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04 December 2020

video feature
Videoartist of the Month December 2020
Isabel Perez del Pulgar

Video Artist of the Month December 2020 – Isabel Perez del Pulgar

In 2010, Isabel Perez del Pulgar appeared for the 1st time in the spectrum of my videoart curating as a collaborating artist in Roland Quelven’s short video “Roja Catharsis”, and one year later in another one minute video by Roland Quelven “Vanitas Vanitatis, before she submitted in 2013 to Cologne International Videoart Festival her 1st individual video creation “Latent State”, and afterwards until these days each year a new video work- offering an exciting view into the development of a very talented artist whose conceptual basis is lying often in an performative act, however, without being classifyied as video performance, because an essential aspect of her video is a typical kind of composition of video images.
She contriubuted to many of the major film collections one new video works enriching these collections by giving them an exceptional quality – CologneOFF, The Refugee Film Collection, The Wake Up Memorial, Collective Trauma Film Collection, Shoah Film Collection and Corona! Shut Down? Film Collection – just to mention same of the moving images contexts.
The artists featured as “Videoartist of the Month” in NewMediaFest2020 have in this way similiar characteristics as during many years, mostly more than 10 years, I was involved in the creative processes as a silent observer. Therefore, I am really happy to honour Isabel in December 2020 for giving me the chance to be that silent observer during so many years following the excellence of an original art creation. All the best and good of luck, Isabel!

> see Isabel’s videos featured as a screening program @ Alphabet Cinema H

About the artist
Isabel Pérez del Pulgar


Born in Granada (Spain) with residence in France since 2015. Degree in Geography and Stories with the specialty of Art by the University of Granada. In the mid-2000s she adopted as a way of creating and expressing the video. Video as an experimentation vehicle, where the movement is combined, sound and pictorial vision. At the same time, performance is acquiring a greater presence as a means of work. The body like protagonist element and narrative driver. Architecture of stressed physicality of space – time.
Her work as an artist in the fields of painting, photography, and especially his work in video art and short films has been the object of numerous international exhibitions: Rencontres Traverse Video (France), Videomedeja (Serbia), Fonland (Portugal), Art Miden festival (Greece), TEA (Canary Islands), Retransmision (Mexico), Fivac (Cuba), Actions on the margin (Colombia), Femmes Videoart Festival (USA), IVAHN (Spain), MADATAC (Spain)….
Awards and Distinctions: – 2018 Audience Award. – ATLANTICA VISUAL-ART Vol. IX. Islantilla Cineforum International Film Festival, culture patio of Islantilla Huelva (Spain) – 2018 Honorary Mention. International Biennial of Video Art and Animation (VEA), Puebla 2018 (Mexico) – 2018 Prize for the best audiovisual creation work + Special Mention of the Jury for the best experimental work 5th edition of the European Audiovisual Creation Contest CTL 59’’…

Participant in

CologneOFF IX 2013
CologneOFF X 2014
The Wake Up Memorial 2015
The Refugee Memorial 2016
The d/i/light Memorial 2017
Wake Up! – Climate Change2019
Corona! – Shut Down? 2020

List of 11 featured videos

1. Roland Quelven /Isabel Perez del Pulgar (France/Spain) – Roja Catharsis, 2009, 1:00
1. Roland Quelven /Isabel Perez del Pulgar (France/Spain) – Roja Catharsis, 2009, 1:00
Catharsis describes the result of measures taken to cleanse away blood-guilt, “blood is purified through blood” Walter Burkert.

2. Roland Quelven/Isabel Perez del Pulgar (France/Spain) - Vanitas Vanitatum, 2012, 1:00

2. Roland Quelven/Isabel Perez del Pulgar (France/Spain) – Vanitas Vanitatum, 2012, 1:00
Collaboration with Isabel Pérez del Pulgar.
“Video Detail Footage” from Faust by Murnau.

3. Isabel Pérez del Pulgar (Spain) – Latent State, 2013, 4:47
3. Isabel Pérez del Pulgar (Spain) – Latent State, 2013, 4:47
Emotions, desires, fears hidden waiting to manifest itself .. In this case the “latency” is the seed of survival above ignominy. Will the future witness of faith will give the facts

4. Isabel Perez Del Pulgar (Spain) – Ossum, 2014, 9:20
4. Isabel Perez Del Pulgar (Spain) – Ossum, 2014, 9:20″
The bone structure along the lines of the skeleton of a building , such as the underside of the underlying physical reality . Its constitution is hard and durable and unlike inert matter bone is a living, changing formation . Build the physical appearance of living beings , which is the physiognomy of the body.
Throughout human history has to be understood as a dual reality in regards to the mind-body . The traditional philosophical formulation means that the duality is between the body, which is public and observable , subject to physical laws , and mind or thought not subjected apparently to physical laws . In scientific formulation , which is not free of the philosophical aspect , daria duality between the brain and the mind.
Transcending the philosophical and scientific principles together with advances in neuroscience in search of answers, we want to stop on the concept proposed in this work . The osseum as conceptual representation of what is obsolete and transience of existence. In the same way allude to its interference with the idea of our real representation. Exterior, observable Vision and lived among
other bodies. The aesthetic and social constraints that attack the physical nature we Building in appearance and as a result, makes us perceive the world and helps to condition individual behavior.

