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12 November 2006

video feature
24 Hours of Nuremberg – Film Festival 2004-2008
Asolo Art Film Festival 2002-2005


24 Hours of Nuremberg Filmfestival 2004-2008
CologneOFF IV OFF, CologneOFF IV LAB – 24 Hours of Nuremberg Filmfestival – 11/12 Nov 2008

“Coagulate” by Mihai Grecu (2008, 5:56, Romania)
“Etude” by Dario Bardic (2007, 3:20, Croatia)
“JOINED AT THE HEAD” by David Jakubovic (2008, 4:40, USA)
“The Occidentialist” by Daniel Slåttnes (2007, 1:18, Norway)
“Meeting Florchen Gordon” by Grace Schwindt (2008, 4:29, UK)
“J.F.’s Toolbox” by Virginie Foloppe (2004, 5:50 France)
“Foreigner-Straniero” by Giuseppe Girardi (2008, 6:56, Italy)
“El Camino-The Way” by Felipe Matilla Alonso (2008, 12:00, Spain)
“Africa” by Ane Lan (2007, 4:34, Norway)
“Fashion Death” by Daniel Rodrigo (2007, 4:53, Spain)
“Spaghetti” by Carla Della Beffa (2007, 2:42, Italy)
“Anatolia” by Sinasi Günes (2006, 2:18, Turkey)
“Switch” by Yu Cheng Yu (2008, 4:32, Taiwan)
“A Growing White Stone” by Shoko Toda (2008, 14:34, Japan)

CologneIV LAB
“jeu fabriqué” by Blinkhorn, Daniel (2007, 10.11, Australia)
“Rebirth” by Burns, David (2006, 5:00, USA)
“Lu Deux Fois” by Domonkos, Bill (2006, 3:11, USA)
“Bluescape” by Ebert Brothers (206, 2:54, Germany)
“Void/Light” by Niemetz, Anne (2007, 4:05, Germany)
“electromagnetic plot” by Fitz, Matthias (2008, 6:58, Germany)
“FA–RXTO” – by Sansolo, Carlo (2006, 10:00, Brazil)
“On the Couch” by Ho, Jaye (204, 1:40, UK)
“Study on landscape & time: the Korsakoff’s syndrome” by Lemeh42 (2008, 4:20, Italy)
“BETA” by Reyna, Alexander (2006, 2:37, USA)
“The Hardstand” by HSIEH, Jo-Lin (2007, 0:48, Taiwan)
“The Bitty Anomy” by Lo, Yi-Chun (Taiwan)
“Mirages” by Prey, Mikael (aka Fetish23) (2007, 6:52, Sweden)
“Blasting Experiments” by Daniel Tésy (2007, 3:05, Hungary)
“LUCID: February/March” by Barrett, Amanda (2008, 5:21, USA)

24 Hours of Nuremberg Shortfilm Festival – Nuremberg/GER – 7 & 8 Nov 2008

24 hours of Nuremberg – 10-11 November, FilmHaus Nuremberg/Germany 2007

Wilfried Agricola de Cologne – Bareback – serial disCharge, 2007, 6:00
The experimental film tells the story of a homeless person, who lost its identity in all the traumatic experiences it was undergoing. Again, Agricola de Cologne uses the form of the allegorical representation for pointing to essential questions of human existence. All people are homeless in on or the other way, most however, suffer from it without being aware of it. The film is a mirror of our time which has lost its roots.

*24 hours Film Festival Nuremberg/Germany – [Meeting] video – 15/16 October –2004

Nürnberg – Kunst aus Strom Festival/Art from Electric Power Festival 2003 Urban.early

Urban.early sunday morning_raw, 2002, 4:40
video based on a poetic text by Agricola de Cologne inspired by the Central Station of Milan


Asolo Art Film Festival 2002-2005
*Asolo Art Film Festival – Asolo (Italy) – 5-12 November 2005
Distortion Projected
Message From Begind A Wall

*Asolo Film Festival Asolo/Italy 9/10-14/10 2005 Distortion

Wilfried Agricola de Cologne – [Dis]tortion_Projected, 2005, 4:40
In 1998, Agricola de Cologne became a victim of a terror attack. The video is the attempt to make the traumatic experiences perceivable via metaphoric images on an emotional level .
The artist’s voice performing one of his musical compositions uses sound instead of words in order to symbolize the speechlessness and inability of the people surrounding him to react properly.

