIX-Brazil, for the Museum of Sound and Image, Sao Paulo, Brazil; “Videos That Unmask, Test and Invade the Colonial System”, Program I, Video In, Vancouver B.C., Canada.

    Ferrera-Balanquet is the author of the books Aestesis Decolonial Transmoderna Latinx_MX (2019) and Imaginarios Creativos y Soberania Erotica Decolonial (2018), and has edited the critical anthology Andar Erotico Decolonial (2015), Ediciones del Signo, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

    Ferrera-Balanquet has exhibited at BE.BOP, Ballhaus Naunynstraße, Berlin, Germany; the Queens Museum of Art, New York; the Nasher Museum, Duke University, Durham, North Carolina; Museum of Latin American Art, Long Beach, California; Zentral Bibliothek, Zurich, Switzerland; Fundacion de Arte Contemporaneo, Montevideo, Uruguay; 33ro Festival Internacional Cervantino, Leon, Mexico; Exit Art Gallery, New York City; Alchemy Projects, MAAP Festival, Australia; Whitney Museum of American Art, New York; Randolph Street Gallery, Chicago; Video IN, Vancouver B.C., Canada; LACE, Los Angeles, California; Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago; Centro de Cultura Contemporanea, Barcelona, Spain among others

    His writings have been published in Caribbean InTransit, Issue 4, Virgina, USA; Social Text Journal / Periscope, New York; Inter Art Actuel, No. 111, Quebec, Canada; IDEA arts + society, #39, Cluj, Romania; Artecubano, Vol.3-4, Havana, Cuba; SalonKritik, Madrid, Spain; Bienal de La Habana Para leer, Universitat De Valancia, Spain; Public No. 41, Toronto, Canada; Escaner Cultural, Santiago de Chile, Chile; Integracion y Resistencia en la Era Global, Evento Teorico Decima Bienal de La Habana, Centro de Arte Contemporaneo Wifredo Lam, La Habana, Cuba; Worlds and Knowledges Otherwise, Volume 3, Dossier 1, Center for Global Studies and the Humanities, Duke University; Video en Latinoamerica. Una vision critica, Editorial Brumaria, Madrid; Tierra Adentro, Mexico DF; Forum Idea, 9na Bienal de La Habana 2006; Circus Reader, Melbourne, Australia; Felix: A Journal of Media Arts and Communication, New York; Artpapers, Atlanta; and the Mexican literary magazine Navegaciones Zur.

    Executive curator of Arte Nuevo InteractivA: Bienal de las Nuevas Artes, Merida_MX (six editions, 2001-2013), Ferrera-Balanquet has organized numerous art, video and new media exhibitions. Among them Traslocalidades en Movimiento, video art, Centro Cultural de España en El Salvador, San Salvador, 2008; In[ter]vencion, [R]-[R]-[F] Festival, JavaMuseum: Forum for Internet Technologies in Contemporary Art, Cologne, Germany, 2004; Huellas de un Corazon Sangrante en Tropicana, MIX-Brasil, Museo de Sonido e Imagen, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 1994; Nomads: Plural Identities in Traveling Territories, Randolph Street Galley, Chicago, Illinois, USA, 1993.

    In addition to a Fulbright Fellowship, Ferrera-Balanquet has been awarded grants from US/Mexico Cultural Fund, Moon Radio Webtv Commission, The Australian Network of Art and Technology, the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), The Lyn Blumenthal Video Foundation, and the Noetic Science Institute/Fetzer Institute. His writings have appeared in the Australian based The Media Circus Reader, Artpapers, Radical Teacher, Cinematograph, Felix, the Mexican literary magazine El Juglar, the Miami based Perra! La Revista and the British/German art magazine Guestroom.