5. Roand Quelven /Isabel Perez del Pulgar (France/Spain)- Harey, 2015, 4:51
5. Roand Quelven /Isabel Perez del Pulgar (France/Spain)- Harey, 2015, 4:51
Хари | Harey, the female character ( of the novel Solaris by S. Lem) who committed suicide with Kelvin, returns as his visitor at Solaris station . The “second” 
Хари | Harey becomes aware of her transient nature and is haunted by being Solaris’s means-to-an-end, affecting Kelvin in unexplored ways.
“I felt myself being invaded through and through, I crumbled, disintegrated, and only emptiness remained”

from the novel Solaris by Stanisław Lem.

– Хари T E X T S –
Excerpts from the novel Solaris by Stanisław Lem.
Poem by Arseni Tarkovski.

– Хари V O I C E –
Melancholy Maaret.

– Хари P E R F O R M A N C E –
Isabel Pérez del Pulgar.

– Хари F O O T A G E –
Free Prelinger Archives.
Images recorded in Andalusia and in Brittany by Isabel Pérez del Pulgar & Roland Quelven.

– Хари V I D E O & S O U N D –
Roland Quelven

6. Isabel Perez del Pulgar (Spain) – Self~imaging for Peace, 2015, 1:45
6. Isabel Perez del Pulgar (Spain) – Self~imaging for Peace, 2015, 1:45
The silence like speech, image like word.
7. Isabel Pérez del Pulgar (Spain) – Línea Imaginaria , 2016 , 06:39
7. Isabel Pérez del Pulgar (Spain) – Línea Imaginaria , 2016 , 06:39
There does not exist migratory definitive experience that does not imply painful crises, which deep and lasting effects can spread along the whole life and be transmitted to the following generations. The human beings we live inserted in a situation dilematica: or the prison of the origins and of the places of belonging(property), or the consequences of the uprooting, which is traumatic almost for definition.
8. Isabel Perez del Pulgar (Spain) – Sacrifice, 2017, 11:50
8. Isabel Perez del Pulgar (Spain) – Sacrifice, 2017, 11:50
Inability to confront and describe the horror
V I D E O Isabel Pérez del Pulgar
S O U N D Titre: Scopiton2005 – #4 Artiste: Goo : grand orchestre d’ordinateurs Artiste de l’album: Goo : grand
orchestre d’ordinateurs Compositeur: GOO Label: FIBRR RECORDS Licences Creative Commons – by-ncsa
9. Isabel Perez del Pulgar (Spain) – Home, 2018, 6:30
9. Isabel Perez del Pulgar (Spain) – Home, 2018, 6:30
In this work, within the project Unstable Element, it has overflown at all times the idea of the House. The House and intimate, identity, safe and protective space. A cross-border space and defines places us in the world. The change, abandonment, transfer………both the private space and the environment known as self – culture, language, country – can feel a sense of apatriación where other languages overlap, other modes, other places, other people.

Feeling of transformation, movement. Contaminated by fragments of events, experiences, memories that mirrors burst mode fragmenting time and space.

10. Isabel Perez del Pulgar (Spain) - Horizon, 2019, 5:08
10. Isabel Perez del Pulgar (Spain) – Horizon, 2019, 5:08
The era of linear modernity, revolutions and ruptures, is reduced to intermittent time, of effective and effective vibrations. For Michael Mafessoli it is the time of episodes that are discarded instantly and where “life, social as individual, is nothing more than a succession of presents, a collection of moments experienced with different intensity.” Zygmunt Bauman calls this event a liquid Modernity, as its real consistency changes every so often. Its sign is the chameleon, its seal the impatient transience. Nomadisms, global and local migrations, Internet networks, tourism massification, effusive consumption, cellular telephony, are part of a modernity that not only evaporates in the air, but flows between instantaneous, ubiquitous and immediate networks of a society that It no longer has macro utopias or transcendental theologies. Immanent transience triumphs. The important thing is the movement, the flow, the evacuation. “Time flows but no longer runs, it does not go” In this contemporary era, of erratic and confusing societies, it also faces vital issues of future survival. Climate change, which in the words of the United Nations is the greatest challenge of our time and we are at a decisive moment. From changing weather patterns, which threaten food production, to sea level rise, which increases the risk of catastrophic floods, the effects of climate change are global in scope and of an unprecedented scale. Climate change is the evil of our time and its consequences can be devastating if we do not drastically reduce dependence on fossil fuels and greenhouse gas emissions. In fact, the impacts of climate change are already noticeable The alerts are continuous and there is no time frame left to think about future actions.

11.Isabel Perez del Pulgar (Spain) - Derrière la fenêtre, 2020, 1:00
11.Isabel Perez del Pulgar (Spain) – Derrière la fenêtre, 2020, 1:00
A strange dystopian situation has returned us to a closed horizon, whose limits are the frame of a window and the earth underfoot, an uncertain square meter.

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