*Asolo Film Festival Asolo/Italy 9/10-14/10 2005 Firebird

*Asolo Art Film Festival Asolo/Italy – 5/11-12/11 2005

Message from Behind a Wall, 2005, 10:00
The segregation wall in Palestine is a fact. In November 2004, an artistic action against the wall ended, taking place at six different places in Palestine where walls were under construction, initiated by Palestine artists by inviting artists from different countries to paint an artistic message on the concrete.
When Agricola de Cologne was in Bethlehem in February 2005, he visited several places where the Israeli were erecting the wall. The part of the wall he was filming, is situated in opposite of the AIDA refugee camp (UN), and was at that time a temporary playground for children. And these children made their own contribution to the huge wall paintings.
“Message from behind a Wall”is transporting different messages, but the main message represents the action of children’s innocence.
The moving picture is a unique document of the day of 17 February 2005. Meanwhile, the construction of the wall in Bethlehem is since long time completed, and the area around the wall does not motivate children to use it further as a playground.

*Asolo Art Film Festival – Asolo (Italy)2004 Firebird
*Asolo Art Film Festival – Asolo (Italy)2003 Meeting
*Asolo Art Film Festival – Asolo (Italy) 2002 Family portrait

25-29 September 2002
*Asolo Art Film Festival – Asolo (Italy) 2002 Identity

“Identity of Colour”, 07:07:07, 2016
Film created by media artist Agricola de Cologne, based on the artist’s poem and voice performance of the same name created and executed in 2001.
The work combines DaDa like poetic texts, vector grafics and musical components created by the artist himself.

*Asolo Art Film Festival – Asolo (Italy) 2002 Never Wake Up

Never Wake Up
movie created by media artist Agricola de Cologne.
It is based on the artist’s poem of the same name.

Loss of identity: Soldiers become distorted, veterans of war are not able
to be reintegrated in society.

The poem/movie uses some fundamental images:
The soldier= metaphor for the human individual
War=metaphor for life, respectively the fights of all day life
Veteran of War=the human being who can not rid of the Shadows of the Past.

The work is developed according the principle of SAMAC
(Simultaneous Associative Media Art Composing) which describes Agricola’s individual way of experimental electronic writing: words, sound, images, animation, music and voice performance are developed simultaneously –depending on each other – in one long single process.

Voice and sound performance by Agricola de Cologne.
The movie is directed and produced by Agricola de Cologne in 2001.

Teatro dei Rinnovati

Schedule for – 12 November

  • BEAP – Biennale of Electronic Art Perth/Australia – 1 September – 17 November 2004
  • Visionaria Film Festival Siena/Italy – 20 October – 20 November 2006
  • Biennale 3000 Sao Paulo by Fred Forest MAC – Contemporary Art Museum Sao Paulo – 7 October – 15 December 2006
  • *MICROPOLIS – International contest for Digital Film & Video Athens/Greece- 30 November -20 January 2006
  • *Centre d’Art la Panera, Lleida/Spain: 3 – 29 November -*”Violencia sin cuerpos”
  • Visions in New York City – Video Art Festival – 02-13 November 2009
  • Alternative Film Festival Tirgu Mures – 6-10 November 2013
  • 24 Hours of Nuremberg Filmfestival – 11/12 Nov 2008
  • *Asolo Art Film Festival – Asolo (Italy) – 5-12 November 2005
  • *SELECT Media 4 Festival Chicago/USA – 3-13 November 2005