    Raul Ferrera-Balanquet participates as an artist in

  • JavaMuseum – Forum for Internet Technology in Contemporary Art
  • LatinoNetarte.net – netart from Lating American countries

    Raul Ferrera-Balanquet
    is curator for

  • [R][R][F]200x—>XP – global networking project
  • RRF v.2 – Intervención
    featuring these artists

    1. Giselle Beiguelman (Brazil)
    2. Ricardo Baez (Venezuela)
    3. Santiago Perez Alfaro (Mexico)
    4. Eduardo Nava (El Salvador/USA)
    5. Juan Devis and OnRamp Arts (Colombia/USA)
    6. Alex Riviera (Peru/USA)

    Gita Hashemi (Iran/Canada)

    Gita Hashemi

    participant in

  • JIP JavaMuseum Interview
  • a+b=ba? – art + blog = blogart?
    showcase curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne
  • NewMediaFest’2010
    Celebrate! – netart features 2010 – 10 Years JavaMuseum
  • Gita engages in cultural practice as artist, writer, curator, organizer, worker and educator. Her most recent curatorial projects include RealPlay (2004, netart exhibit) Negotiations: From a Piece of Land to a Land of Peace (2003, art-driven multidisciplinary event, http://negotiations2003.net), WILL (2003, multidisciplinary transnational exhibition, http://negotiations2003.net/will), Afghanistan, 2002: No Refuge and Locating Afghanistan (2002-3, image-text exhibition and publication with photography by Babak Salari), and Trans/Planting: Contemporary Art by Women from/in Iran (2001, with Taraneh Hemami, http://strictlypersonal.net/transplanting).

    Her recent titles include Post-Coitus (2003, http://post-coitus.net), Olive Fair (2003, http://olivefair.net), Many Stones for Palestine (2002, http://strictlypersonal.net/stones), The Word Room (2001, with Post-Exile Collective, http://wordroom.net), A War Primer (2001, sound installation), and Of Shifting Shadows (2000, CD-R). Hashemi’s work has been exhibited,
    reviewed and collected nationally and internationally. She is the founder of Iranian Artists in Dialogue, a co-founder of Post-Exile Collective and a founder of Creative Response. She resides in Toronto, Canada.

    Hashemi’s labour as an intellectual has crystallized in simultaneous processes of de/re/construction; not in any specific class of objects or within any particular representational genres, but in the envisioning of the spaces and formulation of the critical practices that can be constitutive in transformative social and political movements. Informed by her direct
    engagement in liberatory political struggles before, during and after the 1979 Iranian Revolution as well as her experience of exile in North America, Hashemi’s work takes shape in a continuous process of countering masculinist discourses of fundamentalism, fascism, colonialism, corporatism and militarism. Notions of community, co-labouring, public space and active participation are integral to her creative engagement. So is the understanding that artistic practice, as a fundamentally social process, is inherently political and must, therefore, be subject to conscious
    (re-visionary) feminist re-articulation: The political is personal, the personal is poetic, the poetic is political, the political must become ethical.

    Gita Hashemi participates in

  • JIP JavaMuseum Interview
  • JavaMuseum – Forum for Internet Technology in Contemporary Art
  • I-Ocean – netart from Asian and Pacific area

    Gita Hashemi curates for

  • [R][R][F]200x—>XP -global networking project
  • RRF v.2 – Real PLay

    featuring these artists

    1. Jaromil
    2. Hard Pressed Collective
    3. Mireille Astore
    4. Project Threadbare Coalition
    5. Haleh Niazmand

    Gita Hashemi is participating in
    JavaMuseum – Forum for Internet Technology in Contemporary Art

    Björn Norberg (sweden)

    Björn Norberg

    1994-2004 Curator at the Museum of Gävleborg, Gävle, Sweden
    2000- Curator of the nonTVTVstation/Splintermind

    1991-1994 Bachelor of art at Uppsala University
    2000 Art and pedagogic, University College of Art/Konstfack in Stockholm

    Curated exhibitions, a selection

    2004 The Soul at the site, Sandviken Art Centre/ Museum of Gävleborg
    Get Real!, Kiasma
    5 composers, NonTVTVstation
    Sarawut Chutiwongpeti, nonTVTVstation
    Julie Andreyev, nonTVTVstation
    Beeoff, nonTVTVstation and RRF – Agricola de Cologne, screened at MOCA Romania.
    2003 Jöran Österman, Museum of Gävleborg
    Helene Öfverström, Museum of Gävleborg
    Renen, Placebo och Festis, Museum of Gävleborg
    Marius Watz, nonTVTVstation
    Pink Twins, nonTVTVstation
    Nils Edvardsson, nonTVTVstation
    Samuli Alapuranen&Anonymous&Anonymous, nonTVTVstation
    Beeoff and Vesa Vehviläinen, Uppsala Art Museum
    Tomas Linell, Glass Rondo, nonTVTVstation
    Gunilla Leander and Rosan Bosch, nonTVTVstation
    Uppsala International Shortfilmfestival
    Jakob Kirkegaard and Ellen Röed, nonTVTVstation
    Emi Maeda and HC Gilje, nonTVTVstation
    Steven Dixon and Tore Nilsson, nonTVTVstation

    2002 Nudes, Museum of Gävleborg

    2001 The white town, Museum of Gävleborg
    Miss Universe – the boy photographer, Museum of Gävleborg

    2000 Meetings, Museum of Gävleborg

    1999 Believe in the future, Museum of Gävleborg Chernobyl, Museum of Gävleborg

    1998 Chairs, Museum of Gävleborg

    1996 The Swedish Children Book, Royal University in Stockholm
    1995 Houses, Museum of Gävleborg

    2004 Rights on the Internet, Riksutatällningar, Stockholm
    1998-2004 Art history and theory at the Art School of Gävle
    2002-2003 New Media Art at the University College of Gävle
    2002-2004 Guest lectures at the Royal University College of Fine Arts
    2001 Key note speaker at the CULT2001 congress in Copenhagen, Denmark

    2000-2004 Board member of the Swedish Association of Curators
    2003-2006 Participant of a research team investigating complexity and processes. The project is initiated by the Swedish Research Council.
    2003 Particpating and writing for the Art and New Media courses at the Royal University College of Fine Arts
    2003 Moderator for a seminar, writing texts for exhibitions, Uppsala
    2002 Moderator for a seminar, web exhibitions, Riksutställningar in Stockholm
    2001 Moderator for a seminar, video and exhibitions, Riksutställningar in Stockholm

    Björn Norberg curates for

  • The RRF Project – VideoChannel
  • Videos from Sweden
    Beeoff –> Olle Huge, Tomas Linell, Mikael Scherdin
    Jens Salander/Mikael Strömberg
    Steven Dixon
    Cecilia Lundquist
    Petra Lindholm


    Calin Man & Stefan Tiron (Romania)

    Calin Man

    Participant as an artist in

    JavaMuseum – Forum for Internet Technology in Contemporary Art

  • JIP – JavaMuseum Interviews
  • Fundamental Patterns – Peripheral Basics
  • JavaArtist of the Year Award 2002
  • Extasy – the final show
  • “Celebrate!” – 10 Years JavaMuseum – Forum for Internet Technology in Contemporary Art

  • [R][R][F]200x—>XP – global networking project
  • RRF v.3 curated by Agricola de Cologne

    Participant as a curator together with Stefan Tiron

    – for [R][R][F]200x—>XP – global networking project

    RRF v. 2.0 “Romanian Guns” featuring these artists

    1. Sergiu Negulici
    2. Milos Jovanovic
    3. Catalin Rulea
    4. Daniel Gontz
    5. Valentin Chincisan

    – for CologneOFF 2011 & NewMediaFest2020
    Kinema Ikon

    b.: 1961; place of residence: Arad, Romania. education: B.A. in literature, Timisoara University, Romania;
    chief-editor and designer of intermedia magazine;
    curator at the Art Museum Arad; member of kinema ikon group.

    Eva Sjuve (Norway)

    Eva Sjuve


    Eva Sjuve, is exploring the intersection of sound, performance and mobile media.
    She is building physical interfaces to enhance live digital music, and is also
    implementing musical compositions for mobile devices.
    Eva Sjuve has been exhibiting in Europe, Asia, USA, South America and Australia,
    since 1985. She has been participating in exhibitions at the Australian Center of
    Contemporary Art, Melbourne, Australia; Kunsthaus Dresden, Germany; Kiasma Museum
    of Contemporary Art, Helsinki, Finland; European Media Arts Festival, Germany;
    Centre d’Arte Contemporain de Basse Normandie, France among others.

    In 1995 she received the Jury’s Award at the New York Exposition of Short Film &
    Video, for her experimental video “Mytholygi” exploring the perception of time
    and space through cultural spheres. In 2000, she received an Award of Recognition
    at CYNETart 2000, Dresden, Germany, for the audio composition “Astro Turf”,
    exploring auditory spaces.

    Eva Sjuve holds a Master’s degree in Interactive Telecommunications, New York University,
    and a Master of Arts in Art Theory, Lund University, Sweden.
    She also studied at the School of Visual Arts in New York, and at the
    Centre de Creation Musicale de Iannis Xenakis (CCMIX) in Paris, France.

    M.A. Lund University, Lund, Sweden, Master’s Degree in Art History
    and Master’s study in Drama/Theatre/Film.
    M.P.S. Interactive Telecommunications Program, New York University, USA

    The School of Visual Arts, New York, USA
    [3 years of studio credits in computer arts, fine arts, film, video and animation]

    Interfacing Realities with Dr. Joel Ryan
    ZKM, Zentrum fur Kunst und Medientechnolgie, Karlsruhe, Germany

    Centre de Creation Musicale Iannis Xenakis [CCMIX], Paris, France

    Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm, Sweden
    School of Information and Communication Technology

    University of Plymouth, UK
    Institute of Digital Art and Technology (i-dat.org)
    School of Computing, Communications and Electronics
    Faculty of Technology

    The Dramatic Institute, Stockholm, Sweden

    Eva Sjuve curates for

  • The RRF Project – SoundLAB – Edition I
  • bek_international
    soundart – featuring these artists

    Janek Schaefer
    Miha Ciglar
    Kirstin Norderval
    Antti Sakari Saario
    Pierre Proske

  • [R][R][F]200x—>XP – global networking project
  • RRF v.2.0 – BEK_dns
    featuring these artists

    Gijs Gieskes
    Antti Sakari Saario
    ARM with John Hegre
    Continental Fruit
    Cosmic Jinx
    Christian Bøen
    Thorsen, Lossius, Bastiansen

    Agricola de Cologne

    Agricola de Cologne/Germany

    1.Conor McGarrigle (Ireland)
    2.Maite Camacho (Spain)
    3. Erkki Kirjalainen (/Santtu Rantanen) (Finland
    4. David Clark (Canada)
    5.Melinda Rackham (Australia)
    6. Nathaniel Stern (USA)
    7. Oliver Dyens (Canada)
    8.Shilpa Gupta (India)
    9. Michael Sellam (France)/Garrett Lynch (Ireland)

    Melody Parker Carter

    Melody Parker Carter/Germany curates

    1. Werner Cee (Germany)
    2. Sachiko Hayashi (Sweden)
    3. Liz Miller (USA)
    4. Lisa Gye (Australia)
    5. Mustafa Maluka (South Africa)
    6. Avi Rosen (Israel)
    7. Irena Paskali (Macedonia)
    8. GAST BOUSCHET/Nadine Hilbert (Belgium)
    9. Stephan Barron (France)
    10. Lisa Cianci (Australia)

    Winston Yang

    Winston Yang

    Academic Positions
    Lecturer, School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong
    2001 – present
    Graduate Faculty Member, Parsons School of Design
    Pictopia 2004
    A knowledge storage and retrieval system, constructed from our mental images of the city
    Space to Place II 2001
    Using multiple information appliances to re-establish the sense of place and community that has been lost in modernization. Funding: SCM Applied Research
    Complex Media Display 2002
    Multi-channel architecture for the exhibition of art in a variety of medium
    Space to Place 1998- 1999
    Construction of realistic experiences in a virtualized world [www.spacetoplace.com] Fuzzy Index 2000 – 2001
    Dynamic visualization application for file storage and retrieval
    The Captor 1999 – 2000
    A digital space that simultaneously exists in Paris, Luzane and World Wide Web.
    Cyber Fugitive 1997 -1998
    A narrative space dedicated to Kevin Mitnick and the hacker subculture
    Awards and Exhibitions
    2003 +playengines+, Melbourne Australia
    Space to Place is featured in the exhibition sponsored by DAC
    2002 digitalBIEDERMEIER, Vienna, Austria
    Space to Place is featured in the festival sponsored by [d]vision
    2002 Rhizome ArtBase
    Space to Place is selected by Rhizome to be permanantly archived
    1998 International New Media Festival, New York, NY
    Cyber Fugitive received Honorable Mention
    1997 VRML Symposium, Monterey, California
    Cyber Fugitive was featured on the floor exhibition
    MFA, Parsons School of Design 1999 New York, NY USA
    Bachelor of Architecture, Carnegie Mellon University 1997 Pittsburgh, PA USA

    Winston Yang participates in

  • JavaMuseum
  • I-Ocean – netart from Asia & Pacific area

    Winston Yang curates for

  • [R][R][F]200x—>XP – global networking project
  • RRF v-2 – Contribution form China
    featuring this arts group


    Agricola de Cologne (Germany), Raquel Partnoy, Anahi Caceres (Argentina)

    “Women and the Memory of Repression in Argentina”
    Raquel Partnoy and Agricola de Cologne curate
    1. Raquel Partnoy
    2. Marina Zerbarini
    3. Andamio Contiguo
    4. Irene Coremberg
    5. Anahi Caceres and ArteUna network curate
    Fernanda Bragone/Anahí Cáceres/Patricia Carini/Alejandro
    Delgado/Zulma Ducca/León Ferrari/Nicolas Ojeda/Carmen
    Pezido/Claudina Pugliese/Marta Sacco/Paula Gimenez/Rosa
    Revsin/Claudia Masin/Alicia Porcel de Peralta/Sergio Varela/
    Lionel Wainsztok..and others


    Schedule for – 13 September

  • International Film Festival in Walthamstow (London/UK) – 3-12 September 2010
  • •Torrance Art Museum Los Angeles – 18 July – 20 September 2020
  • MIVA – Muestra Internacional de Videoarte Alterego – Quito/Ecuador – 22 August – 14 September 2014
  • MIVA – Muestra Internacional de Videoarte Alterego – Quito/Ecuador – 24 August – 19 September 2012
  • BEAP – Biennale of Electronic Art Perth/Australia – 1 September – 17 November 2004
  • FestiNova Festival Garikula/Georgia – 5 Aug – 20 Oct 2009
  • Madeira International Art Biennale – FONLAD – 1 September – 13 October 2008
  • Zona de Morana Avila (spain) 11-13 September 2015
  • Muza Pluz – a space for art Tel-Aviv (Israel) – 13 September 2014
  • International Film Festival Naoussa/Greece 30 Sep – 3 Oct 2010
  • Optica Video Festival Cordoba/Spain – 11-13 September 2009
  • FestiNova Festival Garikula/Georgia – 5 Aug – 20 Oct 2009
  • Digital Art Festival Bahia Blanca/Argentina 13-14 Sept 2007
  • SENEF – Seoul Net & Film Festival Seoul/South Korea – 6-16 September 2007
  • Centro de Arte Caja de Burgos (CAB)/Spain: 9-30 September 2006